5 Marketing tips for promoting your gym!

The fitness sector is becoming more and more competitive, and it is not always easy to attract new customers to come and train with you. With this as our focus, we have selected a few marketing tips to help to promote your gym, whilst also keeping your members both happy and loyal.


Is advertising your gym worthwhile?

Have you already noticed that despite a great many new sports venues opening, not all of them have managed to stay open for very long? This is often down to a lack of investment in advertising for these businesses.

Even if a gym attracts a good number of members, there is no guarantee that these members can be maintained for a significant period of time. Attracting and retaining members, and building up a loyalty base can only be achieved as a result of continuous work and great dedication.

The wider society of today understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, Crossfit boxes and gyms are more than just mere fitness studios: sports enthusiasts are seeking out positive experiences that are new and exciting.

If you think that your gym can really contribute to improving people’s lives, highlighting the features which makes your business stand out is vital.

This article will outline 5 marketing tips to help you to promote your gym.


5 Marketing tips for promoting your gym


1. Take high-quality photographs of your space

Whether you decide to advertise online or using traditional formats, having good photographs of your gym is an essential marketing tip for ensuring good advertising. But be careful! Don’t take photos of your space when your members are present:

take photos before your members start arriving, for example, to achieve the best quality images. Make sure you focus on the smaller details, such as cleanliness and lighting, and

invest in your gym to create aesthetically-pleasing spaces. You can use artificial turf materials, or different-coloured rubber flooring tiles to divide up the training areas and give your space a more modern look.

Taking care to ensure the privacy of other members, you can also encourage your members to take photos of their training sessions and share them on social media. This will produce an effective form of promotion for you, with zero costs.


2. Build up a relationship with your members

Invest in your client relationships, starting with always addressing your members by their name. Knowing about their motivation and training objectives is also important so that you can track their progress.

Train your staff to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to these services. The aim here is to make sure that each and every one of your members feels special when they visit your gym, from the moment they step through to door to the moment they leave after their work-out.

You can also set up a dynamic contact system using communications based on email or SMS. This can be useful for promoting special events, or sending out important notifications or information about your gym.


3. Step into the digital realm

Digital platforms have evolved to become a vital communication channel for any modern business. Setting up a website or maintaining a presence on social media is the first step. Once you’re set up, you can use these channels to share information and grow your brand, maintaining a relationship with your current clients whilst also reaching out to new ones.

A good marketing tip for any gym is to run a blog on your website and to post articles relating to sports, fitness and healthy-living.

Social media are an ideal platform for sharing photos of your gym’s different spaces and activities, as well as the staff who work there.


4. Create content that is useful and high-quality

Once you have selected the communication channels you feel are most suited to your gym, you will have to decide what you will share with your followers. Sporadically posting content that has little to do with the activities of your business is not a good approach.

Create content that your target audience will find genuinely interesting and make sure that you share content regularly. If, for example, you think there is an on-going fitness trend relating to weight loss, you could post on topics related to the importance of a healthy diet.

This is a marketing tip that can yield good results for your gym. Try to always create original content and only use reliable sources when searching for information.


5. Put on promotions and offer discounts

To attract new members to your gym, setting up a campaign or offering some type of discount are highly-effective marketing strategies. Other examples of promotions that you could set up include:

  • Offering a free class to allow new potential clients to explore your space;
  • Offering a discounted monthly rate for new members who sign up for a whole year;
  • Creating a “bring-a-buddy” campaign so that your current members can help to generate new clients.

Promotions are an excellent way to attract clients to your gym, whilst at the same time offering good publicity for your space.


By applying these marketing tips that we have suggested, your gym is sure to see good results, and you’ll also be increasing levels of satisfaction amongst your members.

If you would like to learn about more tips on how to set up and maintain a training space in line with the very best standards, explore our blog and get up-to-date on the most recent developments.