Artificial grass

Artificial grass: A sustainable and attractive surface all year round

Have you always dreamed of having green grass in excellent condition, but you have neither the time nor the equipment to maintain it? Well, artificial grass is the perfect choice for you!

Whether it is installed at home or in a gym, artificial grass is a simple and aesthetically pleasing solution. This type of surface ensures a realistic effect and lends extra comfort to your location.

The easy maintenance and durability of artificial grass makes it a sustainable solution, adding to the benefits of this option.

In this article learn about the main advantages of opting for artificial grass and its superb versatility.


What does having natural grass imply?

As mentioned above, some artificial grass solutions ensure very similar results to natural grass. The care required to install and maintain natural grass is more complex than you might think.


1. To start with, you will need a spacious plot of land with fertile soil, good drainage and good sun exposure. A watering system must be installed.


2. Your grass will then grow, which requires some technical knowledge. Whether you opt to sow your grass or lay rolls of natural turf, this phase should be overseen by professional gardeners.


3. After having created your grass, you should permanently maintain it, which implies:

  • Regular watering, especially in the hottest months of the year;
  • Fertilising and correcting problems in the soil to keep the grass in good condition;
  • Removal of weeds and fixing the grass whenever necessary.


4. Pests and lack of or excessive sun or nutrients are some of the problems that may require the complete replacement of your grass or the affected areas.


5. With the passage of time, or whenever there is insufficient watering or fertilisation of the soil, natural grass will tend to lose its colour and dry out.


Main advantages of applying artificial grass in your location


Saves time and money

Installing artificial grass is an alternative that will bring you savings, not only in overall costs, but also in time.

With this surface you will not have to spend several hours a day doing the maintenance tasks that natural grass requires, especially on hot days. Therefore, you will have more quality time available for your friends and family.


Simple and quick maintenance

In contrast to natural grass, artificial grass does not need machines to cut it or tools of any kind to replant damaged areas.

To keep it maintained, simply carry out basic care procedures, almost as if it was a carpet. You can sweep it with a broom to get rid of debris and wash it with a hose to keep your grass clean and attractive.


Saving resources

As mentioned above, natural grass is not easy to keep in good condition. As well as needing a lot of time and attention, it also requires some indispensable resources. The most important of which is undoubtedly water.

To keep natural grass healthy, fertilising and watering it is essential. With artificial grass, you can save on these resources. That is why this solution is considered an economic and sustainable alternative that avoids high water consumption but also avoids the use of chemical substances, like fertilisers.


Easy application

This kind of synthetic surface can be installed easily in any location. Trail artificial grass, for example, is sold in rolls and can be adapted to all kinds of premises.

You can enjoy a green zone in your own home or use it in places such as terraces or balconies. Artificial grass can also be installed outdoors in your garden, in sports facilities, business premises or in socialising and leisure areas.



In contrast to natural grass, it is easy to keep artificial grass in good condition for a long period of time. In the case of the Trail product, its filaments are designed to last and the whole surface is resistant to UV rays. Thanks to its good drainage, it also avoids the accumulation of water.

This means that even outdoors, in areas permanently exposed to sunlight, rain and temperature variations, this grass is highly durable. Hence, it is an easy way to ensure a green zone all year round.


Geometrik has a range of flooring options that can be tailored to your location and your needs. Learn about the Trail range and discover our artificial grass solutions that will guarantee the results you have always wanted.


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Geometrik flooring

Geometrik: These are the ideal flooring solutions for your project

One of the distinguishing factors of Geometrik flooring is its quality, but other aspects influence the selection of a flooring company. In addition to the services provided, the range of options and the ability to tailor a solution to each particular project should be taken into account to make the best choice.

Geometrik has a range of solutions that can be tailored to every customer, every location and every requirement. Whether for physical exercise facilities, homes or business premises, Geometrik flooring stands out owing to the versatility and quality of the materials.


