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The ideal sports flooring for each group class!


When creating and maintaining quality fitness spaces, numerous variables should be considered. Above all, a balance between user comfort and safety, profitability and durability in the space is important. It is therefore essential to choose suitable flooring for the different group classes as well as other sports activities.


Different group classes need distinct sports flooring!

When considering which fitness flooring to choose for different group classes, we have a range of options. Depending on the type of sports activity, flooring surface material requirements vary.

For example, flooring for group classes such as Pilates or yoga doesn’t need to have the same level of resistance as weightlifting rooms. Using the appropriate flooring is vital to ensure optimal conditions for practising each sport.


Classes with equipment

When group classes involve using equipment (such as exercise bikes, cross trainers, spinning bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, etc.) flooring stability is crucial. Gymfloor is the most appropriate solution for such classes, combining stability with resistance.


Weightlifting rooms

Weightlifting plays a role in several body-building group classes. In these spaces, heavy weights regularly fall on the floor. This requires good impact attenuation and vibration absorption capacity. Alpha Tiles meet this level of demand, providing athletes with greater safety.


Functional training classes

Functional training can include a wide range of equipment and exercises. This type of group classes needs sports flooring that’s strong and versatile enough to adapt to different activities. CurledTrail artificial grass is a solution combining strength and versatility with easy maintenance.


Self-defence classes

Both in Martial Arts and in any kind of self-defence, falls are common and body contact with the sports flooring is frequent. Such group classes require ergonomic, comfortable flooring. Tatami mats are appropriate for these sports because they cushion falls, increase safety and reduce the risk of injury.


Mind & body training classes

Mind & body training usually encompasses fitness activities such as Pilates, Yoga and Tai-Chi. The Homeflex solution offers the ideal flooring for group classes of this kind and activities involving dancing. As well as being extremely comfortable, cushioning impacts and vibrations, the solution is waterproof, making it easier to clean and maintain in perfect condition.


Geometrik is a sports flooring specialist, offering a wide range of surface solutions for fitness spaces. Take a look at our top-quality flooring options and combine different types to create attractive and safe sports spaces.



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