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Selecting the best equipment makes the importance assigned to the floor as secondary, in this article we’ll show, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Planning to open a box can be both exciting and challenging. The focus is on the desire to create a cozy and familiar space with all the valences and conditions for optimal sports practice, where athletes can spend "the best time of their day".

You know that heavy Shoulder to Overhead that you're so proud of? The taste of dropping the bar from above and feeling the vibrations rise through the body at that adrenaline rush as the bar strikes the ground? Well ... The other classmates don’t! Their training is affected by your moment of glory!

The selection of the appropriate floor has a central importance in the training quality offered by a box to its members.

The stability in each jump to the Plyo Box, the feet safety when we are aiming the so desired PR. The comfort performing a sequence of “touch and go” Power Cleans without feeling the impact going through your body each time the bar hits the floor. All these little details make a gigantic difference on the training quality, comfort and safety of the box members.

The advantages of using the right flooring goes beyond customer comfort, your wallet is also grateful.

Heavy loads constant impact on a flooring with reduced vibration dissipation properties will deteriorate the room base, as well as the surroundings (wall and ceiling), allowing the appearance of cracks and causing irreversible damages in the structure of the space.

In addition, your training equipment also benefits from the correct flooring solution. If the floor doesn’t have impact attenuation properties, this impact will be completely received and distributed by the base, bumpers and bar, thereby reducing the lifespan of all equipment subject to intensive use.

Given this, what are the main characteristics that should be considered when purchasing the flooring solution for your space? Geometrik, a specialist in sports flooring company, gives you the answer:

- Rubber floors have excellent vibration dissipation and energy restitution properties, which increases the protection index no training equipment and facilities structure;
- Its high density, traction / slip ratio and high impact attenuation index offer athletes the stability and safety necessary to execute a wide movements variety, characteristic of this sport;
- High density rubber tiles with 1x1m, besides being easy to install, allow regular and singular replacement in higher traffic areas, maintaining a quality floor without the need for large investment.

Undoubtedly, the proper choice of flooring will not only be a matter of luxury or comfort, but a responsible choice and guarantee of satisfaction to those who use the space.

"Feedback is unanimous. A suitable floor improves the athletes' experience on a large scale. It's amazing to look at the conditions of some Boxes that have not yet been updated. It is an urgent need for any space that wishes to present itself with quality."

(CROSSFIT ROLLON - Alpha Tiles + Madeira + Trail + Tatami)


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