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How to be a successful flooring installer

A flooring installer is always a busy man and at times it is difficult to organise the workload successfully. To save time, manage customers and projects and have access to the best materials, it is important to have a reliable partner.

Aware of these needs, at Geometrik we keep track of and aid our flooring installer partners by using a customised plan. Thanks to this close collaboration and efficient support, the installer can put more focus on his customers and doing what he does best.


The daily life of a flooring installer

It all begins by finding new customers and assessing their specific needs.

Usually, a visit is booked to the premises where the floor will be installed to analyse the conditions of the location and respective dimensions. After the quote has been approved, the materials arrive and the installation project can begin.

Between travelling to the work sites and the floor installation itself, little time is left for the professionals to suitably manage their tasks and other potential projects.

This lack of time means new contacts are sometimes not followed up properly. As such, potential customers and projects and good work opportunities may be lost.

A flooring installer therefore can gain a lot by establishing partnerships with companies in the sector who have knowledge and experience in the market.


5 Benefits of being a Geometrik partner

We are a company that sells flooring for sports facilities, commercial premises and residences. Firmly established in the European market, we offer a set of benefits to our partners that can be crucial for their success:


1. Customised quotes

We provide quotes tailored to each project, based on a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs and the particularities of the location. Therefore, we can optimise the quantities needed and select the most suitable products.


2. Material delivery service

We deliver the material directly to the site where the floor will be installed, saving time for the installer.


3. 3D Projects

We draw up 3D projects to provide a better quality service to the customer. We also provide full support for project organisation and management, alongside the floor installer.


4. Commercial management servicespartners, 

Whenever necessary, we can interact directly with our partners’ customers to help with the commercial side of their business. We will clarify any doubts and outline the benefits of the different Geometrik solutions.


5. Business opportunities

By belonging to our network of certified installers, our installer partners can benefit from new business opportunities. Many of our customers request the installation service for our flooring.


To sum up, at Geometrik we can help you get the most from your portfolio of projects! We work with our partners in close collaboration, so that all parties get the best service possible.

If you work, or would like to work as a flooring installer, find out how you can build a successful career in partnership with us!


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Sports flooring for outdoor fitness areas

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly trendy. This may explain why more and more outdoor spaces for physical activity are popping up. Due to their outdoor nature, higher quality sports flooring and first class materials and equipment help to ensure enhanced resistance and durability.

These multi-purpose outdoor sports areas are usually equipped with stationary exercise machines, becoming small-scale outdoor gyms. Numerous such spaces also feature surrounding areas that serve as playing fields and other similar roles.    

Located in parks, gardens or publicly accessible leisure areas, these spaces are increasingly in demand and offer a decent alternative to traditional gyms. However, strict safety requirements must be met in terms of construction and assembly.


How to create a multi-purpose outdoor sports area

To make the best use of the available area, such spaces tend to combine different fitness formats. In many cases, children's playgrounds are built alongside sports facilities. This helps to promote sports for all ages as well as family life.

To ensure optimal safety conditions for the little ones, Safety Tiles are a good choice for flooring such areas. Alpha Tiles are an excellent option for sports areas. In both instances, as well as being simple to install, these rubber tiles are highly resistant and offer safety and comfort for users.

Trail Artificial Grass is another option for flooring these spaces. This versatile, easy-to-install sports flooring is sold in rolls. Aesthetically, this solution also blends with the space’s landscape, and can be used to floor the whole area, or only on the playing fields.


3 Essential characteristics of sports flooring for outdoor gyms



Considering these fitness spaces are outdoor, it goes without saying that the sports flooring plays a key role. Both Alpha Tiles and Trail Artificial Grass are made to last. Maintenance is easy.



Wet surfaces in particular can lead to falls and injuries, always a concern for all forms of physical activity. Rubber sports flooring, such as the high-density Alpha Tiles, offers additional safety to users due to their permeable, anti-slip qualities.

Trail Artificial Grass has a high drainage capacity, preventing puddles from forming when it rains.



Rubber-based sports flooring offers quality acoustic and shock absorption. Rubber is therefore the best flooring material for outdoor gyms and playgrounds.

