Geometrik: Easy to install sports flooring!

Geometrik offers a wide range of sports flooring solutions to meet each space’s specific requirements. By choosing the most appropriate sports flooring and with the proper preparation work, installing these floors is extremely simple.


7 Tips for perfect application results

  1. Before installing any sports flooring, ensure the base is completely dry, clean and free from deformations;
  2. For roll sports flooring, after unrolling, the flooring needs a resting time of at least 24 hours to allow it to flatten out and acclimatise to the room temperature;
  3. Planning is essential. Thoroughly measure the space before installation so the flooring cuts and adjustments are accurate;
  4. Estimated glue consumption is approximately 1 kg per m2 of flooring when installing with glue;
  5. If an underfloor heating system is available, switch it off 24 hours before installing the flooring and wait 7 days before turning it on again;
  6. When using bi-component glue, the mixture lifespan is between 20 to 25 minutes. Mix the glue in small quantities while installing the floor, using a suitable mixer;
  7. Flooring should be installed at room temperatures between 15 o C and 25 o C, which should never drop below 0 o C when the glue is drying.


Extra Geometrik tip

To test floor moisture levels before installing the sports flooring, use plastic applied to the whole base to be covered. To ensure full watertightness, close the ends with adhesive tape. The floor will only be ready for sports flooring installation when the plastic is completely dry after 24 hours. Repeat the test until this happens.


Geometrik sports flooring: Versatile and easy to install



 High density compact rubber roll sports flooring. The Gymfloor solution is extremely versatile and perfect for use in areas with heavy traffic.

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 Two installation options:

  • Double-sided adhesive tape application (only indoors), enabling Gymfloor reuse and bottom layer recovery;
  • Glue application (indoors and outdoors).


Alpha Tiles

Compact, high-density rubber sports flooring (tiles). Effective shock and vibration absorption.

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 Two installation options:

  • Non-glue application (enables Alpha Tiles reuse);
  • Glue application.



 EVA sports flooring (in jigsaw mats). Designed for sports with frequent contact with the ground, such as martial arts or self-defence.

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (the latter on a temporary basis, weather permitting).

 Has a practical, puzzle lock assembly system, with no glue required. Tatami tiles can be easily and quickly installed and uninstalled at any time.



 Vinyl Floor Roll. The perfect solution for multi-sports and group classes spanning different disciplines.

 Only suitable for indoor use.

 Two installation options:

  • Double-sided adhesive tape application (enables bottom layer recovery and Multiflex reuse);
  • Glue application (recommended for permanent indoor installation).


Looking for solutions for common areas such as receptions and spas? Take a look at Homeflex, vinyl flooring tiles.



 Highly-resistant artificial grass (roll). Adjusts to different sports and leisure uses.

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Installation varies depending on whether for indoor or outdoor use. However, whenever spaces are used for sledging, the Trail artificial grass must be fully glued.


  • Glue application (recommended for permanent installations);
  • Double-sided adhesive tape application (recommended for temporary installations, as it enables bottom layer recovery and artificial grass reuse).


  • Glue application on cement layers;
  • Glue application on canvas junction on rammed earth/gravel layers.


To achieve perfect results with Geometrik flooring solutions, proper planning is key. To start, measure and adjust the sports flooring to each space’s characteristics. Then follow the technical instructions to ensure easy, smooth installation and a perfect finish!



The ideal sports flooring for each group class!

When creating and maintaining quality fitness spaces, numerous variables should be considered. Above all, a balance between user comfort and safety, profitability and durability in the space is important. It is therefore essential to choose suitable flooring for the different group classes as well as other sports activities.


Different group classes need distinct sports flooring!

When considering which fitness flooring to choose for different group classes, we have a range of options. Depending on the type of sports activity, flooring surface material requirements vary.

For example, flooring for group classes such as Pilates or yoga doesn’t need to have the same level of resistance as weightlifting rooms. Using the appropriate flooring is vital to ensure optimal conditions for practising each sport.


Classes with equipment

When group classes involve using equipment (such as exercise bikes, cross trainers, spinning bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, etc.) flooring stability is crucial. Gymfloor is the most appropriate solution for such classes, combining stability with resistance.


Weightlifting rooms

Weightlifting plays a role in several body-building group classes. In these spaces, heavy weights regularly fall on the floor. This requires good impact attenuation and vibration absorption capacity. Alpha Tiles meet this level of demand, providing athletes with greater safety.


