Artificial grass makes playgrounds more fun!

Artificial grass solutions are becoming more and more popular. As it a flooring that is, without question, more practical and economical than natural grass in the medium and long term, it is very popular for several purposes.

With its grass-like appearance, it allows for the creation of pleasant ambiences, and some people even use it for decorative purposes. In sports, it is suitable for multisport spaces, for functional training, or relaxation, both indoors and outdoors.

Artificial grass, together with other flooring solutions, is perfect for creating original and fun playgrounds.


Playgrounds: Play safely


Children’s spaces are areas of fun and play for the little ones, whether outdoors or indoors. In any of these spaces, parents and educators are mostly worried about safety and hygiene. The selection of equipment and materials should be done carefully to ensure that children play freely, but safely.

Playground flooring also has to meet strict standards, so it is very important to choose appropriate materials. The different areas of these spaces have different requirements, so it is necessary to adapt the flooring to the needs.

For equipment areas, safety tiles are the best option, due to their high level of impact absorption. For the rest of the spaces, artificial grass is a versatile and safe solution. Thanks to its properties, it can be installed in both indoor and outdoor parks.


4 Advantages of Geometrik artificial grass


1. Smooth and comfortable texture

The artificial grass in the Trail range is developed so as to get the most out of the associated practice. Its application creates aesthetically pleasing surfaces with a comfortable and soft texture. It is perfect for endless running around!


2. Resistant and long-lasting

This flooring solution, thanks to its composition and structure, is extremely resistant. The density and quality of its filament makes it more long-lasting, even with intensive use. Its resistance to UV radiation keeps it impeccable, even when applied in outdoor parks.


3. Hygienic and easy to maintain

The Trail also boasts great advantages in terms of maintenance and hygiene. To keep it clean, just wash it down with water, using a hose, whenever necessary. The structure allows for quick drainage of water, so it is ready to be quickly used.

Unlike natural grass, this type of flooring does not require great care. The risks of mud and grass stains on the little ones’ clothes are also eliminated.


4. Customizable

Trail artificial grass is available in green for a more natural look, but also in several other colours. As it is sold in rolls, colours can be mixed and it adapts to all types of spaces.

It is possible to create playgrounds for children, with this versatile flooring solution, that are very original and even more fun.


Today, there is a huge diversity of children’s entertainment spaces. They are perfect for children to play, run, and use up some of their almost never-ending energy.

Indoors or outdoors, playgrounds should be safe and clean, but also enjoyable for children. When it comes to selecting the best flooring materials, there is an increased responsibility. Safety and comfort must guide the choice of the best professional floorings.