3 Reasons to apply rubber tiles in your crossfit box

When choosing your crossfit box flooring, rubber tiles are an excellent option. However, not all such coverings are the same! Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for quality professional solutions!

Crossfit boxes tend to be large spaces. If you’re after a uniform solution, high density rubber tiles are a great choice given their tremendous versatility. Whether you’re looking for a material to floor the whole space or just certain areas, Alpha Tiles are the ideal choice!

This Geometrik-designed flooring can be used indoors and outdoors. Installation helps to protect the space and equipment, enhancing user safety.


3 Advantages of Alpha Tiles rubber tiles


1. Easy installation and floor maintenance

Alpha Tiles are high density, compact and robust rubber granule tiles. The finish creates a smooth surface with low porosity, making maintenance and cleaning of the material easier.

To clean the floor, vacuum and clean regularly with a soft mop or a cleaning machine with soft brushes. PH-neutral detergents are the most suitable.

Alpha Tiles are sold as tiles to enable fast, easy installation. Application may be with or without glue, as tiles are enclosed within their perimeter.


2. Safety and comfort for athletes

With a fine granule finish, Alpha Tiles’ surface texture is smooth and extremely comfortable. Their shock and vibration absorption also affords above-average acoustic insulation.

Given their compressive strength and shock absorption properties, Alpha Tiles ensure user safety. Adaptable to a wide range of exercises, from Olympic weight lifting to conditioning and endurance.

This product’s anti-slip features guarantee excellent core stability, even when doing high point load exercises. This is extremely important in terms of safety as it minimises the risk of falls and injuries.


M8 Crossfit Espanha
M8 CrossFit – Spain

When U Want Fitness – Portugal
When U Want Fitness – Portugal


3. Resistant, durable flooring

Compact and resistant, the rubber tiles offer optimum levels of protection for floor and equipment alike. Therefore, the product significantly increases the durability of every component.

Note that as the rubber Alpha Tiles can be applied without glue, they can be moved and reused during their lifetime. This means one or more tile(s) can easily be changed due to wear and tear as time goes by.


A solid rubber floor must provide strength, safety and comfort. It should also ideally be durable and easy to install and maintain. The Geometrik Alpha Tiles flooring covers all the bases! Learn more and create a crossfit box with a stimulating environment for athletes.