revêtement de sol sportif

Geometrik: Easy to install sports flooring!


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Geometrik offers a wide range of sports flooring solutions to meet each space’s specific requirements. By choosing the most appropriate sports flooring and with the proper preparation work, installing these floors is extremely simple.


7 Tips for perfect application results

  1. Before installing any sports flooring, ensure the base is completely dry, clean and free from deformations;
  2. For roll sports flooring, after unrolling, the flooring needs a resting time of at least 24 hours to allow it to flatten out and acclimatise to the room temperature;
  3. Planning is essential. Thoroughly measure the space before installation so the flooring cuts and adjustments are accurate;
  4. Estimated glue consumption is approximately 1 kg per m2 of flooring when installing with glue;
  5. If an underfloor heating system is available, switch it off 24 hours before installing the flooring and wait 7 days before turning it on again;
  6. When using bi-component glue, the mixture lifespan is between 20 to 25 minutes. Mix the glue in small quantities while installing the floor, using a suitable mixer;
  7. Flooring should be installed at room temperatures between 15 o C and 25 o C, which should never drop below 0 o C when the glue is drying.


Extra Geometrik tip

To test floor moisture levels before installing the sports flooring, use plastic applied to the whole base to be covered. To ensure full watertightness, close the ends with adhesive tape. The floor will only be ready for sports flooring installation when the plastic is completely dry after 24 hours. Repeat the test until this happens.


Geometrik sports flooring: Versatile and easy to install



 High density compact rubber roll sports flooring. The Gymfloor solution is extremely versatile and perfect for use in areas with heavy traffic.

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 Two installation options:

  • Double-sided adhesive tape application (only indoors), enabling Gymfloor reuse and bottom layer recovery;
  • Glue application (indoors and outdoors).


Alpha Tiles

Compact, high-density rubber sports flooring (tiles). Effective shock and vibration absorption.

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 Two installation options:

  • Non-glue application (enables Alpha Tiles reuse);
  • Glue application.



 EVA sports flooring (in jigsaw mats). Designed for sports with frequent contact with the ground, such as martial arts or self-defence.

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (the latter on a temporary basis, weather permitting).

 Has a practical, puzzle lock assembly system, with no glue required. Tatami tiles can be easily and quickly installed and uninstalled at any time.


Trail15HD and CurledTrail 

highly-resistant artificial grass rolls. Adjusts to different sports and leisure uses.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Installation varies depending on whether for indoor or outdoor use. However, whenever spaces are used for sledging, the grass must be fully glued.


  • Glue application (recommended for permanent installations);
  • Double-sided adhesive tape application (recommended for temporary installations, as it enables bottom layer recovery and artificial grass reuse).


  • Glue application on cement layers;
  • Glue application on canvas junction on rammed earth/gravel layers.


To achieve perfect results with Geometrik flooring solutions, proper planning is key. To start, measure and adjust the sports flooring to each space’s characteristics. Then follow the technical instructions to ensure easy, smooth installation and a perfect finish!



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