Acoustic insulation

4 Tips for creating a venue with good acoustic insulation


To obtain the best acoustic insulation in any venue, the right choice must be made when it comes to the application of lining installation. The type of flooring in a room, for example, can make all the difference in obtaining the best results.

If you are a flooring installer, throughout this article you can read 4 tips for a high-quality installation that will impress your customers and boost your business.


1. Assess the acoustic insulation needs

In places such as gyms, business premises, hotel rooms, or even residential spaces, good acoustic insulation is essential. In a gymnasium or in some shops, for example, it is a difficult task to eliminate noise, which calls for more technical and highly effective solutions.

In the case of gyms, the flooring needs to guarantee acoustic insulation,but also reduce the impacts of the physical activity. Geometrik Alpha RX comprise a complete and effective solution.

In a home or a hotel, sub-layers of foam, cork or rubber can be applied below the flooring, to help improve the acoustic insulation. Some vinyl flooring solutions, such as Homeflex, for example, come with an integrated underlay, which makes the installation easier and cuts costs.


2. Ascertain the possible origins of noise

Depending on the situation, the sources of nearby noise can be very different, such as aircraft, trains, or cars moving nearby. A park with dogs barking or a school with lots of children are some other examples of bothersome noises.

As well as the different origins, these sounds will also differ in strength, which should be assessed. To improve the acoustic insulation, all of this should be analysed in order to choose the most appropriate solutions.


3. Find the best solutions for lining surfaces

Geometrik is a company specialised in flooring with a vast range of products for sports venues, business premises or residential spaces. Our range includes artificial grass and rubber, foam and vinyl flooring.

No matter what requirements are needed Geometrik will have the tailor-made solution to make it more comfortable.


4. Choose a trustworthy supplier

For a flooring installer who strives to have a successful business and increase the number of customers, it is indispensable to provide high-quality results.

Therefore, it is important to choose a trustworthy partner that has experience in the sector. Installing premium-quality flooring is an extra guarantee of durability which will have a direct consequence on customer satisfaction.


You can depend on Geometrik for your flooring projects

By assessing each project and the specific insulation requirements, you can select and install the best option for each case.

For each installer, it is crucially important to have a trustworthy flooring solutions partner. This will enable you to always have access to the material you need for your projects, without any defects or delays.

With its vast experience in flooring, Geometrik meets these requirements and can give you all the support needed for any project.


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