Soundproofing: How to keep noise levels low in your gym


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Gyms, studios, or CrossFit boxes are busy places, meaning lots of noise throughout the day.

Weights constantly dropping on the ground, training machines, classes, music, and conversations mean high noise levels. This not only annoys gym users and trainers, but the local neighbourhood too.

Therefore, strategies must be adopted not only to absorb impacts and vibrations, but also to reduce noise. This creates a more pleasant environment, improves gym goers’ experiences, and protects healthy relations with neighbours.


How to boost your gym’s soundproofing:


1. Install the right flooring

Vibration is a major problem for gyms. Using high-density rubber flooring is an excellent solution. Depending on the gym’s needs, tiles or flooring roll can be used. Therefore, where heavy weights drop on the ground, the flooring absorbs vibrations, stopping so much noise from spreading.


2. Soundproof machine bases

Gym machines cause some of the noise. Impact from running on treadmills makes them one of the noisiest machines. As speed increases, noise usually gets worse. Therefore, treadmills must be placed on a stable surface, such as rubber tiles, which cushion movement, ensuring a more comfortable run.


3. Reduce echo effects

Gyms often suffer from echoes. When surfaces are not properly prepared, sound bounces off and multiplies. Applying suitable cladding for both the flooring and walls is an excellent way to reduce echo effects and minimise gym user discomfort.

If possible, clad walls with materials providing enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation, such as wood panels or cork coverings. These options afford greater comfort to your gym and serve as decoration.


Tips for reducing noise in your gym?

✔️ Thoughtful organisation for rooms and timetables. Avoid scheduling noisy group classes at the same time, and next to yoga or pilates classes, which require more silence.

✔️ Control gym music volume, particularly at busy times.

✔️ Ask gym users to be respectful with the tone and volume of their voices. Noisy groups can be off-putting for gym goers training in quieter environments.

✔️ Regularly maintain the machines. Poorly oiled equipment results in annoying sounds for gym users, but this can easily be mitigated.

✔️ Go for quieter machines where possible. While a greater investment, it will pay off in the long run.


Having a space with less noise benefits everyone. Enhancing gym soundproofing can help build customer loyalty. After all, nobody likes training in a noisy, chaotic environment.

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