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Why is sports flooring so important for functional training?


Functional training is an extremely comprehensive discipline involving a wide range of exercises and equipment. Being such a broad practice, choosing the right sports flooring is crucial.

Functional exercises tend to use the athlete’s own body weight via squats, sit-ups, planks and push-ups. Certain equipment can also be included, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, rope and resistance bands.

With proper, professional instruction, and using the right accessories and suitable sports flooring, functional training is a safe discipline that offers users far-reaching benefits.


The main advantages of functional training

Functional training is not a universal practice following clearly defined rules, as is the case in other sports. If you were to ask professionals what functional training involves, you may well get a different answer from each person you ask.

That said, this training style has some common traits. Exercises are based on movement patterns, not muscle sets, which happens with weight training. Functional training works the whole body, and perhaps this is why the results are more visible.

As workouts are tailored to each individual, functional exercises help improve physical conditioning depending on specific needs and goals.

When done regularly, on suitable sports flooring, functional training dishes up several benefits:


Enhances body mobility

Exercises cover the whole body, training everyday movements and working the core. The techniques help to eliminate pain from poor posture and strengthen muscles and joints.


Helps prevent injuries

Body muscles gain overall strength, which ensures greater stability in all types of movements. This has the additional benefit of protecting joints against potential injury.


Boosts strength and flexibility

Certain exercises focus on strength and balance, using equipment or just by doing them on the sports flooring. This makes the whole body stronger and more flexible.


Slimming and toning

As high-intensity exercises feature in workouts, functional training burns loads of calories. Losing weight, toning your body and gaining muscle mass are among the benefits.


Sports flooring for functional training

As seen above, functional training doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of equipment, but having the right, high-quality sports flooring is a must.

Several exercises, including push-ups, planks and sit-ups, are done directly on the ground. As a result, this discipline requires sports flooring to meet a range of user needs. Sports flooring is a key factor in terms of safety, strength and stability.

Gymfloor is among the most popular solutions due to its resistance and versatility. This sports flooring is made of high-density rubber and is sold in rolls to fit any space. Its excellent shock absorption and sound-damping properties make it perfect for functional training.

Combine it with areas floored using CurledTrail artificial grass for a more comprehensive solution. Extremely resistant and aesthetically pleasing, this is the perfect option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Alpha RX, made from high-density rubber, are also suitable for this training discipline with their anti-slip and shock absorption features.


If you’re after top quality sports flooring solutions, seek a specialist. Geometrik boasts extensive experience in providing flooring for sports and leisure facilities.

What ever their needs, we offer our customers the best solutions, always focused on resistance, comfort and user safety.



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