3 Geometrik flooring options to meet your needs

The wide range of flooring solutions provides alternatives that can be adapted to any location. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, for training facilities or for decorative purposes, the particularities of each situation should guide your choice.

From the premium range of Geometrik flooring solutions, we’ve selected 3 versatile options that present different attributes.


1. Artificial Grass

This surface is a very popular solution both for outdoor exercise and to equip gymnasiums or residential spaces. The Geometrik flooring options include several different models of artificial grass for outdoor and indoor locations.

Trail artificial grass is a versatile and increasingly popular option. It can be used in gardens, terraces and balconies, but also for business premises and sports facilities such as gymnasiums or crossfit boxes.


  • Natural and attractive appearance;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Versatile and adaptable;
  • Resistant and durable;
  • Comfortable;
  • Excellent draining capacity;
  • Resistant to UV rays.


2. Vinyl Flooring

This flooring option focuses on user comfort and is geared towards indoor use, such as in homes, schools and offices, or gymnasiums for group activities such as Yoga, Dance or Pilates.

An example of this kind of flooring is Geometrik’s Homeflex vinyl flooring.


  • Natural wood appearance;
  • Waterproof;
  • Comfortable and durable;
  • Contributes to acoustic and thermal insulation;
  • Non-slip;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Resistant to scratches and stains.


3. Rubber roll flooring

If you are looking for a safe, comfortable and high-quality solution, this Geometrik surface guarantees protection both for the users and facility equipment.

Rubber flooring options, such as Gymfloor, are the preferred choices of our customers who run sports facilities, such as gymnasiums and rooms for cross training and functional training.


  • Easy to install;
  • High shock absorbency;
  • Non-static and anti-fatigue properties;
  • Non-slip;
  • Contributes to acoustic insulation;
  • Comfortable and safe.


What are the benefits of purchasing Geometrik flooring?

As well as its vast range of sports, business and residential surfaces, Geometrik provides all the support you need to render the decision-making, purchase and installation process simple and stress-free.

As such, having a trustworthy partner like Geometrik provides several important advantages:


Diversity of choice and access to premium quality materials

Quality is one of the hallmarks of Geometrik’s flooring solutions and one of the strong points of our products. For each location we have the most suitable solution.


Market experience

Geometrik has vast experience in the market and a strong international reputation. We provide continuous training and advice to our customers and partners. 


Close relationship with partners and customers

At Geometrik, we believe in a transparent relationship based on shared values and principles. The creation of a trustworthy connection, alongside knowledge sharing, are essential ingredients for a successful partnership.


Customized quotes and fast response

Each customer is different and treated in a special way. Therefore, each quote is adjusted to the project in question and the solutions are given on time to prevent unforeseen events in the provision of services.


Geometrik provides the experience of a reputable partner allied to the quality and diversity of its flooring options. Learn about our innovative flooring solutions that guarantee the best results and your satisfaction.


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4 Disadvantages of a low-thickness sports surface

When it comes to choosing a sports surface, important features should be taken into account, regardless of the intensity of use the surface will be subjected to.

The resistance, impact absorption and durability of the materials are directly related to the thickness of the surface. This set of factors should always be adapted to the needs of each location, and at the same time, guarantee the safety and comfort of users.


The importance of choosing a sports surface of a suitable thickness

Whether we are talking about gymnasiums, CrossFit boxes, or any zone set up for working out at home, the flooring should be a priority.

If a low-thickness sports surface is chosen, you will be neglecting the longevity of your training facilities, causing quicker wear and tear.

Whatever fitness items are used, there will always be contact with the floor. Different workout machines (e.g. treadmills and other equipment) tend to be heavy and require appropriate support. Likewise, dumbbells, kettlebells and weightlifting bars can cause strong impacts on the floor.

The larger the thickness and the better the quality of your flooring, the more the energy will be dissipated, thus reducing the force of the impacts. By installing suitable flooring at the location you will also be caring for your equipment.

