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What flooring solution might be the best for your discipline?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the type of floor to install in a sports venue. Choosing the right floor is essential. Indeed, you must be sure to guarantee a safe environment for the athlete, but at the same time, you have to keep in mind the cost of the installation and other elements such as the cleaning aspect.

Given the wide variety of materials on the market, how should the floor be chosen? Here’s some questions you should ask yourself to prepare the battlefield:

1. What is the expected level of investment for the installation of the floor?
2. What kind of discipline or exercises are going to be taught within that space?
3. What are the characteristics of the installation where the floor is going to be applied?

Once you got those answers, you’re ready to plan a response to your needs. Find below the most common types of flooring solutions for gym and sports activities:

· Artificial GrassSolution for indoor and outdoor use. Its most common use is in sledding exercises and all kinds of functional trainings, given its characteristics. Indeed, those - a high resistance, a reduced coefficient of friction, a high durability and ideally low maintenance costs.

· Rubber Flooring solutionsWithin the category of the synthetic floors, you’ll also find the rubber floor. This floor provides a safe and comfortable practice, and can be applied in the most varied spaces:
 - Rolled Rubber Flooring: ideal for Fitness, cardio and bodybuilding workouts. Also, and if you want to install your own indoor athletics track, you can do so with our 100% bright colours rolls.

- Alpha Tiles: the most suitable material for crosstraining and all kinds of activities that require a high impact absorbing material and controlled energy restitution;

· Tatami - The best solution for the practice of combat sports. Its properties offer athletes a high level of comfort and safety. They are non-toxic and easy to maintain, which allows you to keep an easy cleaning space.

· WoodFor indoor spaces only, One of the most important uses for wood flooring is the practice of weightlifting exercises, in which it is important to have a stable base, which does not compress nor slide, preventing possible serious injuries.

Let’s then admit that the several existing floors you may have do not necessarily difficult your choice.  If you ask yourself the right questions – as mentioned above - you may not be able to know within a second exactly what you need, but you ’ll be able to name what you do not want which is a crucial step to find your ideal floor.

Example of the application of Artificial Grass.

Rubber flooring with white granulate. (Home Gym - Underlay + Gymfloor Black/White)

Tatami, indicated for the practice of Martial Arts.

Weightlifting floors should be able to withstand strong impacts.

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