Soundproofing: Advantages of recycled materials!


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Soundproofing is one of the main challenges that sports venues must face. In gyms and other training areas, applying solutions that solve noise issues is essential. In this article, be aware of some causes for this problem. Also find out how recycled materials can be part of the solution.


What is the origin of acoustic problems?

In order to understand what causes acoustic problems, it is necessary to understand its context. There are two main causes that can arise these difficulties in terms of sound insulation at sports venues:


The location of the spaces

The biggest population density is focused in large cities. Like other business areas, gyms tend to emerge near their target audience, that is, in urban centers. Thus, these spaces are forced to exist in residential areas and have the need to keep their noise levels low.


Physical activity is noisy

Music playing loudly is necessary to motivate athletes. People traffic, throughout the day, is constant in any major gym or training space. The very use of sports equipment causes noisy impacts, especially in high-intensity activities such as crosstraining. All these situations result in high levels of noise, both percussion and aerial.


What are the advantages of recycled materials?


1. Acoustic improvements

Recycled materials are ideal for improving soundproofing in sports areas. Thanks to their robustness, variety and elasticity, they are highly effective in this function. With only 8 mm of thickness, its high absorption capacity translates into a clear acoustic improvement of the spaces.


2. Price

The low price makes recycled materials increasingly sought-after solutions. Rubber rolls, for example, are made from end-of-life tires. This affordable, high-density material is an excellent solution to equip areas of bodybuilding, group classes and functional training.


3. Benefits for the environment

The recycled materials are made from used products, avoiding their waste. Recycling results in significant added value for the environment.


Practical use of recycled materials in soundproofing


Rubber roll flooring presents itself as a top solution at various levels. It is suitable for areas of traffic and intense movement of people, but also as a base floor for static equipment. Besides being extremely comfortable and safe, it contributes notoriously to the soundproofing of the spaces. Testing data indicates an improvement around 30% in the transmission of percussion and aerial noises.


Recycled rubber tiles are an optimized solution for more intense and high-load activities. The high density and elasticity, combined with a greater thickness, provides a significant attenuation of the impact vibrations. Its use translates into an improvement of about 56% in the transmission of aerial and percussion sounds. Compared with the rubber roll flooring, a superior acoustic improvement of 26% is obtained.

These improvements can lead to the elimination of noise (aerial and percussion) in the sports facilities and at the neighborhood. This translates, of course, into satisfied customers and neighbors! What more can you ask for in terms of soundproofing?


The alternatives we address in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Geometrik is a company specialized in sports flooring solutions, including recycled materials. Because two equal spaces doesn’t exist, they apply all their efforts in the search for the best solutions, customized for each client. Find yours too!



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