How to choose the best sports flooring for your gym?

The first step when setting up your gym or fitness area should be choosing the most suitable sports flooring. Several factors should be considered at a later stage, but start with the flooring.

Irrespective of the surface area, number of sports and equipment available, investing in quality sports flooring is always a smart idea.


What makes sports flooring selection so important?

Making the right choice when it comes to fitness area flooring will make users happy and keep them coming back for more. Put simply: providing athletes with comfort and safety enhances their experience and keeps them satisfied. This also helps to entice new customers to your gym.

Three main factors should guide your selection of sports flooring to install:


1. Hygiene

Hygiene, always a key factor in running a gym, has become even more important during the pandemic. Look for flooring solutions that are easy to clean and sanitise to keep the space impeccable at all times.


2. Friction

When choosing materials for flooring, consider the traction-slip ratio or degree of friction. Sports flooring with a degree of friction helps to prevent sports injuries because it minimises the risk of falls. This factor is also important as it gives machines and equipment more stability.


3. Resistance

Gym flooring must match each area’s specific requirements, but generally should be durable and resistant. As well as offering a safe, comfortable surface for sports, the flooring must also withstand a great deal of heavy equipment and machines.


What kind of sports flooring should you have in your gym?

It all depends on the gym’s overall goals and range of activities offered. Geometrik sells a wide range of products to meet your needs.

  • If you are looking for a versatilesolution that can be easily applied in almost any area, high-density rubber tiles are an excellent choice.
    Geometrik offers Gymfloor, a flooring roll, or Alpha Tiles. Both are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and are extremely easy to install.
  • For more specialised sports, such as martial arts or self-defence, install Tatami, flooring made from high quality EVA tiles.
  • For group classes such as Yoga, Dance or Pilates, Multiflex is a versatile vinyl floor roll, perfect for such activities.
  • For changing rooms and reception areas, consider installing Homeflex, also vinyl, with a click system and highly resistant to humidity.


3 Good reasons to choose Geometrik solutions


Diversity of choice

Geometrik stands out by offering a wide range of solutions for sports flooring, commercial spaces and even playgrounds. We have multiple solutions to meet each area’s needs, without having to use different suppliers.


Premium quality materials

The quality of the raw materials used to manufacture sports flooring directly affects their resistance and durability. Quality comes first at Geometrik, because we know this is the only way to guarantee our customers’ safety.


Extensive market experience

Having operated in the sports flooring market since 2012, Geometrik has worked on several projects, covering not only sports, but also flooring for commercial spaces and leisure areas. We bring our know-how to support customers each step of the way, and always recommend the best solutions.


Don’t take any chances with the flooring for your gym or sports area! Come and learn about the wide range of flooring solutions Geometrik has to offer. Choose Geometrik’s quality, diversity and experience.