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Tips for keeping your gym safe during the pandemic


COVID-19 pandemic has forced any gym and their users to deal with numerous challenges and restrictions. Hygiene and safety for sports centres is a priority to protect health and trust among athletes.

If we all chip in and exercise due care, going to the gym during the pandemic can remain safe.


How to ensure gyms meet pandemic hygiene and safety standards?

Since the pandemic hit, gym attendance has dropped, either because users no longer want to go or due to health authority mandates.

To reopen, cleaning and disinfecting all spaces is essential. Machines, equipment and the sports flooring: everything should undergo regular, rigorous sanitation.

Athletes will feel more at ease if they sense your gym is 100% safe to train in. Therefore, certain precautions should be considered when cleaning a gym at this stage of the pandemic.


7 Cleaning and disinfection tips for maintaining gym hygiene


1. Use appropriate materials

Cleaning detergents and utensils should be suitable and in good condition for the task at hand, without damaging the equipment. Cloths, mops and other materials should be washed and sanitised regularly. If damaged through use, replace them to ensure effectiveness.

As well as carefully selecting the products to be used, don’t use too much disinfectant and don’t directly apply the liquid on surfaces. Transfer it to a proper utensil and then use it on the equipment or flooring.


2. Pay attention to detail

Without due care, gyms can be risky during a pandemic. Door knobs, switches and any surfaces that large numbers of people touch can be infection hotspots. Therefore, disinfect them several times a day.


3. Make hand sanitiser available in various locations

In addition to gym entrances/exits, provide hand sanitiser dispensers in other spaces. This will remind users of the importance of regular hand hygiene and encourage use, thus reducing the risk of infection.


4. Encourage users to clean equipment after use

Create a culture of responsibility and awareness regarding hygiene and safety at your gym. After using training equipment, users should be responsible for cleaning it and the safety of others.


5. Perform regular, thorough cleaning in all spaces

When the gym is closed to the public, thoroughly clean the facilities. Remember that studies have shown that the virus can survive on certain surfaces for several hours. Regular cleaning helps to eliminate this risk.


6. Pay attention to critical areas

In a gym, certain areas are more at risk of contamination. We’re specifically referring to areas like:

  • Changing rooms and showers;
  • Locker areas;
  • Machine rooms;
  • Common areas;
  • Gym entrances/exits.

Cleaning should be even more thorough in these critical areas. Surfaces that people touch the most should be disinfected using effective products.


7. Create an outdoor space for exercise

Outdoor sports are often considered to be more enjoyable and safer. Conditions permitting, invest in an outdoor sports area. Take sports to the street simply by installing artificial grass flooring!


In a gym, it’s impossible to monitor all areas simultaneously to ensure hygiene measures are being complied with. Therefore, raise awareness among the whole team and gym goers themselves to follow the rules. Only through concerted action can the safety of all be ensured during the pandemic.


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