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5 Key factors to consider when choosing a flooring provider


A flooring installer’s ability to choose a high-quality flooring provider can determine, in many cases, whether their business will be a success or a flop.

Having a partner by their side that can adapt to their needs and provide solutions to their company’s needs is a vital aspect for increasing profitability and, as a result, guaranteeing a competitive edge.


The importance of establishing a partnership with a flooring provider

Flooring installers grapple with problems each and every day which make managing their schedule more complicated, and this can move the focus away from what is really important: the client.

An efficient provider has the ability to keep things simple and solve the main issues which can crop up in the area of flooring installation. In this way, installers will not be left alone to deal with these issues, and as such, they can focus all their attention on creating new contacts and dealing with future projects.


5 Points to prioritize when choosing a provider

An important point is diversity. Geometrik offers an extensive range of flooring options, both for sports applications as well as for commercial and residential settings.

In addition to a focus on creating a reliable partnership and sharing expertise with its partners, Geometrik can provide all the essential materials for every installer’s needs.

Discover below why this company would be a great partner to ensure your company can achieve the success it is striving for.


1. Quality flooring

Above all else, the quality of the materials used in installation should be a key factor when choosing a provider.

Products should have been tested and certified to ensure that they are defect-free. Geometrik upholds the highest of standards for quality and care of its materials, meeting the criteria set out by its partners and clients.


2. Responsiveness

Geometrik can guarantee prompt solutions, both in terms of delivering a quote for your project, as well as for keeping to delivery deadlines for the flooring it provides.

It goes without saying that any delay to orders can complicate our relationships with clients. For this reason, it is crucial for the provider to respond in a timely manner to ensure that its partners’ businesses will not be impacted.


3. A reliable partnership

It is important for flooring installers and providers to share the same set of values and principles. A partnership that is underpinned by transparency and trust is fundamental to ensure that negotiation of prices and delivery schedules will run more smoothly for all the parties involved.


4. Efficient after-sales service

Cases may arise where there is some type of issue following flooring being purchased, and the provider has to be able to respond to requests for assistance and, where required, organize an exchange.

This type of service promotes a closer relationship between the client and the brand, making it more likely for the client to make future purchases, or even to recommend the company to others.


5. Technical advice and support during installation

As a result of their continued training, the specialists at Geometrik are able to provide complete and detailed information on the flooring they provide, and recommend the best product for each project.

This expert knowledge of the materials means our specialists can provide a tailored solution that will make the flooring easier to install.


All of these factors show us how important it is to have an experienced partner by our side that is widely recognized internationally, such as Geometrik, always ready to respond in case of any problems arising during flooring installations.

A successful relationship with your provider will translate into reduced costs, improved ability to generate customer loyalty, as well as an improved position on the market.

If you are looking for a friendly, personalized service then Geometrik is the right partner for you. Discover how you could benefit from our high-quality service for a vast array of different flooring types, and guarantee that your company will be successful.


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