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Outdoor sports: Choose the best outdoor flooring!


With the good weather on its way, outdoor sports are looking far more appealing. Top quality outdoor flooring helps to make this experience even more enjoyable.

Dreaming of slipping on your running shoes and going for a jog? If so, you know full well what it’s like to run on a smooth, tailor-made running surface or a bumpy dirt track.

This holds true for all sports. Whichever exercise you do outdoors, the flooring always plays a big role in terms of athletes’ comfort, safety and well-being.

Durability is key when choosing the best outdoor flooring. That said, there are numerous other factors to consider.


What should you look for in outdoor sports flooring?

Indoor gyms always have far more protection than outdoor areas. Therefore, the materials used for all outdoor sports must meet other requirements and stand up to endless wear and tear.

Areas for all outdoor sports involve surfaces exposed to the elements, subject to multiple variables:

  • Sharp temperature changes;
  • Rain or snowfall;
  • Ice forming;
  • Direct exposure to sunlight;
  • Debris and dust accumulation.

Consequently, choosing outdoor flooring requires great care. When thinking about fitting an outdoor gym or CrossFit box, there are some factors to consider when choosing sports flooring:



The more versatile the outdoor flooring is, the wider the range of disciplines it can be used for. Alternatively, create different areas in the space using a range of materials or contrasting colours.


Traction-slide ratio

To ensure athlete safety, flooring must be anti-slip in the right places. For most sports, flooring friction helps to prevent falls and injuries.


Shock absorption

Compact rubber-based materials generally help absorb the shock from impact during exercise. By providing elastic resistance, these materials prevent athlete fatigue during running or different floor impact.



As outdoor physical conditions are far more testing and take a greater toll on the materials, durability is a key factor. Investing in high-quality products helps keep them in good condition for longer.


Ease of installation and maintenance

Installing and maintaining a space for outdoor sports shouldn’t require too much effort or time. Some options even enable temporary outdoor flooring, given their ease of assembly and disassembly.


3 Geometrik outdoor flooring solutions


1. Gymfloor

This rubber roll flooring offers excellent shock absorption to provide greater comfort for outdoor sports.

Gymfloor is anti-slip, extremely resistant and durable. Its user versatility enables the creation of multidisciplinary spaces.


2. Alpha RX

Alpha RX are high density rubber tiles, with excellent impact absorption. Their anti-slip properties help to minimise the risk of falls.

These tiles can be easily installed on any surface and removed afterwards, enabling the creation and customisation of temporary sports spaces.


3. Artificial grass: Trail15HD & CurledTrail

The perfect options for outdoor sports areas that look natural. With excellent drainage capacity, water doesn’t accumulate on the surface, meaning it can be used even in bad weather.

UV resistance allows it to keep its colour and characteristics over time. CurledTrail is a great option for dragging/hauling exercises, as the surface has low friction.


If you’re after a flooring solution for an outdoor gym or CrossFit box, look no further than Geometrik’s experience and quality. Learn more about the sports flooring solutions and pick the best one for your space.



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