Their elasticity helps to ensure comfort in these areas and reduces user fatigue.


Creating multi-purpose spaces for sport is an excellent way to promote healthy habits and help combat sedentary lifestyles. As such areas are usually open to the public, athletes but also other members of local communities can use them.

The sports and leisure facilities should be designed and built with quality materials to last a long time and meet everyone's needs.

To learn more about sports flooring for such areas, get in touch with Geometrik!


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How to clean rubber flooring in your gym

Due to their characteristics, rubber flooring solutions are the most popular choice for kitting out sports spaces such as gyms or crossfit boxes.

Sturdy and comfortable, these solutions can last a long time and remain in good condition even under intensive use. This requires choosing quality flooring and taking certain precautions in terms of cleaning and maintenance of this surface type.

Learn how to clean and keep your gym's rubber flooring in excellent condition for longer with our tips.


Why keeping sports flooring in tiptop condition is so important

When considering everything involved in a training area, flooring is a key factor to consider. Keeping sports flooring in first class condition is a must for quality gyms for 3 main reasons:


For athletes

Flooring affords safety and comfort for athletes in all physical activities. For instance, rubber flooring combines strength and elasticity, helping to prevent falls with its non-slip properties. This may be compromised if the flooring is damaged or in poor condition.


For machinery and equipment

Using suitable flooring solutions is also important for gym machinery and equipment, considering both thickness and strength. With proper flooring maintenance, keeping these materials in superb condition for longer becomes easier.


For gym hygiene

Poor maintenance or overly zealous cleaning can result in stains and cracks in the sports flooring. When the floor surface deteriorates, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure good levels of gym hygiene and cleanliness. Any solution will ultimately involve replacing the flooring.


3 Steps for effectively cleaning rubber flooring

Rubber flooring solutions can be seriously damaged if improperly maintained and cleaned. Therefore, we've put together 3 simple steps for keeping your flooring clean and in excellent condition for longer.


1. Get the right materials

Before starting to clean, always make sure you have everything you need. To clean a rubber flooring solution, you will need:

  • Vacuum;
  • Mop;
  • Soft cloths;
  • Neutral detergents.

Try to store all these materials in the same place. This will make them easier to find when needed. With proper preparation/organisation, cleaning your rubber flooring will be faster with more satisfying results.


2. Remove debris from the surface

Start by quickly checking the gym floor. Ensure there are no forgotten objects or small puddles that need to be dried with a cloth. After removing any debris, vacuum the whole surface. For outdoor spaces, use a broom or blower to remove debris.


3. Clean the surfaces

After vacuuming, start sanitising the surface. Neutral detergents should be used to clean rubber flooring. Never use bleach or other corrosive agents to clean this type of surface.

Using a wrung out mop, wash the whole surface and leave to dry. If possible, open the windows to ventilate the space.


Keeping your gym's rubber flooring clean and in good condition is easy. Just follow these instructions regularly. This will keep your gym floor in perfect condition for longer.

To learn more about installing and maintaining sports venue flooring, we've written an eBook with tips on extending these solutions’ durability. Download for free and access further information on the matter!


What’s the best sports flooring solution for a CrossFit box?

Installing a CrossFit box is a process to be done in gradual, hassle-free fashion. For most spaces and facilities, the area can be tailored to the number of athletes and workout intensity.

But whatever you do, don't cut corners on the quality of the sports flooring chosen for your CrossFit box.


Why is CrossFit box flooring so important?

Athletes’ safety is paramount. This should be the primary focus for all training spaces. A CrossFit box means highly physically demanding exercises. Proper flooring minimises instability, the risk of falls and therefore injuries.

But there are other issues to consider: the durability of the equipment and the sports flooring. Choosing resistant, high-quality flooring provides greater assurances in terms of your investment’s longevity. Furthermore, selecting high-absorption flooring means sports equipment impact is softened, ensuring greater durability.


Which flooring options are available for CrossFit boxes?

The market offers a range of alternatives for CrossFit box flooring, but not all are recommended. Let’s explore the main options, and their pros and cons.

“Egg box” tiles

Many tiles sold for CrossFit box flooring are made in “egg box” format, to reduce the amount of material needed in manufacturing. This option, which includes Geometrik Safety Tiles, is suitable for children's playgrounds, offering greater cushioning in the event of falls.