Functional training classes

Functional training can include a wide range of equipment and exercises. This type of group classes needs sports flooring that’s strong and versatile enough to adapt to different activities. Trail artificial grass is a solution combining strength and versatility with easy maintenance.


Self-defence classes

Both in Martial Arts and in any kind of self-defence, falls are common and body contact with the sports flooring is frequent. Such group classes require ergonomic, comfortable flooring. Tatami mats are appropriate for these sports because they cushion falls, increase safety and reduce the risk of injury.


Mind & body training classes

Mind & body training usually encompasses fitness activities such as Pilates, Yoga and Tai-Chi. The Multiflex solution offers the ideal flooring for group classes of this kind and activities involving dancing. As well as being extremely comfortable, cushioning impacts and vibrations, the solution is waterproof, making it easier to clean and maintain in perfect condition.


Geometrik is a sports flooring specialist, offering a wide range of surface solutions for fitness spaces. Take a look at our top-quality flooring options and combine different types to create attractive and safe sports spaces.



3 Reasons to apply rubber tiles in your crossfit box

When choosing your crossfit box flooring, rubber tiles are an excellent option. However, not all such coverings are the same! Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for quality professional solutions!

Crossfit boxes tend to be large spaces. If you're after a uniform solution, high density rubber tiles are a great choice given their tremendous versatility. Whether you're looking for a material to floor the whole space or just certain areas, Alpha Tiles are the ideal choice!

This Geometrik-designed flooring can be used indoors and outdoors. Installation helps to protect the space and equipment, enhancing user safety.


3 Advantages of Alpha Tiles rubber tiles


1. Easy installation and floor maintenance

Alpha Tiles are high density, compact and robust rubber granule tiles. The finish creates a smooth surface with low porosity, making maintenance and cleaning of the material easier.

To clean the floor, vacuum and clean regularly with a soft mop or a cleaning machine with soft brushes. PH-neutral detergents are the most suitable.

Alpha Tiles are sold as tiles to enable fast, easy installation. Application may be with or without glue, as tiles are enclosed within their perimeter.


2. Safety and comfort for athletes

With a fine granule finish, Alpha Tiles’ surface texture is smooth and extremely comfortable. Their shock and vibration absorption also affords above-average acoustic insulation.

Given their compressive strength and shock absorption properties, Alpha Tiles ensure user safety. Adaptable to a wide range of exercises, from Olympic weight lifting to conditioning and endurance.

This product’s anti-slip features guarantee excellent core stability, even when doing high point load exercises. This is extremely important in terms of safety as it minimises the risk of falls and injuries.


M8 Crossfit Espanha
M8 CrossFit – Spain

When U Want Fitness – Portugal
When U Want Fitness – Portugal


3. Resistant, durable flooring

Compact and resistant, the rubber tiles offer optimum levels of protection for floor and equipment alike. Therefore, the product significantly increases the durability of every component.

Note that as the rubber Alpha Tiles can be applied without glue, they can be moved and reused during their lifetime. This means one or more tile(s) can easily be changed due to wear and tear as time goes by.


A solid rubber floor must provide strength, safety and comfort. It should also ideally be durable and easy to install and maintain. The Geometrik Alpha Tiles flooring covers all the bases! Learn more and create a crossfit box with a stimulating environment for athletes.



Group classes: How to choose the best sports flooring

Sports flooring is a critical factor in group exercise facilities, and there are a few basic requirements it should meet. Appropriate, high-quality materials can make all the difference to each athletes' safety and comfort.


Benefits of group training

Some sports activities can be done individually or in groups. Group sports offer some benefits that can influence each athlete's performance.


Increased motivation

Group exercise creates a different kind of energy, whatever the discipline. These classes inevitably generate a sense of camaraderie and interaction and also boost motivation. Group exercise works extremely well for those who struggle with the willpower to do sports.


More fun

People who exercise together in the same training room will inevitably enjoy the interaction it brings.  After all, they're all like-minded individuals, whether they're working towards a healthier lifestyle or simply love what they're doing. This creates a sense of camaraderie, which can even lead to good friendships. Training in a group is always more fun and makes any sports activity more enjoyable.


Healthy competition

When training in a group, we will unavoidably observe how others work out. This comparison breeds a certain level of competition, which encourages us to test or push our limits, something that can significantly benefit individual performance.


