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Artificial grass: A sustainable and attractive surface all year round


Have you always dreamed of having green grass in excellent condition, but you have neither the time nor the equipment to maintain it? Well, artificial grass is the perfect choice for you!

Whether it is installed at home or in a gym, artificial grass is a simple and aesthetically pleasing solution. This type of surface ensures a realistic effect and lends extra comfort to your location.

The easy maintenance and durability of artificial grass makes it a sustainable solution, adding to the benefits of this option.

In this article learn about the main advantages of opting for artificial grass and its superb versatility.


What does having natural grass imply?

As mentioned above, some artificial grass solutions ensure very similar results to natural grass. The care required to install and maintain natural grass is more complex than you might think.


1. To start with, you will need a spacious plot of land with fertile soil, good drainage and good sun exposure. A watering system must be installed.


2. Your grass will then grow, which requires some technical knowledge. Whether you opt to sow your grass or lay rolls of natural turf, this phase should be overseen by professional gardeners.


3. After having created your grass, you should permanently maintain it, which implies:

  • Regular watering, especially in the hottest months of the year;
  • Fertilising and correcting problems in the soil to keep the grass in good condition;
  • Removal of weeds and fixing the grass whenever necessary.


4. Pests and lack of or excessive sun or nutrients are some of the problems that may require the complete replacement of your grass or the affected areas.


5. With the passage of time, or whenever there is insufficient watering or fertilisation of the soil, natural grass will tend to lose its colour and dry out.


Main advantages of applying artificial grass in your location


Saves time and money

Installing artificial grass is an alternative that will bring you savings, not only in overall costs, but also in time.

With this surface you will not have to spend several hours a day doing the maintenance tasks that natural grass requires, especially on hot days. Therefore, you will have more quality time available for your friends and family.


Simple and quick maintenance

In contrast to natural grass, artificial grass does not need machines to cut it or tools of any kind to replant damaged areas.

To keep it maintained, simply carry out basic care procedures, almost as if it was a carpet. You can sweep it with a broom to get rid of debris and wash it with a hose to keep your grass clean and attractive.


Saving resources

As mentioned above, natural grass is not easy to keep in good condition. As well as needing a lot of time and attention, it also requires some indispensable resources. The most important of which is undoubtedly water.

To keep natural grass healthy, fertilising and watering it is essential. With artificial grass, you can save on these resources. That is why this solution is considered an economic and sustainable alternative that avoids high water consumption but also avoids the use of chemical substances, like fertilisers.


Easy application

This kind of synthetic surface can be installed easily in any location. Trail artificial grass, for example, is sold in rolls and can be adapted to all kinds of premises.

You can enjoy a green zone in your own home or use it in places such as terraces or balconies. Artificial grass can also be installed outdoors in your garden, in sports facilities, business premises or in socialising and leisure areas.



In contrast to natural grass, it is easy to keep artificial grass in good condition for a long period of time. In the case of the Trail product, its filaments are designed to last and the whole surface is resistant to UV rays. Thanks to its good drainage, it also avoids the accumulation of water.

This means that even outdoors, in areas permanently exposed to sunlight, rain and temperature variations, this grass is highly durable. Hence, it is an easy way to ensure a green zone all year round.


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