Artificial turf

4 Artificial turf options for your projects


Today a wide range of flooring options are available that can be installed on the most diverse surfaces. Artificial turf is one of them. Whether for playing sports or to decorate homes or business premises, an attractive turf is a highly sought-after solution.

Natural turf is highmaintenance, and therefore costly. This explains why artificial turf is increasingly one of the most popular choices for people seeking a surface with a natural appearance which remains attractive all year round.

Geometrik has different varieties of its Trail product, one of the best sellers. Demand for this article is constantly growing, thanks to the excellent quality of the materials it comprises of.


Trail artificial turf of your choice: 4 Geometrik Products

Before choosing the artificial turf that best suits your project, you should think about the needs of your flooring and the features you want it to include. You can then choose the product that guarantees you excellence.


1. CurledTrail

  • Its curled filaments provide stability, resistance and comfort;
  • Compact, versatile and high-density turf.

Recommended for: Venues for sports such as golf, functional training and working out.

Colours available: Green, black and other options upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 10mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


2. Trail15HD

  • Excellent quality-price ratio;
  • High resistance and durability.

Recommended for: Multipurpose sports venues, crossfit gyms, and padel and tennis courts.

Colours available: Green, blue, red and other options upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 15mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


3. SoftTrail

  • Soft touch for multipurpose use;
  • Comfortable and two-colour turf, affording it a more authentic natural appearance.

Recommended for:Artificial grass suitable to beautify the interior and exterior spaces of your home.

Colours available: Green and other options available upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 20mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


4. DecoTrail

  • Turf with an extremely comfortable texture;
  • Guarantees a natural appearance wherever it is applied.

Recommended for: The most comfortable solution for leisure areas, terraces and balconies, as well as hotels and gardens.

Colours available: Green and other options available upon order.

Roll dimensions: Thickness – 20/40mm | Width – 2m | Length – 20m


Main attributes of Trail artificial turf

1. Easy to apply and maintain

One of the main advantages of Trail artificial turf is that it is low-maintenance compared to natural turf, which needs to be watered and cut regularly.

It is a surface that is quick and easy to install. Based on the area to be surfaced, simply calculate the number of rolls needed and cut the product accordingly, opting for permanent installation (with glue) or temporary installation (with double-edged sticky tape).


2. Versatile and multipurpose

Trail artificial turf is easily adaptable to a wide variety of environments. The features of this turf adapt to outdoor and indoor areas, terraces and balconies, pavilions and outdoor school areas, leisure zones and sports facilities.

This flooring is safe both for children and for pets.


3. Resistant and durable

The Trail flooring solutions support adverse weather conditions. As it is resistant to UV rays, the artificial turf sold by Geometrik tolerates direct exposure to the sun. At the same time, its excellent drainage prevents the accumulation of water on rainy days.

Its filaments reduce friction and are resistant to products used to maintain swimming pools.


4. Natural effect

The Trail solution has features that provide an identical appearance to natural turf. Both its colour and the thickness and density of its filaments afford it the desired natural appearance and ensures an attractive final look.


Whether it is installed indoors or outdoors, to decorate a commercial venue or a sports facility, Trail artificial turf is a solution that guarantees an excellent final effect.

Do you want to know more about the potential of this product? Geometrik has all the information to help you on its website.


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