Installing a high-quality surface will prevent unnecessary damage, both to your training material and the flooring itself.

To sum up, the type of sports flooring should be adapted to the needs of each location, whether it is a sports venue, a leisure zone or a passageway. At Geometrik, a range of high-quality flooring options are available, such as Gymfloor and Alpha Tiles.


Low-thickness flooring: What consequences can it have?

As we have seen, a low-thickness sports flooring is not a suitable surface in zones subject to intense traffic or high daily loads.

These are the main disadvantages of installing a surface that does not meet all the requirements with respect to thickness:


1. Increased risk of damage and injuries

Choosing a good surface will protect your floor, accessories, training apparatus and the sportsmen/women themselves.

In contrast, installing a low-thickness flooring will have the opposite effect. The stability and durability levels of the materials will be compromised and the risk of injuries will increase.


2. Impact absorption and acoustic insulation problems

Low-thickness flooring will not provide a good response to the weight and impact of different training apparatus. It is extremely important that the flooring is able to absorb these kinds of loads.

Moreover, a sports surface with suitable density and thickness helps reduce the impact of vibrations, leading to more effective acoustic insulation.


3. Reduction of comfort and security levels

In a sports facility, a thin flooring provides less resistance and compromises user comfort.

The safety of sportsmen/women is another aspect that can be negatively influenced. In the event of a fall, a low-quality surface will not absorb as much of the impact, which may cause injuries.


4. Hindered sports performance

Owing to all the disadvantages pointed out above, the training experience at a location with a low-thickness flooring will also be impaired.

The physical and acoustic discomfort, combined with an increased risk of injuries, will end up compromising the performance of sportsmen/women.


As you can see, there are several conditions to take into account when choosing a sports surface and the thickness and quality of the material is a crucial factor.

But you do not have to make this decision all by yourself! With the help of Geometrik specialists, you can find the flooring that fits your needs in terms of resistance, comfort, thickness and much more.


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Artificial turf

4 Artificial turf options for your projects

Today a wide range of flooring options are available that can be installed on the most diverse surfaces. Artificial turf is one of them. Whether for playing sports or to decorate homes or business premises, an attractive turf is a highly sought-after solution.

Natural turf is high-maintenance, and therefore costly. This explains why artificial turf is increasingly one of the most popular choices for people seeking a surface with a natural appearance which remains attractive all year round.

Geometrik has different varieties of its Trail product, one of the best sellers. Demand for this article is constantly growing, thanks to the excellent quality of the materials it comprises of.


Trail artificial turf of your choice: 4 Geometrik Products

Before choosing the artificial turf that best suits your project, you should think about the needs of your flooring and the features you want it to include. You can then choose the product that guarantees you excellence.


1. Curled Trail

  • Its curled filaments provide stability, resistance and comfort;
  • Compact, versatile and high-density turf.

Recommended for: Venues for sports such as golf, functional training and working out.

Colours available: Green, black and other options upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 10mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


2. Trail HD

  • Excellent quality-price ratio;
  • High resistance and durability.

Recommended for: Multipurpose sports venues, crossfit gyms, and padel and tennis courts.

Colours available: Green, blue, red and other options upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 15mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


3. Multi Trail

  • Soft touch for multipurpose use;
  • Comfortable and two-colour turf, affording it a more authentic natural appearance.

Recommended for: Sports facilities, especially activities in which the body comes into direct contact with the ground, and also for homes and business premises.

Colours available: Green and other options available upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 20mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


4. Deco Trail

  • Turf with an extremely comfortable texture;
  • Guarantees a natural appearance wherever it is applied.

Recommended for: The most comfortable solution for leisure areas, terraces and balconies, as well as hotels and gardens.

Colours available: Green and other options available upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 40mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


Main attributes of Trail artificial turf

1. Easy to apply and maintain

One of the main advantages of Trail artificial turf is that it is low-maintenance compared to natural turf, which needs to be watered and cut regularly.

