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Sports flooring to set up your home gym


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The pandemic forced many to change their fitness regimes. Gyms, CrossFit boxes and other areas for sport shuttered their windows, leading many to set up a home gym.

During lockdown, training at home or going for runs or walks outdoors became an excellent way to ensure both physical and mental health.

Even now that traditional sports areas are up and running again, setting up a home gym is an easy way to work out when you feel like it.


4 Benefits of having a home gym


Exercise at any time

An early bird wanting to get some training in? Fancy a Sunday evening session before hitting the sack? Your home gym is open 24/7, so work out when you want!

Most gyms have a set timetable. Training at home enables greater flexibility. Do exercise whenever you feel like it. This will probably increase how regularly you train.


Get the whole family involved

Swap Netflix evenings and video games for more entertaining, dynamic family-based activities. Encouraging children to do sport regularly is a great way to instil healthy habits.

Training as a team is also a fantastic way to motivate each other. Working out with others boosts enthusiasm and is more stimulating. A wider range of physical activities are also available, e.g. team games.


Optimise your time

Got some free time and want to let off some steam? Arrived home from work and want to unwind before picking up the kids? Having a home gym allows short training sessions, several times a day.

Instead of having to drive to the gym, put your kit on, work out, shower and go home again, just hit your home gym. This optimises time and means you can do exercise for longer.


Workout without others watching you

Some folks don’t like hitting the gym because they aren’t happy training with a lot of people watching them. Home gym workouts can be an extremely liberating experience for more reserved types.

Setting up a home gym means 100% freedom on multiple levels. Don’t worry about your clothes or footwear. Just use what’s comfortable. Listen to your favourite tunes and hit your home gym hard, without worrying what anyone else thinks about you.


Easy to install flooring for your home gym

Setting up a home gym only requires a small area and doesn’t need to be complicated. Set up a temporary space to exercise using easy-to-install sports flooring that can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

Whether you invest in a professional set up or train with equipment you have at home, sports flooring is essential. Going for the right flooring protects against falls and injuries while preserving joint health.

Proper sports flooring helps keep your home’s floor in excellent condition, preventing damage and scratches from falling weights or other equipment.

Geometrik’s best home gym flooring options are:


Alpha Tiles

This type of sports flooring is made of compact high-density rubber and sold in 1 x 1 m tiles. A thickness of 15 mm is recommended for home gyms.

Due to their density and composition, Alpha Tiles offer excellent shock and vibration absorption, and are easy to install.



Gymfloor is another excellent home gym option. This sports flooring, sold in 1.25 m wide rolls, is made of high-density, compact rubber. Black 6 mm thick rolls are the most popular options when setting up a comfortable, safe exercise space. For more stable flooring, use double-sided tape.



This is the perfect solution for exercises involving body contact with the ground, e.g. martial arts or similar. Tatami flooring is made of EVA tiles. The most popular option is 25 mm, in black or grey.

It has a puzzle lock assembly system and doesn’t require adhesives. This product is a versatile and easy to install/uninstall solution.


If you’re after top quality home gym materials, Geometrik has the answer! We have extensive sports flooring experience, offering the best options for setting up a safe home gym.



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