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Group classes: How to choose the best sports flooring


Sports flooring is a critical factor in group exercise facilities, and there are a few basic requirements it should meet. Appropriate, high-quality materials can make all the difference to each athletes’ safety and comfort.


Benefits of group training

Some sports activities can be done individually or in groups. Group sports offer some benefits that can influence each athlete’s performance.


Increased motivation

Group exercise creates a different kind of energy, whatever the discipline. These classes inevitably generate a sense of camaraderie and interaction and also boost motivation. Group exercise works extremely well for those who struggle with the willpower to do sports.


More fun

People who exercise together in the same training room will inevitably enjoy the interaction it brings. After all, they’re all like-minded individuals, whether they’re working towards a healthier lifestyle or simply love what they’re doing. This creates a sense of camaraderie, which can even lead to good friendships. Training in a group is always more fun and makes any sports activity more enjoyable.


Healthy competition

When training in a group, we will unavoidably observe how others work out. This comparison breeds a certain level of competition, which encourages us to test or push our limits, something that can significantly benefit individual performance.


Essential features of sports flooring for group classes


Appropriate for the space

Perform a thorough needs assessment before selecting the best sports flooring solution for group classes. For example, consider the dimensions and configuration of the space, and the different disciplines it will support. The sports flooring must easily adapt to the requirements of each case and blend aesthetically into the surroundings.


Versatility and resistance

Group exercise rooms should be able to adapt to disciplines as diverse as Pilates, yoga or dancing. Always think in the long term and remember that a room used for Zumba classes could also be used for other sports. Versatility is vital when choosing sports flooring.

On the other hand, intensive use by several athletes at the same time will require more resistant materials. Choose a supplier you trust and who guarantees a premium quality product.


Comfort and safety

The flooring must also be high-traction and slip resistant and also be able to absorb moderate levels of impact. Opting for optimal shock absorption features will help minimise the risk of injury. Soundproofing materials also offer acoustic comfort during classes.


Homeflex: Quality vinyl sports flooring

Homeflex solution is a vinyl flooring that meets all the requirements of sports flooring for group classes without the use of equipment or free weights.  Homeflex incorporates both design and safety and can be quickly and easily adapted to any space.

Easy to clean and with low maintenance costs, Homeflex is ideal for creating a consistently clean and attractive space. The product is available in three standard colours, with more tones available on request.

The composition and structure of this sports flooring guarantee users greater stability and reduces fatigue. Also, its surface offers an optimal traction-slip ratio for safely practising a range of different sports. Homeflex is a multidisciplinary solution that guarantees comfort, safety, and high durability, perfect for group classes.



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