Tatami: A sacred space for martial artists


Tatami is sports flooring specially designed for disciplines such as martial arts. To meet the needs of activities of this nature, which see frequent body contact with the floor, Tatami is an ideal, safe solution.


What do martial arts involve?

Martial arts are seen as cultural expressions of great historical significance. Their origins have been lost over time. These disciplines combine a set of rules and traditions that apply for training and combat.

Such practices have generally evolved from ancient warfare techniques. Almost all have Oriental roots. The objective is to work on individual physical skills to enhance self-defence.

However, contrary to what one might think, these practices are not limited to physical work and are not violence-oriented. Martial arts often include psychological and sometimes even spiritual elements, in a quest for physical and mental balance.

This duality of mind and body, and the strong values of honour and respect, make them so fascinating, drawing in devotees of all ages.


Tatami: A natural choice for martial arts

Both for training and combat, martial arts involve close contact between students and falls are common. Furthermore, a lot of training takes place on the ground in numerous disciplines. Martial artists almost always train barefoot and without great physical protection.

For all these reasons, flooring for training must meet several key requirements to provide total safety for students. Tatami is Geometrik’s flooring solution for such requirements.


5 Benefits of Tatami flooring

Given its characteristics, Tatami flooring is the perfect solution for training all types of martial arts. The EVA rubber tiles are so safe that the material can also be used as flooring in children’s spaces.

Tatami provides significant advantages:

  1. Safe: Its balanced density absorbs impacts and prevents injury. Its composition is 100% free of toxicity.
  2. Comfortable: It’s padded and so provides an extra dose of comfort and greater stability for athletes.
  3. Adaptable: Geometrik sells Tatami as jigsaw mats, so they can be nicely adjusted to different spaces and layouts.
  4. Easy to install: The practical puzzle system allows extremely easy installation through a manual locking technique.
  5. Versatile: The Tatami tiles are reversible and can be used for temporary indoor or outdoor facilities (the latter in good weather).


Set up your martial arts training hall with Tatami

Tatami is the ideal sports flooring for any martial arts training hall. This solution offers the perfect balance between strength and comfort through the thickness of the EVA tiles. Padded and 100% free from toxic materials, it’s ideal for preventing injuries and providing safety and stability for martial artists.

Suitable for indoor use, Tatami can also be used outdoors in good weather. For martial arts demonstrations or similar events, simply lock the tiles needed and take them apart again after.


If you are after a solution to create a safe space for martial arts, tap into Geometrik’s experience and learn more about our Tatami!



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