It is a surface that is quick and easy to install. Based on the area to be surfaced, simply calculate the number of rolls needed and cut the product accordingly, opting for permanent installation (with glue) or temporary installation (with double-edged sticky tape).


2. Versatile and multipurpose

Trail artificial turf is easily adaptable to a wide variety of environments. The features of this turf adapt to outdoor and indoor areas, terraces and balconies, pavilions and outdoor school areas, leisure zones and sports facilities.

This flooring is safe both for children and for pets.


3. Resistant and durable

The Trail flooring solutions support adverse weather conditions. As it is resistant to UV rays, the artificial turf sold by Geometrik tolerates direct exposure to the sun. At the same time, its excellent drainage prevents the accumulation of water on rainy days.

Its filaments reduce friction and are resistant to products used to maintain swimming pools.


4. Natural effect

The Trail solution has features that provide an identical appearance to natural turf. Both its colour and the thickness and density of its filaments afford it the desired natural appearance and ensures an attractive final look.


Whether it is installed indoors or outdoors, to decorate a commercial venue or a sports facility, Trail artificial turf is a solution that guarantees an excellent final effect.

Do you want to know more about the potential of this product? Geometrik has all the information to help you on its website.


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Artificial turf

Artificial turf: Tips to keep your turf in good condition

Artificial turf is an increasingly popular surface as it is aesthetically pleasing, adaptable to different spaces and is easy to install.

Whether it is to surface your gymnasium, commercial premises or simply to lay in your home, artificial turf does not require the same level of maintenance as natural grass. However, some maintenance is indispensable, not only to keep up a well-cared-for appearance, but also to prolong the lifespan of the turf.


3 Pieces of advice to clean and maintain the artificial turf

Regardless of whether the artificial turf is laid indoors or outdoors, some residue will naturally accumulate. However, keeping this turf clean and in good condition is not difficult. The maintenance and cleaning routines are simple, and the materials and products required are not expensive.


Sweep, blow or vacuum regularly

Using a broom with soft bristles, a vacuum cleaner (if indoors) or a blower (if outdoors), you can get rid of dust, scraps of rubbish and sediments that accumulate on the surface. Furthermore, brushing and vacuuming raises the fibres of this kind of turf and helps keep its natural appearance.


Wash with water to remove dirt

In outdoor areas, simple solutions will help keep the artificial turf clean, fresh and free from dirt. Washing with everyday water (using a garden hose, for example) is enough to keep the surface clean and remove scraps of rubbish.


Regular hygiene cleaning

Keep your turf hygienic and prevent the emergence of bacteria or other pathogenic agents. You can use a washing machine and neutral detergents. Keep in mind that using improper aggressive cleaning products can cause irreversible damage to your turf.


Why invest in high-quality artificial turf?

At Geometrik we have a huge range of flooring that guarantees the strength and durability needed both for applications at home and for sports venues or commercial premises. Investing in quality ensures less wear and tear of the product, and at the same time will lead to savings in the future.

Solutions are available such as Trail artificial turf, which has a natural appearance and is easy to conserve. With proper maintenance and cleaning, the functionality and appearance of this kind of surface will remain intact for many years.

Find out about our offer, available in different varieties, colours and dimensions, and ask our team for information.


Find out about the Geometrik artificial turf


5 Key factors to consider when choosing a flooring provider

A flooring installer’s ability to choose a high-quality flooring provider can determine, in many cases, whether their business will be a success or a flop.

Having a partner by their side that can adapt to their needs and provide solutions to their company's needs is a vital aspect for increasing profitability and, as a result, guaranteeing a competitive edge.


The importance of establishing a partnership with a flooring provider

Flooring installers grapple with problems each and every day which make managing their schedule more complicated, and this can move the focus away from what is really important: the client.

An efficient provider has the ability to keep things simple and solve the main issues which can crop up in the area of flooring installation. In this way, installers will not be left alone to deal with these issues, and as such, they can focus all their attention on creating new contacts and dealing with future projects.