Essential features of sports flooring for group classes


Appropriate for the space

Perform a thorough needs assessment before selecting the best sports flooring solution for group classes. For example, consider the dimensions and configuration of the space, and the different disciplines it will support. The sports flooring must easily adapt to the requirements of each case and blend aesthetically into the surroundings.


Versatility and resistance

Group exercise rooms should be able to adapt to disciplines as diverse as Pilates, yoga or dancing. Always think in the long term and remember that a room used for Zumba classes could also be used for other sports. Versatility is vital when choosing sports flooring.

On the other hand, intensive use by several athletes at the same time will require more resistant materials. Choose a supplier you trust and who guarantees a premium quality product.


Comfort and safety

The flooring must also be high-traction and slip resistant and also be able to absorb moderate levels of impact. Opting for optimal shock absorption features will help minimise the risk of injury. Soundproofing materials also offer acoustic comfort during classes.


Multiflex: Quality vinyl sports flooring

Geometrik Multiflex solution is a vinyl flooring that meets all the requirements of sports flooring for group classes without the use of equipment or free weights.  Multiflex incorporates both design and safety and can be quickly and easily adapted to any space.

Easy to clean and with low maintenance costs, Geometrik Multiflex is ideal for creating a consistently clean and attractive space. The product is available in three standard colours, with more tones available on request.

The composition and structure of this sports flooring guarantee users greater stability and reduces fatigue. Also, its surface offers an optimal traction-slip ratio for safely practising a range of different sports. Multiflex is a multidisciplinary solution that guarantees comfort, safety, and high durability, perfect for group classes. Find out more.



Crossfit box: What are the essential elements of this training space?

Crossfit boxes have become popular alternatives to conventional gyms.  These spaces are based on an innovative concept, offering a more comprehensive and far-reaching approach to training. Regular users describe it as a more intense experience, instilling a stronger sense of camaraderie. This might explain why crossfit is attracting so many fans and enthusiasts. Once they've got a taste for it, users swear it's worth every drop of sweat!


Crossfit box or gym?

Like almost everything in the sports world, choosing between one or the other very much depends on your personal goals. Gyms usually appeal to people who exercise to escape the stress of their everyday lives, or to those who prefer individual training, focusing on specific muscle groups. But you'll sense a completely different atmosphere when you enter a crossfit box.

Facilities are usually spacious and with no mirrors,  which reduces the tendency to train alone. Exercises are done in groups, strengthening camaraderie among athletes. You can share that feeling of giving your best, and the joy of smashing your personal best with others, in real-time.


What are the essential features of a crossfit box

Unlike other sports, crossfit is not based on repetition. It involves a set of diverse high-intensity movements that aim to improve strength, conditioning and endurance of the whole body.

Given its growing popularity, each box strives to offer different options. When assembling a crossfit box, components, machines and equipment are known for their resistance, durability and versatility should be used. Anyone building a crossfit box should include equipment that's resistant, versatile and durable.


Strength exercises

Lifting weights is an option that athletes often choose to improve their strength.   Crossfit boxes usually have dedicated weightlifting areas offering a wide range of equipment. You can work on different sets of muscles by using Olympic barbells and discs, kettlebells or dumbbells, and adapting the weights and type of exercise to suit.


Conditioning exercises

'Regular crossfit enthusiasts are well aware of the importance of physical conditioning. ' 'There is a range of equipment available that work specifically on this area. Ropes: jump ropes, vertical ropes (for rope climbing) or even battle ropes, are almost always available, as they're quite versatile and allow a range of exercises.

You can use medballs and slamballs for strengthening muscles. This equipment comes in a wide range of weights and sizes to better adapt to each user.

AbMats and plyometric boxes also can be used to create a series of exercise combinations and develop physical conditioning.


Endurance exercises

If increasing endurance is your goal, then some crossfit machines are more suitable than others. Rowing or SkiErg machines are perfect for an upper-body workout. At the same time, air bikes and treadmills are better for lower-body muscles. These exercises can be customised and adapted to your personal needs, helping you achieve your endurance goals.


The importance of sports flooring

Flooring in a crossfit box is one of the most essential elements. Choosing the right flooring for the different training areas of the box is crucial to ensure safety and comfort.

This decision shouldn't be taken lightly, particularly for weightlifting zones or where weights are regularly dropped. Alpha Tiles made of rubber, which makes them ideal as they soften the impact and absorb vibrations. They're also slip-resistant and provide sound insulation for a higher level of comfort.

