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Geometrik flooring can revolutionise your projects


When it comes to flooring, every requirement has a specific solution and Geometrik is an expert in this area.

Are you installing a floor for the first time or do you need the know-how to do it? There’s no need to worry! With our personalised service and drawing on our vast experience, Geometrik will accompany you through the whole process and make it easier for you to choose.

If you are looking for high-quality floor surfaces for fitness venues, commercial premises or residences, we have several options available for you. We will find the solution that is best suited to your project and the floor usage.


Discover the different kinds of Geometrik flooring

To better understand the functions and installations of each of our available products, we have split Geometrik flooring into two big groups: fitness flooring and commercial flooring.


Choose your Geometrik fitness flooring

1. Gymfloor

Gymfloor is a roller rubber flooring. It is versatile and ideal for creating multi-purpose venues. This solution is appropriate for installing in gyms, for areas set up for group lessons, functional training or weightlifting, for example.


  • Easy to install;
  • Comfortable and safe,
  • Durable and versatile;
  • Anti-slip;
  • Improves the acoustic insulation of the venue.


2. Alpha RX

The rubber Alpha RX are effective at absorbing shock and vibrations. This is the ideal solution for sports that involve high loads, such as weightlifting, Cross Fit, cross training and many others.


  • Excellent insulation with less transfer of noise and vibrations;
  • Better protection of the training venue and equipment;
  • More stability and safety for the athlete
  • Easy to install.


3. Trail artificial grass

Recommended both for indoor and outdoor sports venues, synthetic grass flooring combine functionality and aesthetics.

CurledTrail and Trail15HD are different types of artificial grass sold by Geometrik, which can be applied to both functional training venues and to sports tracks and fields.


  • Natural and attractive appearance;
  • Ideal for traction/sliding exercises, like sledding;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Versatile;
  • Strong and durable.


4. Tatami

The shock absorption of Tatami, a floor surface sold in EVA panels, makes it the ideal choice for combat sports, martial arts, Pilates and Yoga.


  • Safe, comfortable and ergonomic;
  • Easy to install and maintain;
  • Anti-slip and anti-static;
  • Excellent shock absorption.



Geometrik’s home flooring can be adapted to all your needs

1. Homeflex

Its click system ensures easy installation of this vinyl flooring. A versatile solution that can be used in all the rooms of your home as well as commercial premises, offices and schools.


  • Comfortable and versatile;
  • Simple to install, clean and maintain;
  • Moisture-proof and waterproof;
  • Natural appearance, resembling wood;
  • Scratch-resistant and stain-proof;
  • Improves the acoustic and thermal insulation.


2. Decorative artificial grass

SoftTrail and DecoTrail artificial grasses make any space more welcoming and comfortable. Perfect solution for gardens, hotels, terraces, schools and more.


  • Natural appearance;
  • Easy maintenance and installation;
  • Excellent drainage capacity and resistant to UV rays;
  • Resistant to swimming-pool treatment products.


To sum up, flooring solutions are available to suit everyone, with different characteristics tailored to individual needs. Find out about the Geometrik products in detail and make a better choice,by investing in the quality of our floors and our services.


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