How to create the best weightlifting platform in your gym

In addition to the bars and weights, the weightlifting platform is mandatory equipment for the practice of this modality. Individually at home, in gyms, or in crossfit boxes, weightlifting has been gaining a large number of fans. As it works several muscles of the body, it is a very complete exercise which is not limited to strengthening just the arms and legs.

Weightlifting (or weight training) is a highly effective sports practice for strengthening the whole body. Official weightlifting competitions are known to have started in the late 19th century, however, the origin of this modality has been lost in time, with records of its practice dating back to the oldest civilizations.

Weightlifting is probably one of the oldest sports in human history. Today, it is based on a  rigorous set of movements which intensively work almost all the muscular system.


The importance of an appropriate weightlifting platform

It is common for the athlete, when weightlifting, to easily drop the bar on the ground, causing a huge impact. For this reason, the sports flooring on which the exercises are carried out is of added importance. Apart from resistance, the chosen flooring must have good shock and vibration absorption.

An appropriate weightlifting platform is therefore one of the essential requirements for this type of sport. As such, this flooring solution must guarantee stability and, above all, safety for anyone doing these exercises in order to avoid serious injury.

At Geometrik, we are dedicated to the creation of sports flooring designed to provide the ideal conditions for the practice of complex exercises with heavy loads. The weightlifting platforms and muscle strengthening spaces are part of our portfolio.

A plywood structure – Woodlifting – which is highly resistant, is applied in the central area intended for weightlifting. Its additional coating offers perfect conditions for traction-slider exercises for the athlete’s greater comfort.

High-density rubber tiles Alpha Tiles – especially developed for shock and vibration absorption are applied in the side areas. These also help to minimize noise, contributing to a more comfortable experience for all users of the space.

Due to the increased needs that each space may require, there are also other sublayer solutions that can be applied in order to improve levels of isolation and protection.


To sum up, weightlifting is one of the most demanding activities in terms of equipment and flooring. Quality material and an appropriate weightlifting platform are mandatory in any space intended for this sport.  Talk to our experts  to find out more.