Woodlifting is a wooden platform, another option that is highly resistant, stable and offers an optimal traction-slip ratio, making it suitable for weightlifting.

You can give your crossfit box a more pleasant and natural look by applying Trail artificial grass in specific areas. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it's easy to apply, highly resistant to wear and tear. It's also suitable for sled training.


It's no coincidence crossfit's popularity has rocketed in recent years. The variety of exercises it offers is one reason why people are so captivated by it. You can choose a different workout every time, which breaks up the monotony and boosts your motivation.

Choosing appropriate and, above all, versatile equipment enables you to create endless combinations of movements. And selecting the right flooring provides better user experience, guaranteeing comfort and safety.




Flooring solutions to customize your gym

Creating a customized gym may seem like a complex and difficult thing to do, but it doesn't have to be. By choosing and combining the most suitable materials, you can get a multifaceted solution for all types of needs.

Setting up a professional gym simply means getting what you want from the space. Carefully assessing the specific needs of each area should be the first step to getting a perfect end result.


First step: assess and plan!

When assessing the available area, you should take into account your gym’s general and specific objectives. Do the most thorough assessment you can so as to determine and organize, in detail, everything you will need.

The initial planning stage will help with the assembly and the choice of the most appropriate sports flooring. Here are some tips on what to consider in this step:

  • Define who the space is for and what kind of modalities you will offer there;
  • Depending on what you want, list all the equipment that will be needed;
  • If you are offering different sports activities, check if the space allows them to take place simultaneously or at alternate times;
  • Distribute the areas for each practice in a functional way, according to each one’s characteristics;
  • If you have several modalities in the same space, make sure you choose a versatile flooring solution that covers the needs of the different practices.

In addition to the choice of equipment, choosing the right flooring is essential when setting up a gym. By taking into account the requirements of each area, it is possible to choose the best-suited sports flooring.

By seeking to meet the needs of the athletes in terms of safety and comfort, you will provide them with more complete and enjoyable experiences.


Different solutions for your gym’s flooring


1. Solutions for light modalities

If the space is intended for fitness practices with equipment and machines, there are several options for sports flooring. For group classes, cardiofitness, bodybuilding, and functional training, you can apply rubber roll flooring solutions.

By choosing recycled rubber or colored rubber flooring, it is possible to combine colors and create one-of-a-kind spaces. Made of rubber granules, this type of flooring is versatile and offers resistance and comfort.

For spaces intended for relaxation or traction-slider exercises, such as sled, you can install artificial grass rolls. The result is original and very pleasing to the eye. For areas intended for the practice of martial arts, tatami is the perfect solution, and it also a good option for children's spaces, thanks to the safety it provides.


2. Multisport solutions

When the gym is large and intended for many types of sports, you can use the flooring to mark off the areas. There is a huge diversity of technical solutions that you can combine to customize each one.

For areas subject to greater impacts, such as crosstraining and weightlifting, high-density Alpha Tiles are an excellent option, bringing together stability and safety during practices such as weightlifting. If your space needs added protection, you can also use a solution combined with Foam or Underlay Protection, sublayers with excellent impact attenuation properties, which reduce noise and vibrations.

You can also create multisport areas, suitable for group classes (pilates, yoga, or dance) or cardio exercises. Multiflex is a vinyl roll flooring that adjusts to these modalities, ensuring safety and comfort.


Geometrik offers a wide range of materials and combined technical solutions for sports flooring. Consequently, it is easier to obtain versatile spaces as well as meet the safety and comfort requirements needed by athletes.

Get inspired by some places that have chosen different combinations in terms of high-quality sports flooring. Talk with our experts to find out more about our products in detail and get a 3D design of your space. This way you will be able to visualize your future gym before choosing and installing the materials.



rubber flooring

Mark off gym zones with colored rubber flooring

Applying colored rubber flooring in your gym can do much more than just increase safety and comfort.

Gyms are increasingly all-purpose spaces that need to be constantly adapted to new modalities and trends. Fitness practices that are the in-thing today can quickly become outdated and replaced by others. So, choosing versatile flooring solutions capable of responding to what athletes are looking for has become mandatory.

For several reasons, the option of creating individual rooms or physical separations in gyms is not always possible. The costs are high and the necessary work can be time consuming, and will always cause some upheaval to the normal functioning of the space. In addition, with the growing need for adaptation, vertical divisions can be an obstacle to new layout proposals or sports activities.

