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SoftTrail Artificial Grass: green spaces all year round!


Having a permanently tidy, pristine green lawn is easy to do and maintain using cutting edge artificial grass solutions.

The market now offers multiple flooring options almost perfectly imitating natural grass. The colour, thickness and density of the filaments used help to create a natural effect and provide greater comfort for users.


Natural or artificial grass?

Using natural grass to create and maintain an evergreen lawn is no simple task. It requires a suitable space, good soil conditions and adequate sun exposure. Additionally, a tidy, pristine lawn demands devoting much of your time to activities such as watering, weeding and controlling any pests.

Despite the aesthetic beauty and comfort that natural grass brings to an outdoor space, not everyone has the time or knowledge to make this a practical solution. Artificial grass alternatives are therefore becoming increasingly fashionable, affording similar benefits to natural grass but without the extra work required.

Artificial grass also results in long-term cost savings by avoiding the maintenance expenses of a traditional lawn.

If a pristine natural lawn is out of the question, artificial grass might be the answer you’re looking for.


SoftTrail Artificial Grass: Create a lawn in any space

Having a lawn on a terrace or balcony at home no longer means watering, fertilising and gardening. With SoftTrail artificial grass, simply install and enjoy a comfortable, natural-looking surface outdoor and indoor.

Attractive, long-lasting and simple to apply and maintain, artificial grass has become an extremely easy way to create different areas in your home and outdoors. It is also an excellent option for commercial spaces seeking original decoration more in tune with nature.


4 Benefits of artificial grass

Artificial grass is a popular option for patios, gardens, terraces and balconies. Manufactured with high quality materials, it can also be used for sports venues or commercial areas, outdoor and indoor.

Here 4 benefits of SoftTrail artificial grass that explain its popularity:



Trail artificial grass easily adapts to all needs and outdoor or indoor areas. Its drainage properties and UV resistance make it suitable for any outdoor space, ensuring excellent conditions all year round.

Sold in roll format, simply measure the area to be floored based on your needs.



A solution designed to withstand bad weather. Its drainage prevents water accumulation during heavy rain. UV-radiation resistant, its appearance doesn’t change even if exposed to direct sunlight.

Trail artificial grass also withstands products used for swimming pool treatment, so can be used in such areas.


Easy application

If you want a permanent installation, SoftTrail artificial grass can be used in line with the underlying flooring’s characteristics.

For temporary installations, simply lay it in the desired space or use double-sided tape to secure it. This enables the grass to be removed effortlessly at any time, and the original surface to be restored.


Easy maintenance

After installation, artificial grass doesn’t need special machinery or products for cleaning and maintenance.

When outdoor, just remove leaves or larger debris from the surface and use water, via a hose, to remove any accumulated dust or dirt.


As this type of flooring has evolved, several options have emerged on the market, some with an extremely natural appearance. SoftTrail artificial grass is produced using high quality materials, making it more resistant and durable, perfect for creating green spaces indoors or outdoors.



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