6 Essential requirements of playground flooring

Playgrounds are becoming increasingly popular, especially in their indoor versions. Organizing such a space requires compliance with several requirements and safety is one of the most important. For this reason, the choice of flooring for a playground should be made with great care.


Playgrounds evolution

Play areas for the little ones have evolved considerably over the years. Today, these parks are thought out in detail, in order to provide them not only fun but also safety and comfort,

Indoor parks are increasingly popular, as they allow safe use, regardless of weather conditions. It is even possible to create temporary kids play areas at weddings, birthdays, beach areas, among many others.

From the equipment to the floor of the playground, everything must be studied to suit the needs of each case.


Playground flooring: 6 essential characteristics


1. Easy to assemble and maintain

Choosing rubber tiles flooring can be very advantageous. This type of tiles helps to facilitate the initial assembly of the space and also to simplify its maintenance. A good example is Geometrik safety tiles. They are quickly installed and can be replaced individually, in case of wear or isolated damage.

Artificial grass is also an excellent option. Thanks to its easy installation and maintenance, you can create a permanent or even temporary space that looks natural in the blink of an eye.


2. Toxic-free

Materials used in areas intended for children must be completely free of toxicity. For the flooring of indoor playgrounds, the tatami flooring, consisting of EVA tiles, is a safe option.


3. Safe

The floor of the children’s play area must guarantee the safety of all users. Given the frequency of falls in these enclosures, the thickness and the capacity to absorb impacts are extremely important. Even in indoor spaces, a non-slip floor is always safer.

In addition, it is important that the floor thickness is suitable for different space needs. For example, it is in the areas of maximum altitude of use of the equipment that the floor thickness must be greater.


4. Hygienic

To avoid the development of fungi and bacteria, a floor that is easily washable should be chosen. The structure of the safety tiles makes them permeable, which greatly facilitates their cleaning and hygiene.


5. Resistant

The intensive use of these spaces can lead to a rapid deterioration of the floors and compromise the safety of children. Choosing resistant floorings means that the playground will remain in good condition for longer.

You can apply a highly resistant coating from scratch or add a protective layer to the existing floor. SBR or EPDM rubber granules are two possible alternatives for this purpose. Always consult the best professionals and make the right choice.


6. Comfortable

The use of rubber-based materials adds elasticity to the floor, which contributes to a more comfortable use. On one hand, it minimizes the impact, preventing injuries in the event of falls. On the other hand, it reduces fatigue when running or jumping.


In short, the area of amusement parks for children has undergone enormous diversification. Currently, there are several types of solutions, indoor or outdoor, fixed or even removable, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The main concern that all these spaces must have in common is: safety.

At Geometrik, we are available to provide expert advice in this area. Find out about our floors and receive a free sample.




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