An effective alternative may be to mark off different areas in your gym by applying different colored flooring. The use of contrasting colors to mark off different areas is enough to make the space more organized and appealing.


Advantages of Full Color colored rubber flooring

Full Color is a rubber flooring that can be easily applied in different types of sports spaces. It consists of EPDM rubber granules and a polyurethane binder. 

This flooring is available in a wide range of colors and in different thicknesses, easily adapting to the specific needs of each activity, in terms of color and resistance.

Its application by zones, in different colors, allows you to easily create different areas in your gym. This rubber flooring is an excellent sports flooring solution and offers multiple additional benefits.


Customized and versatile solution

Due to its variety of colors and thicknesses, the application of this flooring is fully adaptable to the needs of each space. The choice is yours: you can use the colors to mark off different sectors or just to improve the gym’s look.

As for the thickness, this can be adjusted according to the type of modality it is intended for (for example, group classes, functional training areas, or weightlifting). Full Color is suitable for a wide range of situations, which go beyond the sporting scope. It is a flooring which is suitable, for example, for swimming pools and spaces for children and commerce.


Resistant and comfortable

The Full Color rubber flooring, due to its properties, is highly resistant to impact and compression forces. Its elastic resistance also offers an anti-fatigue feature that makes it suitable for commercial spaces and common areas.

Due to its composition, this type of flooring contributes to the improvement of sound insulation. Additionally, its high resistance to UV rays allows it to be applied in outdoor areas.

In short, the characteristics of this rubber flooring make it possible to bring together comfort, resistance, and high sporting performance in just one material.


Fire resistant and safe

Everyone's safety should be a priority in any sports area. In addition to the other advantages, this flooring allows you to increase the level of safety in your gym.

It is a highly fire-resistant product. Additionally, thanks to its composition, it has non-slip properties, which minimize the risk of falls and injuries.


The application of a colorful sports flooring is perfect for marking off different areas in wide spaces. Full Color is a practical and efficient solution that offers several advantages for your gym. Leave us your details and speak with our specialists.



artificial grass

Artificial grass: Create spaces in your gym!

Applying artificial grass in gyms is becoming a highly sought-after solution by those who manage these spaces. The creation of areas using this type of flooring has many advantages. One of the most remarkable is, without a doubt, the improvement in aesthetics and comfort.

By choosing professional and high-quality materials, it is possible to achieve much more. The application of artificial grass in a gym automatically creates a more organic, natural, and pleasant environment for users. The urban aspect that characterizes these spaces is lessened in a simple way.

But the positive aspects of applying artificial grass in gyms don’t stop here! Discover some advantages of this type of sports flooring.


Trail artificial grass: 4 Strong points about this flooring


1. Resistant

Trail is a range of high-quality artificial grass, which is wear-resistant, even in conditions of intensive use. Thanks to the treatment done to its filament when it is designed, it is a long-lasting and resistant solution for any type of climate, so it is also suitable for outdoor spaces. In addition, it has an excellent drainage capacity.


2. Multipurpose

Artificial grass combines comfort and resistance and can be applied both in areas for relaxation and functional training. Whether the focus is softness when in direct contact with the body or stability and reduced friction for sled exercises, each model has distinct unique characteristics, so as to meet specific needs according to the intended use.


3. Customizable

This flooring solution is available in many colours, allowing for multiple combinations in the creation of sports and leisure spaces.

In addition to a good technical response, the Trail range also allows for the creation of spaces that are aesthetically appealing and original. It easily adjusts to the needs of each layout and allows for the customization of training spaces, both indoor and outdoor.


4. Economical

Sold in rolls, this flooring is quickly and easily installed, adjusting to the specific requirements of each space. Additionally, its low-maintenance costs, even when applied outdoors, contribute to this solution’s growing popularity. Green grass all year round without the added costs or work.


Stand out from the competition by creating an original space

In an area as competitive as that of sports spaces, customization is one of the keys to success. Matching different flooring solutions to the needs of each area of the gym, diversifying colours, and materials, makes all the difference.

Unlike certain lower quality solutions, Geometrik’s artificial grass looks very natural. The look of any gym is clearly lifted by the application of this flooring. The density and characteristics of its filaments also offer a high level of comfort to the athletes.

