Versatility, comfort and durability? One type of flooring, multiple applications


Finding the ideal flooring depends on the characteristics of the area and what the space will be used for. Flooring for commercial premises with heavy foot traffic must be more durable than the flooring in the living room of a house, for example.

Therefore, different kinds of flooring have been designed to meet specific needs, both in the residentialareas and for commercial premises. Knowing their properties is the starting point for making the best choice in flooring solutions.


Flooring for commercial premises

If you are looking for a floor surface for commercial premises, you should take into account some essential factors.

In a shop or a restaurant, for example, the floor is subject to a variety of wear and tear. Moreover, here are safety requirements that must be complied with cannot be ignored when making your choice.

To sum up, to meet the requirements of these premises, three main characteristics should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing the flooring:



In any commercial premises, the constant foot traffic means the floor must be prepared for heavy use. You surface needs to withstand scratches and wear and tear, as well as any splashes or spillages that may occur.



Installing a floor made from high-quality materials will will result in cost savings in the medium/long term. It is important to invest in a good floor surface that is also easy to clean to make sure it remains in good condition for a long time.



One of the main concerns when choosing a floor for commercial premises should be safety. So, the surface should have anti-slip properties to prevent falls and it should also comply with the fire resistance standards.


Flooring for residential areas

Choosing a floor for a shop or a gym entails very specific requirements, given what these premises are used for. When talking about a home, however, other needs come into play.

Flooring solutions for homes should meet three basic requirements:



In a home, thermal and acoustic insulation is essential. The flooring will occupy a considerable area of any home, and therefore it will have a direct influence on the appearance of the rooms.



The comfort level in any room of a home can be enhanced by choosing the right flooring. The materials used should absorb vibrations but also should have a texture that is pleasant to the touch or when walking on them.



Tastes in decoration change over time, but the aesthetic aspect of a floor will always play a huge role in your choice. Today, residential flooring is available in a range of colours and textures, and can imitate wood or even natural grass.


Homeflex: Versatility and design in flooring

Homeflex is a flooring solution sold by Geometrik which combines versatility and good taste. It can be applied in all kinds of spaces, including zones subject to dampness like kitchens and bathrooms.

This floating vinyl flooring combines two aspects that contribute to its unique properties:

  • An upper layer that provides greater durability against wear, scratches and stains;
  • A lower layer that provides a greater capacity for absorbing impacts and vibrations and providing greater comfort.

Homeflex flooring has a similar appearance to wood and is available in different shades, to suit any interior.

It is easy to install, using a click system, and very easy to clean and maintain, whether used in the home or in commercial premises.


If you are looking for versatile and premium quality solutions to surface the floor of any type of space, contact Geometrik’s experts! We have a huge range of flooring solutions and we will recommend the best one to meet your needs.


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