Artificial turf

Artificial turf: Tips to keep your turf in good condition


Artificial turf is an increasingly popular surface as it is aesthetically pleasing, adaptable to different spaces and is easy to install.

Whether it is to surface your gymnasium, commercial premises or simply to lay in your home, artificial turf does not require the same level of maintenance as natural grass. However, some maintenance is indispensable, not only to keep up a well-cared-for appearance, but also to prolong the lifespan of the turf.


3 Pieces of advice to clean and maintain the artificial turf

Regardless of whether the artificial turf is laid indoors or outdoors, some residue will naturally accumulate. However, keeping this turf clean and in good condition is not difficult. The maintenance and cleaning routines are simple, and the materials and products required are not expensive.


Sweep, blow or vacuum regularly

Using a broom with soft bristles, a vacuum cleaner (if indoors) or a blower (if outdoors), you can get rid of dust, scraps of rubbish and sediments that accumulate on the surface. Furthermore, brushing and vacuuming raises the fibres of this kind of turf and helps keep its natural appearance.


Wash with water to remove dirt

In outdoor areas, simple solutions will help keep the artificial turf clean, fresh and free from dirt. Washing with everyday water (using a garden hose, for example) is enough to keep the surface clean and remove scraps of rubbish.


Regular hygiene cleaning

Keep your turf hygienic and prevent the emergence of bacteria or other pathogenic agents. You can use a washing machine and neutral detergents. Keep in mind that using improper aggressive cleaning products can cause irreversible damage to your turf.


Why invest in high-quality artificial turf?

At Geometrik we have a huge range of flooring that guarantees the strength and durability needed both for applications at home and for sports venues or commercial premises. Investing in quality ensures less wear and tear of the product, and at the same time will lead to savings in the future.

Solutions are available such as DecoTrail artificial turf, which has a natural appearance and is easy to conserve. With proper maintenance and cleaning, the functionality and appearance of this kind of surface will remain intact for many years.

Find out about our offer, available in different varieties, colours and dimensionshttps://geometriktarget.com/en/product/decotrail/, and ask our team for information.


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