Agglomerated polyurethane foam: 5 Advantages of applying it in gyms

Gyms are spaces with high demands at various levels, especially in terms of safety and comfort. The choice of suitable flooring combined with an agglomerated polyurethane foam, for example, offers surprising advantages.

There is currently a wide range of possibilities in terms of sports flooring for gyms. Depending on the needs in each zone or room, it is possible to set up a multisport space with different types of floorings.

In addition to the sports flooring itself, it is also possible to add an appropriate sublayer for the space’s specific needs. There are several options available made from recycled rubber, agglomerated foam, or even cork. The important thing is to make the correct assessment of the requirements in order to adapt the materials to each situation.


5 Advantages of agglomerated polyurethane foam

This sublayer is made up of foam flakes bound by a polyurethane-based binder. The properties of these materials offer additional advantages when associated with sports floorings.


1. Possibility of customizing

Its composition, based on agglomerated polyurethane foam flakes, allows for a production with different densities and thicknesses. This way, it is possible to adapt its characteristics to the specific needs of each space in your gym for a better result.


2. Greater Protection

The agglomerated polyurethane foam provides a high degree of protection in many ways. It offers greater absorption in areas of the gym subject to strong impacts, such as falling weights. This absorption will not only protect the structure of the space, but also increase the durability of the equipment.

In other situations, such as cargo transport and handling, the protection it offers can also be extremely useful.


3. Greater comfort

Thanks to their properties, these sublayers are great for shock absorption and vibration dissipation. In this way, the polyurethane and foam agglomerate offers a higher level of comfort to athletes in specific areas. It is ideal for locations subject to intense loads and impacts, as is the case in Weight lifting.


4. Soundproofing

Adding a layer of this material guarantees an improvement in noise insulation, both airborne and impact noise. Good soundproofing definitely contributes to greater comfort for all users of sports spaces. It is also an added value for spaces where noise coming from the outside can be a concern.


5. Resistance and flexibility

Applying such a sublayer under the sports flooring is an additional guarantee of resistance. The combination of the properties of polyurethane and foam also offers greater flexibility to the flooring. All of this will contribute to a higher degree of comfort and safety, this way improving the experience for all the athletes.


It is possible to add an extra layer of comfort and safety once the best sports flooring has been chosen. Agglomerated polyurethane foam sublayers are a versatile and extremely effective option in various ways. Discover Geometrik solutions and find out more from our experts.