Top 5 fitness trends for 2021/2022

The way we do sports has radically changed in light of COVID-19, leaving industry pros fearing for the future. Fitness trends for 2021/2022 shed plenty of light on the changes undergone over these testing times.

Athletes’ motivations and goals have also seen major shifts recently. If you own a gym or CrossFit box, or work as a PT, keeping a close eye on fitness trends is essential for tracking customer preferences in a post-pandemic future.

Here are the main trends we’ve seen in the modern sports world.


5 Fitness trends for 2021/2022


1. Doing sport to lose weight

Extended lockdown periods combined with forced gym closures saw many adopt less healthy habits, which led to people putting on weight.

At home, there’s a natural trend towards sedentary activities, like spending too much time online or watching TV. People also spent more time cooking and trying new recipes, often high in calories.

This affected many folks’ physical condition, adding an extra level of motivation now we’re back doing sport: losing weight and getting back to a healthy lifestyle.


2. Choosing personalised workouts with a PT

Gyms offering personalised workouts are now in high demand. Exercising with a PT is becoming a clear fitness trend. As well as being considered safer, it’s also viewed as more effective.

Therefore, setting up bespoke sections in your gym enabling one-on-one classes makes sense. Investing in durable, versatile sports flooring is essential to enhance athletes’ experience and ensure safety and comfort.


3. Exercising outdoors

With the gyms shuttered up, outdoor workouts gained popularity during the pandemic. As well as being considered safer, training outdoors provides a more liberating and enjoyable experience for many athletes.

To cater to this trend, several gyms are offering this option by creating outdoor spaces for people to train.

Choosing equipment and flooring for such areas requires some thought. Trail artificial grass, Gymfloor and Alpha Tiles are good flooring options, facilitating both indoor and outdoor use.


4. A preference for functional training

Functional training differs from strength training by involving multiple muscle sets. Exercises are more complex and comprehensive than weight training, but are more effective as a full body workout.

Often using the athlete’s own bodyweight, such exercises don’t require complex equipment beyond suitable sports flooring.

Therefore, functional training has become a top fitness trend, with fast, visible results.


5. Doing online sports classes

Several gyms that offered online classes during lockdown are continuing to provide the service. This is an excellent option for folks who’ve set up a small home gym or clients not yet ready to hit the gym again.

Doing online sports classes can also supplement in-person classes or replace going to the gym on days when you don’t feel like leaving home to train.

By offering real-time monitoring and greater convenience, online sports have become another top fitness trend.


We are witnessing a transitional phase in the fitness world. It’s a great time for sports addicts to unearth new activities and training options.

To best provide what your customers are looking for, invest in quality and closely monitor fitness trends. The Geometrik blog shares several tips for creating an optimal workout experience.