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Vinyl flooring: For all rooms in your home


Vinyl flooring is the perfect lining for any indoor area of your home. This kind of flooring has a series of features that explains why it is increasingly in demand for residential purposes.

Geometrik, a flooring specialist, sells Homeflex vinyl flooring, a practical solution with an extremely simple glue-free installation system.


What is Homeflex vinyl flooring made of?

The secret of its properties in terms of durability and comfort lies in the composition and structure of the material. Its upper layer comprises Stone Polymer Composite (SPC), which combines the endurance of stone and the comfort of vinyl.

The under-layer of the Homeflex vinyl flooring is made of polyethylene foam, which makes it more comfortable and endows it with acoustic insulation.

Providing anti-slip, waterproof and with anti-fire protection, Homeflex is the perfect and safe lining for all indoor areas.


3 Reasons to install Homeflex vinyl flooring in your home


1. Easy to install and maintain

One of the reasons Homeflex vinyl flooring is so popular is its simple installation system. Sold in plaques, they fit together using a practical glue-free click system.

Moreover, it can by laid directly over the previous surface and is ready to use. It is easily maintained, with no special requirements.


2. Adaptable to any room in the home

Homeflex can be used as the flooring for any room in your home. The material is moisture-resistant, so it can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Simply choose the shade that best suits the decoration in each zone of your home. The colours available are neutral, such as soft greys or browns, which makes for a harmonious finish.


3. It is a strong and durable floor.

The lining is aesthetically very pleasing, as it has the appearance of a wooden floor. Homeflex is waterproof, meaning it avoids the formation of stains. The surface is treated to protect it from wear and tear and any scratching.

Therefore, this surface is extremely durable as flooring, even when subject to intensive use.


Give your home a makeover with Homeflex

If you would like a simple and quick makeover for any area of your home, Homeflex can be the answer. Sold in individual rectangular plaques, which are easily fitted together, this flooring is light and easy to install on top of the previous surface.

Hence, in very little time and without getting dirty, you can have a wooden floor effect to lend your home a touch of elegance.

Forget about slow and complex building work. Seek free-of-charge advice from Geometrik to find out more about the benefits of vinyl flooring.


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