As such, Trail is a versatile option which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its great resistance makes it a long-lasting solution that will turn your gym into a unique space.



weightlifting platform

How to create the best weightlifting platform in your gym

In addition to the bars and weights, the weightlifting platform is mandatory equipment for the practice of this modality. Individually at home, in gyms, or in crossfit boxes, weightlifting has been gaining a large number of fans. As it works several muscles of the body, it is a very complete exercise which is not limited to strengthening just the arms and legs.

Weightlifting (or weight training) is a highly effective sports practice for strengthening the whole body. Official weightlifting competitions are known to have started in the late 19th century, however, the origin of this modality has been lost in time, with records of its practice dating back to the oldest civilizations.

Weightlifting is probably one of the oldest sports in human history. Today, it is based on a  rigorous set of movements which intensively work almost all the muscular system.


The importance of an appropriate weightlifting platform

It is common for the athlete, when weightlifting, to easily drop the bar on the ground, causing a huge impact. For this reason, the sports flooring on which the exercises are carried out is of added importance. Apart from resistance, the chosen flooring must have good shock and vibration absorption.

An appropriate weightlifting platform is therefore one of the essential requirements for this type of sport. As such, this flooring solution must guarantee stability and, above all, safety for anyone doing these exercises in order to avoid serious injury.

At Geometrik, we are dedicated to the creation of sports flooring designed to provide the ideal conditions for the practice of complex exercises with heavy loads. The weightlifting platforms and muscle strengthening spaces are part of our portfolio.

A plywood structure Woodlifting - which is highly resistant, is applied in the central area intended for weightlifting. Its additional coating offers perfect conditions for traction-slider exercises for the athlete’s greater comfort.

High-density rubber tiles - Alpha Tiles - especially developed for shock and vibration absorption are applied in the side areas. These also help to minimize noise, contributing to a more comfortable experience for all users of the space.

Due to the increased needs that each space may require, there are also other sublayer solutions that can be applied in order to improve levels of isolation and protection.


To sum up, weightlifting is one of the most demanding activities in terms of equipment and flooring. Quality material and an appropriate weightlifting platform are mandatory in any space intended for this sport.  Talk to our experts  to find out more.



Agglomerated polyurethane foam

Agglomerated polyurethane foam: 5 Advantages of applying it in gyms

Gyms are spaces with high demands at various levels, especially in terms of safety and comfort. The choice of suitable flooring combined with an agglomerated polyurethane foam, for example, offers surprising advantages.

There is currently a wide range of possibilities in terms of sports flooring for gyms. Depending on the needs in each zone or room, it is possible to set up a multisport space with different types of floorings.

In addition to the sports flooring itself, it is also possible to add an appropriate sublayer for the space’s specific needs. There are several options available made from recycled rubber, agglomerated foam, or even cork. The important thing is to make the correct assessment of the requirements in order to adapt the materials to each situation.


5 Advantages of agglomerated polyurethane foam

This sublayer is made up of foam flakes bound by a polyurethane-based binder. The properties of these materials offer additional advantages when associated with sports floorings.


1. Possibility of customizing

Its composition, based on agglomerated polyurethane foam flakes, allows for a production with different densities and thicknesses. This way, it is possible to adapt its characteristics to the specific needs of each space in your gym for a better result.


2. Greater Protection

The agglomerated polyurethane foam provides a high degree of protection in many ways. It offers greater absorption in areas of the gym subject to strong impacts, such as falling weights. This absorption will not only protect the structure of the space, but also increase the durability of the equipment.

In other situations, such as cargo transport and handling, the protection it offers can also be extremely useful.


3. Greater comfort

Thanks to their properties, these sublayers are great for shock absorption and vibration dissipation. In this way, the polyurethane and foam agglomerate offers a higher level of comfort to athletes in specific areas. It is ideal for locations subject to intense loads and impacts, as is the case in Weight lifting.


4. Soundproofing

Adding a layer of this material guarantees an improvement in noise insulation, both airborne and impact noise. Good soundproofing definitely contributes to greater comfort for all users of sports spaces. It is also an added value for spaces where noise coming from the outside can be a concern.


5. Resistance and flexibility

Applying such a sublayer under the sports flooring is an additional guarantee of resistance. The combination of the properties of polyurethane and foam also offers greater flexibility to the flooring. All of this will contribute to a higher degree of comfort and safety, this way improving the experience for all the athletes.


It is possible to add an extra layer of comfort and safety once the best sports flooring has been chosen. Agglomerated polyurethane foam sublayers are a versatile and extremely effective option in various ways. Discover Geometrik solutions and find out more from our experts.