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Sports flooring: Make the right choice for your box!


Sometimes, the demand for the best equipment throws the choice of the sports flooring into the background. However, contrary to what it may seem, this is not the best way to act.

Planning the opening of a box can be as exciting as challenging. The focus is on the desire to create a comfortable space with all the characteristics and conditions for sports practice. But providing optimal conditions for athletes to spend the best time of their day depends on some key decisions.


Sports floors are not all the same!

Have you thought about that heavy “shoulder to overhead” you’re so proud of? In the amazing feeling of dropping the bar and feel the vibrations go up the body? That adrenaline rush in the moment the bar hits the ground? Yeah! The other classmates may not appreciate this situation that much. This is because, without the proper sports floor, their training ends up being affected by your moment of glory. Thus, selecting the right floor is of central importance to the quality of the training the box offers to its members.


Advantages of adapting the sports floor to the athlete’s needs:

  • Stability in every jump to the Plyo Box;
  • Safety when you are trying that PR you wanted for so long;
  • Enjoy the comfort of doing a power cleans  touch and go sequence. With the right floor, you won’t feel the impact on your body each time the bar hits the floor.


Good choices bring big savings!

The advantages of using proper flooring go beyond the comfort of the users. Your wallet also thanks it!

The constant impact of large loads on a floor without vibration reduction and dissipation properties will deteriorate the space. In fact, the entire surrounding environment (walls and ceiling) suffers from recurring vibrations. Over time, cracking can occur, which can lead to irreversible damage to the box structure.

In addition, your training equipment also benefits from a proper flooring solution. A floor without impact attenuation properties will have negative effects on the material. When the impact occurs, all that force will hit the base, bumpers and bar. The result is a reduction in the lifetime of all equipment subject to intensive use.


How to choose the best sports flooring?

Do you know which key features should be considered when purchasing the flooring solution for your box? Geometrik, which specializes in sports flooring, gives you the answer!

Rubber flooring has excellent vibration dissipation and energy restitution properties. This greatly increases the protection ratio of training equipment as well as the entire structure of the space. Rubber offers high density, good traction / slip ratio and high impact attenuation index. Therefore, these floors offer the stability and safety required to perform various movements.

High density rubber tiles, for example, offer several advantages. Measuring 1x1m, they are easy to install. On the other hand, they allow regular and individual replacement in the busiest areas. Thus, it is possible to maintain a quality floor without the need to make a large investment.


In short, making a proper choice of sports flooring is far from a matter of luxury. Rather, it is a responsible choice that will ensure the satisfaction of all those using the space. Feedback is unanimous: proper flooring greatly enhances the athletes’ experience!


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