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Sports flooring: Why invest in quality?


Setting up a gym, crossfit box or another space for doing exercise almost always means a major investment. After buying or renting the right location, sports flooring, machines and equipment must be installed. Permanent expenses for licenses, insurance and human resources are also required, so prepare for these outgoings too.

When setting up a gym, it’s often tempting to go with cheaper solutions to save a little cash. However, it might not be a good idea in the long run.

When choosing sports flooring, there are some options that may help you save without compromising on quality.


3 Ways to save long-term when selecting sports flooring


1. Go for versatile solutions

If at the outset your budget doesn’t cover fitting out several rooms and having spaces exclusively dedicated to each discipline, look for a versatile solution. Create multifunctional spaces and tailor these to each activity’s needs.

The market already offers extremely versatile sports flooring solutions which are suited to different fitness styles. Gymfloor sports flooring is a fine example: its characteristics adapt to different activities, such as group classes, weight training and functional training.

Homeflex is a decent option if you’re planning to use a room for different group classes. This vinyl flooring solution is extremely comfortable and resistant, ideal for dancing, pilates, yoga, etc.


2. Choose materials that enhance your long-term ROI

For spaces requiring higher levels of shock, impact and vibration absorption (e.g. crossfit or weightlifting rooms), Alpha RX are the best option.

These high-density rubber tiles offer athletes enhanced levels of protection and much more. They also protect the base, building structure and training equipment, extending your long-term ROI.

Durable, high-quality materials enhance performance and boost your space’s safety. Choose the best solutions and ensure an effective cleaning and maintenance routine in your gym. This is the best way to make long-term savings.


3. Install the flooring yourself

If you select easy-to-install flooring solutions, you can set up the sports flooring without having to hire an expensive external service. Geometrik has several options that can be assembled and disassembled effortlessly, and reused whenever necessary.

For example, Tatami mats are easy to install using a practical jigsaw system. When you no longer need them, simply disassemble and store until the next use.

Trail artificial grass can also be temporarily installed indoors using double-sided adhesive tape. It can be easily removed and then reused at any time.


Invest in quality, choose Geometrik!

Installing sports flooring made with poor quality materials, density and thickness is not smart business. Although the initial purchase cost may be lower, it turns out to be more expensive in the long run. The flooring tends to suffer from wear and tear more quickly, and must be replaced.

To sell at a lower price, these flooring options are usually thinner and softer, with lower resistance. This increases the risk of injury for athletes and may damage the underlying base or even sports equipment.

Since 2012, Geometrik‘s flooring solutions have offered premium quality in the sports and leisure flooring market. Made with durable, high-quality materials, these solutions are easy to install and extremely versatile.


Investing in quality means a better experience for people using sporting venues and represents long-term savings. Learn more about Geometrik sports flooring and find the best solution for your needs.



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