vinyl click flooring

Homeflex vinyl click flooring, the ideal solution for indoor spaces


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Geometrik Homeflex vinyl click flooring is a practical, versatile solution for indoor spaces.

Vinyl click flooring is extremely flexible, boasting a number of features that make it the perfect solution for homes and commercial spaces. Typically designed to mimic wooden flooring, this solution is much easier to install and maintain than wood.

Learn more about the properties and advantages of Homeflex, a vinyl flooring solution developed with Geometrik quality.


Explore Homeflex, vinyl click flooring with multiple applications

This vinyl click flooring is made with SPC composite (stone and plastic based) and has a polyethylene foam underlayer. Its composition ensures humidity-resistant, non-slip flooring. It can therefore be deployed in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, and stay in tip-top condition.

Its polyethylene substrate means an underlay is not required, and provides extra comfort and enhanced soundproofing.

Homeflex is sold in rectangular tiles measuring 22.86 x 121.92 cm. The click system enables glue-free installation in practical, rapid fashion.

Lightweight and easy to install, Homeflex is ideal for quick application and perfect results.


4 Advantages of Homeflex vinyl click flooring


1. Versatility

Homeflex’s properties enable installation in all types of indoor spaces. For instance, this vinyl click flooring can be used in commercial spaces, offices and gym common areas. It is also suitable for cladding any room in a house, even areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Homeflex is available in various colours, making it ideal for multiple different environments and décors. This flooring adds elegance to any space, mimicking a wooden floor, with no gaps or deformations.


2. Resistance

Given its composition, Homeflex offers a long-lasting surface finish, staying in perfect condition for longer. This flooring solution features surface protection treatment, adding enhanced resistance.

Suitable for intensive domestic use, the flooring stands up to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, such as moving furniture and pets.

Its waterproof properties add protection from water, preventing stains.


3. Easy maintenance

Homeflex can be installed directly onto pre-existing surfaces such as ceramics, cement or brick if properly levelled. Therefore, no time-consuming works are required, enabling fast and clean renewal for any space.

After practical installation, this flooring solution is easy to maintain. Homeflex click flooring can be regularly swept or vacuumed, then cleaned with conventional products and utensils.


4. Security

All materials potentially installed in wet areas must comply with strict safety requirements to prevent falls and injuries.

Homeflex offers a safe, non-slip vinyl flooring solution. It’s also fire resistant, enhancing safety where installed.


If you’re after versatile, durable and safe flooring to renew a home or commercial space, Homeflex might be the answer you’re looking for. Quickly and easily change the appearance of any indoor space, achieving sophisticated results.

Trust the quality of Geometrik’s products, receive advice from our pros and explore this vinyl flooring’s full potential.



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