4 ideias para um espaço exterior único em sua casa

4 ideas for a unique outdoor design in your home


The arrival of sunny days and warm temperatures is also an opportunity to refurbish your outdoor area. Start the day with coffee outdoors, invite friends and family for barbecues and cocktails, give your children and your pets the comfort they need to play in the open air.

Using these ideas to create your own welcoming outdoor zone, you will be surprised at how easy it is to have a leisure area you can be proud of!


Ideas to transform your outdoor area


1. Carefully plan the area you intend to create

Start by clearly defining the aims and plan the area tailored to your needs If you have a swimming pool, highlight the area around it; you can also choose a zone with more plants, preferably sheltered from the sun, and organise a space for more natural meals.


2. Consider specific lighting for the area

The right choice of lighting will highlight your outdoor area, making it more intimate and practical.

Plan the location of the light sources and prepare the area to accommodate them. Install projectors in strategic places to light the whole zone, or opt for light curtains for a warmer environment; Let your creativity run free!

Light up the footpaths and trails, blending and playing with the temperature and colours of the lights, mixing up natural lighting options with practical and welcoming night lights.


3. Use garden and outdoor furniture

When planning your new area, a lot of attention should be paid to the choice of furniture and accessories.

Create a natural zone while maximising comfort. To do so, analyse the conditions and the needs carefully; if the climate allows it, consider using fabric, pillows and carpets to create a cosy environment.

Moreover, work on the layout and combine colours to emphasize more natural wood and grass shades, which you will certainly want to include in your new hideaway.

With a huge range of choices and options available, always focus on durable materials suitable for outdoor use, in order to preserve the furniture as much as possible.

Invest in modular solutions, allowing versatility and flexibility. This will not only reduce the maintenance requirements, but also increase the durability of your outdoor area.


4. Plants for a more natural appearance!

The best way to limit or delineate your comfort zone outdoors is by using plants and natural items.

Nothing matches the tranquillity and relaxation afforded by a natural looking environment. Therefore, put plants and flowers along the footpaths and trails to your outdoor area, or simply surround your table or chairs with natural items so that you feel you are immersed in nature.

If you do not have time for regular maintenance, opt for alternatives such as artificial grass.


DecoTrail artificial grass: perfect for outdoors

DecoTrail artificial grass stands out owing to its high resistance to wear and tear and UV rays, thus guaranteeing a long lifespan.

This synthetic grass surface is not affected by chemical products such as chloride, and is therefore perfect for zones near swimming pools. Create a zone with a natural appearance without having to worry about constant maintenance; your space will also remain green all year round, even in the dampest and the most frequented zones, and its roll format enables quick and easy installation, which you can do yourself!

Save hours of your precious time on maintenance tasks and spend more time doing what you love. Bring peace and tranquillity into your life and enjoy a dream outdoor area, created by you, for yourself and your loved ones.

Create your own welcoming outdoor area and get ready for the good weather and happy days spent with the family.

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