The best floor for your martial arts studio

Would you like to set up a fitness space but can’t (or don’t want to) make a big investment? Create a martial arts studio can be an excellent option for you!

On the one hand, it is much simpler than opening a full gym, with a considerably lower investment. On the other hand, martial arts are very much in vogue and there is a huge variety of modalities and styles available.

This sports segment offers a wide range of services, suitable for any age, without the need for a large space.


3 Advantages of Creating a Martial Arts Studio


1. Suitable for all ages

Not only the younger ones are looking for this kind of sports. Martial arts are suitable for all ages and can even be practiced as a family activity. As long as there are no relevant physical limitations, anyone can benefit from the advantages of these sports. This means that the audience is broad, which can be a huge business advantage.

The results of practicing martial arts for health go far beyond the physical side. These activities help reduce stress, provide more self-confidence, self-control and improve self-esteem.


2. Low investment

Unlike a gym or other large multisport space, a martial arts studio does not require complex machines or equipment. The needs in terms of space and the number of trainers will depend entirely on diversity of styles you want to provide. The main investment will thus be the studio itself and above all a high quality floor.


3. High profitability

With good instructors and a space that provides safety and comfort to athletes, you can offer various types of classes. Karaté, Judo, Taekwondo and Krav Maga are just a few examples of what you can offer in your martial arts studio. The fact that they are usually group activities makes the martial arts area highly profitable.


The importance of choosing the best floor

For sports in general, choosing the right flooring always assumes enormous importance. Matching the floor to the type of sport it is intended for is essential. But in the case of martial arts, this choice is even more relevant.

In a sport that always involves hand-to-hand fight, falls are frequent. Additionally, athletes often practice barefoot and without major body protections. For all this, when setting up a martial arts studio, safety and comfort must be a priority. Choosing a floor capable of minimizing the risk of injury is essential.


Tatami main advantages

Tatami technical floor is suitable for all types of combat and self-defense. Due to its characteristics, it can also be used in indoor children’s spaces and places for relaxation and light exercise. Choosing this sports floor offers several advantages:

  • Comfortable and safe: Guarantees a high impact absorption rate, combining safety and comfort;
  • Non-Toxic: Made from EVA, this floor is completely free of toxic components;
  • Versatile and easy to install: The interlock system allows a simple and quick installation, easily adapting to any type of space;
  • Durable and easy maintenance: Thanks to its structure and composition, the tatami floor is easy to clean. It also has the advantage of being a reversible floor. This translates into high durability, which represents long-term savings.


When choosing the sports floor that best suits your needs, contact Geometrik professionals. Offering the best conditions to the users of your martial arts studio can be the key to success.