However, for exercises such as CrossFit/Cross Training, stability and consequently safety are compromised. Nor is this the best option in terms of durability.


Low density tiles

Low-density rubber tiles are also sold, made with larger grains and less resin to lower production costs.

Despite being a more affordable solution, this option scores poorly for longevity. The tiles deteriorate quickly and fall apart easily. Additionally, the levels of comfort and safety for CrossFit box users are reduced.

Its highly porous and rough finish means this sports flooring solution is extremely difficult to clean.

High density rubber tiles

The best CrossFit box flooring solution is unquestionably high density rubber tiles. This option is compact and robust to withstand high intensity training sessions. The tiles also offer the stability and security that CrossFit practitioners require.

If you choose Geometrik's Alpha Tiles, the 20 or 25 mm tiles offer the most cost-effective solution. However, to ensure maximum protection for the space, equipment and athletes, the best option comes in the form of the 40 mm tiles.


Choosing the best flooring for your CrossFit box always depends on the space’s base, the type of activities to be done and their intensity. This is where Geometrik's experience and know how comes into play. If you’re looking for the best sports flooring solution for your training space, our advice and support can be invaluable.


Homeflex vinyl click flooring, the ideal solution for indoor spaces

Geometrik Homeflex vinyl click flooring is a practical, versatile solution for indoor spaces.

Vinyl click flooring is extremely flexible, boasting a number of features that make it the perfect solution for homes and commercial spaces. Typically designed to mimic wooden flooring, this solution is much easier to install and maintain than wood.

Learn more about the properties and advantages of Homeflex, a vinyl flooring solution developed with Geometrik quality.


Explore Homeflex, vinyl click flooring with multiple applications

This vinyl click flooring is made with SPC composite (stone and plastic based) and has a polyethylene foam underlayer. Its composition ensures humidity-resistant, non-slip flooring. It can therefore be deployed in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, and stay in tip-top condition.

Its polyethylene substrate means an underlay is not required, and provides extra comfort and enhanced soundproofing.

Homeflex is sold in rectangular tiles measuring 22.86 x 121.92 cm. The click system enables glue-free installation in practical, rapid fashion.

Lightweight and easy to install, Homeflex is ideal for quick application and perfect results.


4 Advantages of Homeflex vinyl click flooring


1. Versatility

Homeflex’s properties enable installation in all types of indoor spaces. For instance, this vinyl click flooring can be used in commercial spaces, offices and gym common areas. It is also suitable for cladding any room in a house, even areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Homeflex is available in various colours, making it ideal for multiple different environments and décors. This flooring adds elegance to any space, mimicking a wooden floor, with no gaps or deformations.


2. Resistance

Given its composition, Homeflex offers a long-lasting surface finish, staying in perfect condition for longer. This flooring solution features surface protection treatment, adding enhanced resistance.

Suitable for intensive domestic use, the flooring stands up to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, such as moving furniture and pets.

Its waterproof properties add protection from water, preventing stains.


3. Easy maintenance

Homeflex can be installed directly onto pre-existing surfaces such as ceramics, cement or brick if properly levelled. Therefore, no time-consuming works are required, enabling fast and clean renewal for any space.

After practical installation, this flooring solution is easy to maintain. Homeflex click flooring can be regularly swept or vacuumed, then cleaned with conventional products and utensils.


4. Security

All materials potentially installed in wet areas must comply with strict safety requirements to prevent falls and injuries.

Homeflex offers a safe, non-slip vinyl flooring solution. It’s also fire resistant, enhancing safety where installed.


If you're after versatile, durable and safe flooring to renew a home or commercial space, Homeflex might be the answer you're looking for. Quickly and easily change the appearance of any indoor space, achieving sophisticated results.

Trust the quality of Geometrik’s products, receive advice from our pros and explore this vinyl flooring’s full potential.


5 Marketing tips for promoting your gym!

The fitness sector is becoming more and more competitive, and it is not always easy to attract new customers to come and train with you. With this as our focus, we have selected a few marketing tips to help to promote your gym, whilst also keeping your members both happy and loyal.


