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Sports venues fitted with Geometrik flooring


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Geometrik flooring has been installed all over Europe. From Spain to Malta, taking France in its stride, the flooring can be found in gyms, fitness clubs and CrossFit boxes that have chosen to invest in flooring ready for hardcore sporting activities.

The top quality, resistant materials make these solutions an easy choice for numerous sports venues. Versatile, resistant and durable flooring, suited to a range of formats and easy to install, both indoor and outdoor.


Geometrik flooring gains a strong foothold in France

France is a leading market for Geometrik flooring solutions, particularly in CrossFit boxes, where safety and comfort are key factors for anyone running such a business.

Therefore, Alpha Tiles are an extremely popular choice for sports venues of this kind. Quentin Balfourier didn’t think twice about these high density tiles for CrossFit Chamalières.

After trying several brands, the site manager confirms this was the best solution available for protecting his box’s floor and materials. “I am extremely happy with the cushioning and quality of the flooring,” the Frenchman says.

As well as this flooring solution, artificial grass, in its Trail15HD and CurledTrail lines, is another commonly used Geometrik flooring option for high-intensity training areas. For Valentin, Marion and Clément, the managers at CrossFit Challans, artificial grass not only makes outdoor sports 100% safe, but also “adds a dash of charm to the box.”


The most popular flooring solutions for Spanish gyms

Spain is also fond of Geometrik flooring. Most are installed in gyms and fitness clubs, often seeking versatile floors able to withstand heavy traffic, bulky equipment and falling weights.

Gymfloor is the most popular choice. Sérgio García, from Alpha Evolution, is proud to say that members of his gym in Burgos think the flooring is “amazing.”

This recycled rubber flooring, available in several colours and with customisation options, has a product range from 4mm to 14mm thickness. As well as excellent absorption properties, further benefits include top notch soundproofing.

There are also numerous Spanish sports venues specialising in martial arts. Tatami is the most popular flooring option here. KB One Fight Club’s Julen García Méndez cites the excellence of these EVA tiles.  “The material’s attenuation properties cushion falls nicely, but without being too thick,” the academy notes.


Malta’s Armed Forces train on Geometrik flooring solutions

The Maltese Armed Forces gym was fitted with high-density rubber tiles. This solution reached the Mediterranean island through Geometrik’s partner, Gym Supply Malta.

This space, for daily military training, has deployed over 200 m2 of Alpha Tiles with 40 mm thickness. This was the best solution for enhanced shock absorption, therefore protecting the space and equipment.


Portuguese sports venues commend excellent flooring and service

Portugal also features among the countries recommending Geometrik flooring. Nationwide, several gyms and CrossFit boxes have already invested in first class products such as Gymfloor, Alpha Tiles, Tatami and Trail.

In addition to excellent quality, customers also often cite the support provided by the Geometrik team throughout the process, including technical advice and consultancy.

Juska Health Club‘s Adelino Ribeiro praised the professionals who met deadlines, which “is extremely important when planning the opening of a space and completing a project.”

João Torres, from Feel Free Health Club, highlighted the “excellent value for money” offered by Geometrik flooring.


Want to learn more about other spaces fitted with Geometrik flooring?  Take a look at the portfolio images and read the reviews from happy advanced flooring solution customers.



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