5 Points to prioritize when choosing a provider

An important point is diversity. Geometrik offers an extensive range of flooring options, both for sports applications as well as for commercial and residential settings.

In addition to a focus on creating a reliable partnership and sharing expertise with its partners, Geometrik can provide all the essential materials for every installer's needs.

Discover below why this company would be a great partner to ensure your company can achieve the success it is striving for.


1. Quality flooring

Above all else, the quality of the materials used in installation should be a key factor when choosing a provider.

Products should have been tested and certified to ensure that they are defect-free. Geometrik upholds the highest of standards for quality and care of its materials, meeting the criteria set out by its partners and clients.


2. Responsiveness

Geometrik can guarantee prompt solutions, both in terms of delivering a quote for your project, as well as for keeping to delivery deadlines for the flooring it provides.

It goes without saying that any delay to orders can complicate our relationships with clients. For this reason, it is crucial for the provider to respond in a timely manner to ensure that its partners’ businesses will not be impacted.


3. A reliable partnership

It is important for flooring installers and providers to share the same set of values and principles. A partnership that is underpinned by transparency and trust is fundamental to ensure that negotiation of prices and delivery schedules will run more smoothly for all the parties involved.


4. Efficient after-sales service

Cases may arise where there is some type of issue following flooring being purchased, and the provider has to be able to respond to requests for assistance and, where required, organize an exchange.

This type of service promotes a closer relationship between the client and the brand, making it more likely for the client to make future purchases, or even to recommend the company to others.


5. Technical advice and support during installation

As a result of their continued training, the specialists at Geometrik are able to provide complete and detailed information on the flooring they provide, and recommend the best product for each project.

This expert knowledge of the materials means our specialists can provide a tailored solution that will make the flooring easier to install.


All of these factors show us how important it is to have an experienced partner by our side that is widely recognized internationally, such as Geometrik, always ready to respond in case of any problems arising during flooring installations.

A successful relationship with your provider will translate into reduced costs, improved ability to generate customer loyalty, as well as an improved position on the market.

If you are looking for a friendly, personalized service then Geometrik is the right partner for you. Discover how you could benefit from our high-quality service for a vast array of different flooring types, and guarantee that your company will be successful.


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Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring: For all rooms in your home

Vinyl flooring is the perfect lining for any indoor area of your home. This kind of flooring has a series of features that explains why it is increasingly in demand for residential purposes.

Geometrik, a flooring specialist, sells Homeflex vinyl flooring, a practical solution with an extremely simple glue-free installation system.


What is Homeflex vinyl flooring made of?

The secret of its properties in terms of durability and comfort lies in the composition and structure of the material. Its upper layer comprises Stone Polymer Composite (SPC), which combines the endurance of stone and the comfort of vinyl.

The under-layer of the Homeflex vinyl flooring is made of polyethylene foam, which makes it more comfortable and endows it with acoustic insulation.

Providing anti-slip, waterproof and with anti-fire protection, Homeflex is the perfect and safe lining for all indoor areas.


3 Reasons to install Homeflex vinyl flooring in your home


1. Easy to install and maintain

One of the reasons Homeflex vinyl flooring is so popular is its simple installation system. Sold in plaques, they fit together using a practical glue-free click system.

Moreover, it can by laid directly over the previous surface and is ready to use. It is easily maintained, with no special requirements.


2. Adaptable to any room in the home

Homeflex can be used as the flooring for any room in your home. The material is moisture-resistant, so it can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Simply choose the shade that best suits the decoration in each zone of your home. The colours available are neutral, such as soft greys or browns, which makes for a harmonious finish.


3. It is a strong and durable floor.

The lining is aesthetically very pleasing, as it has the appearance of a wooden floor. Homeflex is waterproof, meaning it avoids the formation of stains. The surface is treated to protect it from wear and tear and any scratching.

