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Sports flooring for outdoor fitness areas


Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly trendy. This may explain why more and more outdoor spaces for physical activity are popping up. Due to their outdoor nature, higher quality sports flooring and first class materials and equipment help to ensure enhanced resistance and durability.

These multi-purpose outdoor sports areas are usually equipped with stationary exercise machines, becoming small-scale outdoor gyms. Numerous such spaces also feature surrounding areas that serve as playing fields and other similar roles.    

Located in parks, gardens or publicly accessible leisure areas, these spaces are increasingly in demand and offer a decent alternative to traditional gyms. However, strict safety requirements must be met in terms of construction and assembly.


How to create a multi-purpose outdoor sports area

To make the best use of the available area, such spaces tend to combine different fitness formats. In many cases, children’s playgrounds are built alongside sports facilities. This helps to promote sports for all ages as well as family life.

Alpha RX are an excellent option for sports areas. As well as being simple to install, these rubber tiles are highly resistant and offer safety and comfort for users.

Trail Artificial Grass is another option for flooring these spaces. This versatile, easy-to-install sports flooring is sold in rolls. Aesthetically, this solution also blends with the space’s landscape, and can be used to floor the whole area, or only on the playing fields.


3 Essential characteristics of sports flooring for outdoor gyms



Considering these fitness spaces are outdoor, it goes without saying that the sports flooring plays a key role. Both Alpha RX and Trail Artificial Grass are made to last. Maintenance is easy.



Wet surfaces in particular can lead to falls and injuries, always a concern for all forms of physical activity. Rubber sports flooring, such as the high-density Alpha RX, offers additional safety to users due to their permeable, anti-slip qualities.

Trail Artificial Grass has a high drainage capacity, preventing puddles from forming when it rains.



Rubber-based sports flooring offers quality acoustic and shock absorption. Rubber is therefore the best flooring material for outdoor gyms and playgrounds.

Their elasticity helps to ensure comfort in these areas and reduces user fatigue.


Creating multi-purpose spaces for sport is an excellent way to promote healthy habits and help combat sedentary lifestyles. As such areas are usually open to the public, athletes but also other members of local communities can use them.

The sports and leisure facilities should be designed and built with quality materials to last a long time and meet everyone’s needs.

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