CrossFit box

What’s the best sports flooring solution for a CrossFit box?


Installing a CrossFit box is a process to be done in gradual, hassle-free fashion. For most spaces and facilities, the area can be tailored to the number of athletes and workout intensity.

But whatever you do, don’t cut corners on the quality of the sports flooring chosen for your CrossFit box.


Why is CrossFit box flooring so important?

Athletes’ safety is paramount. This should be the primary focus for all training spaces. A CrossFit box means highly physically demanding exercises. Proper flooring minimises instability, the risk of falls and therefore injuries.

But there are other issues to consider: the durability of the equipment and the sports flooring. Choosing resistant, high-quality flooring provides greater assurances in terms of your investment’s longevity. Furthermore, selecting high-absorption flooring means sports equipment impact is softened, ensuring greater durability.


Which flooring options are available for CrossFit boxes?

The market offers a range of alternatives for CrossFit box flooring, but not all are recommended. Let’s explore the main options, and their pros and cons.


“Egg box” tiles

Many tiles sold for CrossFit box flooring are made in “egg box” format, to reduce the amount of material needed in manufacturing. This option is suitable for children’s playgrounds, offering greater cushioning in the event of falls.

However, for exercises such as CrossFit/Cross Training, stability and consequently safety are compromised. Nor is this the best option in terms of durability.


Low density tiles

Low-density rubber tiles are also sold, made with larger grains and less resin to lower production costs.

Despite being a more affordable solution, this option scores poorly for longevity. The tiles deteriorate quickly and fall apart easily. Additionally, the levels of comfort and safety for CrossFit box users are reduced.

Its highly porous and rough finish means this sports flooring solution is extremely difficult to clean.

High density rubber tiles

The best CrossFit box flooring solution is unquestionably high density rubber tiles. This option is compact and robust to withstand high intensity training sessions. The tiles also offer the stability and security that CrossFit practitioners require.

If you choose Geometrik’s Alpha RX, the 20 or 25 mm tiles offer the most cost-effective solution. However, to ensure maximum protection for the space, equipment and athletes, the best option comes in the form of the 40 mm tiles.


Choosing the best flooring for your CrossFit box always depends on the space’s base, the type of activities to be done and their intensity. This is where Geometrik‘s experience and know how comes into play. If you’re looking for the best sports flooring solution for your training space, our advice and support can be invaluable.


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