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How to clean rubber flooring in your gym


Due to their characteristics, rubber flooring solutions are the most popular choice for kitting out sports spaces such as gyms or CrossFit boxes.

Sturdy and comfortable, these solutions can last a long time and remain in good condition even under intensive use. This requires choosing quality flooring and taking certain precautions for cleaning and maintenance.

Learn how to clean and keep your gym’s rubber flooring in excellent condition for longer with our tips.


3 steps for effectively cleaning rubber flooring

If not properly cleaned and maintained regularly, rubber flooring can suffer major damage. To extend the floor useful life, clean daily and follow certain rules. Therefore, we’ve put together 3 simple steps for keeping it clean and in excellent condition for longer.


1. Get the right materials

Before starting to clean, always make sure you have everything you need. You will need:

materials for cleaning rubber floors

Store all these materials in the same place. This will make them easier to find when needed. With proper preparation/organisation, cleaning your flooring will be faster with more satisfying results.


2. Remove debris from the surface

Start by quickly checking the gym floor. Ensure there are no forgotten objects or small puddles that need to be dried with a cloth. After removing any debris, vacuum the whole surface. For outdoors, use a broom or blower to remove debris, or even a hose with running water.


3. Clean the surfaces

After vacuuming, start sanitising the surface using neutral detergents. Never use bleach or other corrosive agents to clean this type of surface.

Especially indoors, use a mop and wash the entire floor. Regularly change the water used for cleaning to ensure dirt isn’t spread. After finishing, open the windows to ventilate if possible. Don’t walk on the flooring until completely dry.


What should be avoided when cleaning rubber flooring?

1. Hard cleaning tools

Don’t use rough brooms or mops, as the flooring may get scratched.


2. Soaking the floor

Using too much water can damage the original floor. There is no drainage, so excess water will accumulate and humidity will damage it.


3. Detergents with acid reagents

Detergents with acidic chemical reagents, such as bleach, are great for disinfecting. However, they are not recommended for rubber because they corrode the colour and the material.


Why keeping sports flooring in tiptop condition is so important

For athletes:

Flooring allows safety and comfort for athletes in all physical activities. Its non-slip nature prevents falls. However, this may be compromised if the flooring is damaged or in poor condition.

For machinery and equipment:

The flooring thickness and resistance are essential for protecting gym machinery and sports equipment. With proper maintenance, keeping these materials in superb condition for longer also becomes easier.

For gym hygiene:

Poor maintenance or overly zealous cleaning can result in stains and cracks in the sports flooring. When the surface deteriorates, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure good levels of gym hygiene and cleanliness. You’ll eventually need to replace it.


It is vitally important to keep flooring in excellent condition. However, choosing the right solution for your gym is also essential. To find out which solutions best meet your needs, follow the instructions in our article detailing how to choose the right sports flooring.


How to choose the right sports flooring solution for your gym


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