4 Motivos para aplicar placas de borracha na sua box de crossfit

4 Reasons to apply rubber tiles in your CrossFit box


Opening a CrossFit box can be both exciting and challenging, requiring multiple decisions that will affect training quality for athletes.

Flooring is a factor that deserves close attention. It must ensure safety, stability, and comfort. Rubber tiles, such as Alpha RX, are some of the leading options. Install these tiles indoors or outdoors to protect the space, equipment, and athletes.


4 Advantages of rubber tiles


1. Ease of installation and maintenance

Simply lay them in the desired location. No glue is required to secure them to the floor. Consequently, the tiles are easy to replace when they wear out. They can also be used and reused to create temporary spaces in the box.

Maintenance and cleaning is extremely simple for this flooring. After removing any debris, just vacuum the surface for cleaning. To sanitise, use a mop or a floor scrubber with soft brushes. PH-neutral detergents are the most suitable.

Academia do Rosa’s Mário Rosa has seen first-hand how versatile Alpha RX are: “Easy to clean and no lint appears. The installation is very easy and the tiles, due to their weight, do not slide.” Ativ Academy’s José Diaz also highlights “the very simple installation” of the flooring.


2. Safety and comfort 

The high-density tiles have superb shock and vibration absorption capacity. Athletes therefore enjoy enhanced comfort during intensive training, as Francisco Porcel, from The Box gym, can confirm: “Great quality floors. They are very comfortable when putting your hands on the floor and fall and, when cleaned, they look as good as new. Good composition and impact absorption.

The non-slip flooring provides more stability and safety, minimises the risk of falls, and helps to prevent joint injuries. Rubber tiles can consequently be used for a wide range of exercises, from Olympic weightlifting to body conditioning and endurance.


3. Protection of the building and equipment

Using rubber tiles helps to protect the building. The high level of protection provided minimises damage to the original flooring, building structure, and equipment and enhances protection and durability for the training space which maximises your return on investment.

“Presently, I am very happy with the damping of this flooring, I had acoustic problems and I wished to keep my materials preserved” – Quentin Balfourier, CrossFit Chamalières


4. Longevity and endurance

The flooring’s longevity will depend on proper use and sanitisation. Regular maintenance is necessary and dragging heavy equipment such as sleds should be avoided. If these guidelines are followed, Alpha RX can last for years, maintaining the endurance and performance that athletes require, as Fran Rios of CrossFit Rack n’Rall found out in 2020: It has been 3 years since we bought the tiles for our CrossFit box and they are still in perfect condition.”

Rubber tiles are heat and moisture resistant and can be used outdoors without being damaged.


A CrossFit box is used for high-intensity sport and filled with a lot of equipment. Therefore, for everyone’s safety, the flooring selected must feature essential characteristics to maintain comfort and safety for athletes for years to come.



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