Therefore, this surface is extremely durable as flooring, even when subject to intensive use.


Give your home a makeover with Homeflex

If you would like a simple and quick makeover for any area of your home, Homeflex can be the answer. Sold in individual rectangular plaques, which are easily fitted together, this flooring is light and easy to install on top of the previous surface.

Hence, in very little time and without getting dirty, you can have a wooden floor effect to lend your home a touch of elegance.

Forget about slow and complex building work. Seek free-of-charge advice from Geometrik to find out more about the benefits of vinyl flooring.


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flooring installer

How to be a successful flooring installer

A flooring installer is always a busy man and at times it is difficult to organise the workload successfully. To save time, manage customers and projects and have access to the best materials, it is important to have a reliable partner.

Aware of these needs, at Geometrik we keep track of and aid our flooring installer partners by using a customised plan. Thanks to this close collaboration and efficient support, the installer can put more focus on his customers and doing what he does best.


The daily life of a flooring installer

It all begins by finding new customers and assessing their specific needs.

Usually, a visit is booked to the premises where the floor will be installed to analyse the conditions of the location and respective dimensions. After the quote has been approved, the materials arrive and the installation project can begin.

Between travelling to the work sites and the floor installation itself, little time is left for the professionals to suitably manage their tasks and other potential projects.

This lack of time means new contacts are sometimes not followed up properly. As such, potential customers and projects and good work opportunities may be lost.

A flooring installer therefore can gain a lot by establishing partnerships with companies in the sector who have knowledge and experience in the market.


5 Benefits of being a Geometrik partner

We are a company that sells flooring for sports facilities, commercial premises and residences. Firmly established in the European market, we offer a set of benefits to our partners that can be crucial for their success:


1. Customised quotes

We provide quotes tailored to each project, based on a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs and the particularities of the location. Therefore, we can optimise the quantities needed and select the most suitable products.


2. Material delivery service

We deliver the material directly to the site where the floor will be installed, saving time for the installer.


3. 3D Projects

We draw up 3D projects to provide a better quality service to the customer. We also provide full support for project organisation and management, alongside the floor installer.


4. Commercial management servicespartners, 

Whenever necessary, we can interact directly with our partners’ customers to help with the commercial side of their business. We will clarify any doubts and outline the benefits of the different Geometrik solutions.


5. Business opportunities

By belonging to our network of certified installers, our installer partners can benefit from new business opportunities. Many of our customers request the installation service for our flooring.


To sum up, at Geometrik we can help you get the most from your portfolio of projects! We work with our partners in close collaboration, so that all parties get the best service possible.

If you work, or would like to work as a flooring installer, find out how you can build a successful career in partnership with us!


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sports flooring

Sports flooring for outdoor fitness areas

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly trendy. This may explain why more and more outdoor spaces for physical activity are popping up. Due to their outdoor nature, higher quality sports flooring and first class materials and equipment help to ensure enhanced resistance and durability.

These multi-purpose outdoor sports areas are usually equipped with stationary exercise machines, becoming small-scale outdoor gyms. Numerous such spaces also feature surrounding areas that serve as playing fields and other similar roles.    

Located in parks, gardens or publicly accessible leisure areas, these spaces are increasingly in demand and offer a decent alternative to traditional gyms. However, strict safety requirements must be met in terms of construction and assembly.


How to create a multi-purpose outdoor sports area

To make the best use of the available area, such spaces tend to combine different fitness formats. In many cases, children's playgrounds are built alongside sports facilities. This helps to promote sports for all ages as well as family life.

To ensure optimal safety conditions for the little ones, Safety Tiles are a good choice for flooring such areas. Alpha Tiles are an excellent option for sports areas. In both instances, as well as being simple to install, these rubber tiles are highly resistant and offer safety and comfort for users.

Trail Artificial Grass is another option for flooring these spaces. This versatile, easy-to-install sports flooring is sold in rolls. Aesthetically, this solution also blends with the space’s landscape, and can be used to floor the whole area, or only on the playing fields.


