Rubber Flooring

7 Advantages of Gymfloor Roll Rubber Flooring


Choosing the best type of flooring for sports areas, rubber flooring can be a great choice. Each space has different needs, so it is extremely important to select the appropriate floor for each necessity.

Amid so many possibilities available in the market, the most important thing is knowing how to choose. For a good choice, knowing the characteristics, advantages and applications of each floor type is essential.


Gymfloor Roll – Recycled Rubber Flooring

Gymfloor Roll is a rubber roll flooring, composed of recycled rubber granules and colored EPDM dots. Aesthetically, it can come in a completely black and uniform version or with color dots.

In gyms, it is perfect to cover the floor of bodybuilding spaces, functional training, cardiofitness and group classes. It can even be used in high traffic areas, such as commercial spaces and common areas. Being extremely tough, versatile, comfortable, and safe, the Gymfloor Roll offers several advantages.


Advantages of Gymfloor Roll Flooring


1. Easy to install

Thanks to its roll format, the application of this rubber floor can be done simply and quickly. Available in different sizes and thicknesses, the Gymfloor Roll adapts to every space, regardless of its configuration or size.


2. Environmentally friendly

The rubber granulate that makes up the Gymfloor Roll comes mostly from recycling used tires. The recycle of end-of-life materials avoids waste thus helping to protect the environment. At the same time, offering the customer a cost-effective, high-quality solution.


3. Versatile

This is a floor that fully fits your needs. The inclusion of the colored EPDM dots enables customization to the customer’s taste and fits aesthetically anywhere. On the other hand, it comes in different thicknesses, which can vary between 4 and 12 mm. The versatility of this product makes it suitable for paving areas with very different sporting purposes.


4. Resistant

Gymfloor Roll is produced by the cold pressing of clean rubber granules with a PU binder (polyurethane). This process allows to obtain a compact and highly resistant material, with a flat and smooth finish. The resistance of this coating makes it very durable even in areas with intensive use.


5. Confortable

The fact that it is made of rubber gives this floor a unique elasticity and density. Its properties of sound insulation and shock absorption makes it perfect for fitness areas as an example. These characteristics, combined with its soft texture, guarantee excellent conditions of comfort to athletes, in various modalities.


6. Safe

Safety is a major concern in any sports venue. Thanks to its characteristics, this rubber floor is non-slip and shock absorbent, making it very safe. Its shock absorption properties protect the base floor when heavy object fall to the ground.


7. Economic

Using recycled materials in the production of the rubber floor, makes it a solution with an excellent quality-price relation. Its high strength gives it durability, another factor that represents savings in the medium/long term. On the other hand, the ease of application also avoids excessive expenses during the installation phase.


You should always look for the best solution for your sports space, depending on the intended use. Your decisions should be aimed for good management, but also for the best conditions to the users. In the case of Gymfloor Roll rubber flooring, its versatility and multiple advantages will surely make the choice easier!



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