best flooring for gyms

How to choose the best sports flooring for your gym?


In a gym, CrossFit box or other intensive workout venue, the flooring is a priority, as the safety and comfort must be guaranteed for the sportspeople using it  When making your choice, pay close attention to the venue requirements and the activities carried out there.

What should be considered?

1. Activities carried out

Before choosing the sports flooring you intend to install, make sure you clearly define the sports you will provide. Each sport may have specific requirements as regards the type of flooring.

A venue for yoga or pilates needs a different floor to a weight-lifting room. Consider the expected number of people in each area and whether machines or heavy equipment will be used.


2. Surrounding environment

Pay attention to the neighbourhood and the building that will house the gym!

If homes and commercial establishments are in the vicinity, or if the gym is in a building, choose a floor surface that reduces the propagation of vibrations and noise.

The thicker the rubber flooring, the greater the protection will be. Therefore, your neighbours will not be disturbed and the venue will be protected, even if the gym is on an upper level of a building.


3. Durability and comfort

The gym floor is subject to a high amount of wear and tear due to the jumping, weight-lifting and moving of equipment. That is why it is essential to make sure the floor provides protection against the dropping of heavy loads, preventing damage to the equipment, the surface and the structure of the building.

Rubber flooring comes in different thicknesses and it is the most resistant material for these activities. It provides the comfort and safety that people need by reducing the impact on the joints and preventing injuries.


4. Stability and safety

When choosing the materials to line the floor, you also need to take into account the degree of adherence and stability.

These factors are essential as they minimise the risk of falls. Furthermore, remember that the machines and equipment should be in a safe and stable location so they cannot move or fall down.


5. Installation and maintenance

Whenever planning construction work it is normal to worry given the associated difficulties. Hence, you should try to choose options that adapt to your needs, which are easy to install and do not require specific tools.

Moreover, on special occasions it may be necessary to create temporary installations, which will only be possible if the floor is not glued to the surface. Flooring that does not require glue is the answer to this problem.

In venues that are used every day by several people, dirt will naturally accumulate. Therefore, choose a sports flooring that is easy to clean and wash, as cleanliness is one of the most important factors for customer satisfaction.


6. Versatility

To give a more welcoming appearance to your gym, combine different flooring options in the same room. This will allow you to organise different activities simultaneously. For example, consider installing a rubber flooring alongside artificial grass. It will retain the comfort and safety required for working out and create a pleasant environment.


Sports flooring options

After assessing your needs, you can see what sports flooring options are available and make your choice(s).

Rubber flooring comes in a roll or panels, and can be installed in practically all venues, both indoors and outdoors. The rubber provides the absorption needed to guarantee safety and comfort when doing the most demanding activities in gyms and CrossFit boxes, as well as being easy to install and clean. Thanks to its high degree of acoustic insulation you will not be bothered by noises coming from the air, the equipment or falling weights.

EVA panels, such as Tatami, are the ideal solution for martial arts or self-defence venues. Easy to install, their puzzle layout allows you to create temporary and dynamic spaces. But more importantly the high impact absorption reduces the risk of injuries when falling – safety above all else!

For rooms that provide group activities such as yoga, dance or pilates, vinyl flooring, should be considered for the reception area and even the changing rooms. Homeflex has a click-fit system, making it easy to install. It also has high resistance to humidity, which means it can be installed in damp places such as bathrooms. Similar in appearance to wood, it has an underlay that provides greater comfort than other vinyl floors.

Artificial grass can be used as a decorative item, but also as a surface for high-intensity sports. It allows the creation of more dynamic venues, indoors or outdoors, providing the comfort and the ability to slide for training activities and movements.

Selecting the best sports flooring for your gym depends on your needs. Be sure you make the right choice for the venue you have in mind. At Geometrik we provide all the support and advice you need to make the right choice.



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