3 Essential characteristics of sports flooring for outdoor gyms



Considering these fitness spaces are outdoor, it goes without saying that the sports flooring plays a key role. Both Alpha Tiles and Trail Artificial Grass are made to last. Maintenance is easy.



Wet surfaces in particular can lead to falls and injuries, always a concern for all forms of physical activity. Rubber sports flooring, such as the high-density Alpha Tiles, offers additional safety to users due to their permeable, anti-slip qualities.

Trail Artificial Grass has a high drainage capacity, preventing puddles from forming when it rains.



Rubber-based sports flooring offers quality acoustic and shock absorption. Rubber is therefore the best flooring material for outdoor gyms and playgrounds.

Their elasticity helps to ensure comfort in these areas and reduces user fatigue.


Creating multi-purpose spaces for sport is an excellent way to promote healthy habits and help combat sedentary lifestyles. As such areas are usually open to the public, athletes but also other members of local communities can use them.

The sports and leisure facilities should be designed and built with quality materials to last a long time and meet everyone's needs.

To learn more about sports flooring for such areas, get in touch with Geometrik!


Learn about Geometrik’s sports flooring solutions

rubber flooring

How to clean rubber flooring in your gym

Due to their characteristics, rubber flooring solutions are the most popular choice for kitting out sports spaces such as gyms or crossfit boxes.

Sturdy and comfortable, these solutions can last a long time and remain in good condition even under intensive use. This requires choosing quality flooring and taking certain precautions in terms of cleaning and maintenance of this surface type.

Learn how to clean and keep your gym's rubber flooring in excellent condition for longer with our tips.


Why keeping sports flooring in tiptop condition is so important

When considering everything involved in a training area, flooring is a key factor to consider. Keeping sports flooring in first class condition is a must for quality gyms for 3 main reasons:


For athletes

Flooring affords safety and comfort for athletes in all physical activities. For instance, rubber flooring combines strength and elasticity, helping to prevent falls with its non-slip properties. This may be compromised if the flooring is damaged or in poor condition.


For machinery and equipment

Using suitable flooring solutions is also important for gym machinery and equipment, considering both thickness and strength. With proper flooring maintenance, keeping these materials in superb condition for longer becomes easier.


For gym hygiene

Poor maintenance or overly zealous cleaning can result in stains and cracks in the sports flooring. When the floor surface deteriorates, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure good levels of gym hygiene and cleanliness. Any solution will ultimately involve replacing the flooring.


3 Steps for effectively cleaning rubber flooring

Rubber flooring solutions can be seriously damaged if improperly maintained and cleaned. Therefore, we've put together 3 simple steps for keeping your flooring clean and in excellent condition for longer.


1. Get the right materials

Before starting to clean, always make sure you have everything you need. To clean a rubber flooring solution, you will need:

  • Vacuum;
  • Mop;
  • Soft cloths;
  • Neutral detergents.

Try to store all these materials in the same place. This will make them easier to find when needed. With proper preparation/organisation, cleaning your rubber flooring will be faster with more satisfying results.


2. Remove debris from the surface

Start by quickly checking the gym floor. Ensure there are no forgotten objects or small puddles that need to be dried with a cloth. After removing any debris, vacuum the whole surface. For outdoor spaces, use a broom or blower to remove debris.


3. Clean the surfaces

After vacuuming, start sanitising the surface. Neutral detergents should be used to clean rubber flooring. Never use bleach or other corrosive agents to clean this type of surface.

Using a wrung out mop, wash the whole surface and leave to dry. If possible, open the windows to ventilate the space.


Keeping your gym's rubber flooring clean and in good condition is easy. Just follow these instructions regularly. This will keep your gym floor in perfect condition for longer.

To learn more about installing and maintaining sports venue flooring, we've written an eBook with tips on extending these solutions’ durability. Download for free and access further information on the matter!