Mark off gym zones with colored rubber flooring

Applying colored rubber flooring in your gym can do much more than just increase safety and comfort.

Gyms are increasingly all-purpose spaces that need to be constantly adapted to new modalities and trends. Fitness practices that are the in-thing today can quickly become outdated and replaced by others. So, choosing versatile flooring solutions capable of responding to what athletes are looking for has become mandatory.

For several reasons, the option of creating individual rooms or physical separations in gyms is not always possible. The costs are high and the necessary work can be time consuming, and will always cause some upheaval to the normal functioning of the space. In addition, with the growing need for adaptation, vertical divisions can be an obstacle to new layout proposals or sports activities.

An effective alternative may be to mark off different areas in your gym by applying different colored flooring. The use of contrasting colors to mark off different areas is enough to make the space more organized and appealing.


Advantages of Full Color colored rubber flooring

Full Color is a rubber flooring that can be easily applied in different types of sports spaces. It consists of EPDM rubber granules and a polyurethane binder. 

This flooring is available in a wide range of colors and in different thicknesses, easily adapting to the specific needs of each activity, in terms of color and resistance.

Its application by zones, in different colors, allows you to easily create different areas in your gym. This rubber flooring is an excellent sports flooring solution and offers multiple additional benefits.


Customized and versatile solution

Due to its variety of colors and thicknesses, the application of this flooring is fully adaptable to the needs of each space. The choice is yours: you can use the colors to mark off different sectors or just to improve the gym’s look.

As for the thickness, this can be adjusted according to the type of modality it is intended for (for example, group classes, functional training areas, or weightlifting). Full Color is suitable for a wide range of situations, which go beyond the sporting scope. It is a flooring which is suitable, for example, for swimming pools and spaces for children and commerce.


Resistant and comfortable

The Full Color rubber flooring, due to its properties, is highly resistant to impact and compression forces. Its elastic resistance also offers an anti-fatigue feature that makes it suitable for commercial spaces and common areas.

Due to its composition, this type of flooring contributes to the improvement of sound insulation. Additionally, its high resistance to UV rays allows it to be applied in outdoor areas.

In short, the characteristics of this rubber flooring make it possible to bring together comfort, resistance, and high sporting performance in just one material.


Fire resistant and safe

Everyone’s safety should be a priority in any sports area. In addition to the other advantages, this flooring allows you to increase the level of safety in your gym.

It is a highly fire-resistant product. Additionally, thanks to its composition, it has non-slip properties, which minimize the risk of falls and injuries.


The application of a colorful sports flooring is perfect for marking off different areas in wide spaces. Full Color is a practical and efficient solution that offers several advantages for your gym. Leave us your details and speak with our specialists.