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How to be a successful flooring installer


A flooring installer is always a busy man and at times it is difficult to organise the workload successfully. To save time, manage customers and projects and have access to the best materials, it is important to have a reliable partner.

Aware of these needs, at Geometrik we keep track of and aid our flooring installer partners by using a customised plan. Thanks to this close collaboration and efficient support, the installer can put more focus on his customers and doing what he does best.


The daily life of a flooring installer

It all begins by finding new customers and assessing their specific needs.

Usually, a visit is booked to the premises where the floor will be installed to analyse the conditions of the location and respective dimensions. After the quote has been approved, the materials arrive and the installation project can begin.

Between travelling to the work sites and the floor installation itself, little time is left for the professionals to suitably manage their tasks and other potential projects.

This lack of time means new contacts are sometimes not followed up properly. As such, potential customers and projects and good work opportunities may be lost.

A flooring installer therefore can gain a lot by establishing partnerships with companies in the sector who have knowledge and experience in the market.


5 Benefits of being a Geometrik partner

We are a company that sells flooring for sports facilities, commercial premises and residences. Firmly established in the European market, we offer a set of benefits to our partners that can be crucial for their success:


1. Customised quotes

We provide quotes tailored to each project, based on a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs and the particularities of the location. Therefore, we can optimise the quantities needed and select the most suitable products.


2. Material delivery service

We deliver the material directly to the site where the floor will be installed, saving time for the installer.


3. 3D Projects

We draw up 3D projects to provide a better quality service to the customer. We also provide full support for project organisation and management, alongside the floor installer.


4. Commercial management servicespartners, 

Whenever necessary, we can interact directly with our partners’ customers to help with the commercial side of their business. We will clarify any doubts and outline the benefits of the different Geometrik solutions.


5. Business opportunities

By belonging to our network of certified installers, our installer partners can benefit from new business opportunities. Many of our customers request the installation service for our flooring.


To sum up, at Geometrik we can help you get the most from your portfolio of projects! We work with our partners in close collaboration, so that all parties get the best service possible.

If you work, or would like to work as a flooring installer, find out how you can build a successful career in partnership with us!


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