Is advertising your gym worthwhile?

Have you already noticed that despite a great many new sports venues opening, not all of them have managed to stay open for very long? This is often down to a lack of investment in advertising for these businesses.

Even if a gym attracts a good number of members, there is no guarantee that these members can be maintained for a significant period of time. Attracting and retaining members, and building up a loyalty base can only be achieved as a result of continuous work and great dedication.

The wider society of today understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, Crossfit boxes and gyms are more than just mere fitness studios: sports enthusiasts are seeking out positive experiences that are new and exciting.

If you think that your gym can really contribute to improving people's lives, highlighting the features which makes your business stand out is vital.

This article will outline 5 marketing tips to help you to promote your gym.


5 Marketing tips for promoting your gym


1. Take high-quality photographs of your space

Whether you decide to advertise online or using traditional formats, having good photographs of your gym is an essential marketing tip for ensuring good advertising. But be careful! Don’t take photos of your space when your members are present:

take photos before your members start arriving, for example, to achieve the best quality images. Make sure you focus on the smaller details, such as cleanliness and lighting, and

invest in your gym to create aesthetically-pleasing spaces. You can use artificial turf materials, or different-coloured rubber flooring tiles to divide up the training areas and give your space a more modern look.

Taking care to ensure the privacy of other members, you can also encourage your members to take photos of their training sessions and share them on social media. This will produce an effective form of promotion for you, with zero costs.


2. Build up a relationship with your members

Invest in your client relationships, starting with always addressing your members by their name. Knowing about their motivation and training objectives is also important so that you can track their progress.

Train your staff to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to these services. The aim here is to make sure that each and every one of your members feels special when they visit your gym, from the moment they step through to door to the moment they leave after their work-out.

You can also set up a dynamic contact system using communications based on email or SMS. This can be useful for promoting special events, or sending out important notifications or information about your gym.


3. Step into the digital realm

Digital platforms have evolved to become a vital communication channel for any modern business. Setting up a website or maintaining a presence on social media is the first step. Once you’re set up, you can use these channels to share information and grow your brand, maintaining a relationship with your current clients whilst also reaching out to new ones.

A good marketing tip for any gym is to run a blog on your website and to post articles relating to sports, fitness and healthy-living.

Social media are an ideal platform for sharing photos of your gym's different spaces and activities, as well as the staff who work there.


4. Create content that is useful and high-quality

Once you have selected the communication channels you feel are most suited to your gym, you will have to decide what you will share with your followers. Sporadically posting content that has little to do with the activities of your business is not a good approach.

Create content that your target audience will find genuinely interesting and make sure that you share content regularly. If, for example, you think there is an on-going fitness trend relating to weight loss, you could post on topics related to the importance of a healthy diet.

This is a marketing tip that can yield good results for your gym. Try to always create original content and only use reliable sources when searching for information.


5. Put on promotions and offer discounts

To attract new members to your gym, setting up a campaign or offering some type of discount are highly-effective marketing strategies. Other examples of promotions that you could set up include:

  • Offering a free class to allow new potential clients to explore your space;
  • Offering a discounted monthly rate for new members who sign up for a whole year;
  • Creating a “bring-a-buddy” campaign so that your current members can help to generate new clients.

Promotions are an excellent way to attract clients to your gym, whilst at the same time offering good publicity for your space.


By applying these marketing tips that we have suggested, your gym is sure to see good results, and you’ll also be increasing levels of satisfaction amongst your members.

If you would like to learn about more tips on how to set up and maintain a training space in line with the very best standards, explore our blog and get up-to-date on the most recent developments.


Top 5 fitness trends for 2021/2022

The way we do sports has radically changed in light of COVID-19, leaving industry pros fearing for the future. Fitness trends for 2021/2022 shed plenty of light on the changes undergone over these testing times.

Athletes’ motivations and goals have also seen major shifts recently. If you own a gym or CrossFit box, or work as a PT, keeping a close eye on fitness trends is essential for tracking customer preferences in a post-pandemic future.

Here are the main trends we've seen in the modern sports world.


5 Fitness trends for 2021/2022


1. Doing sport to lose weight

Extended lockdown periods combined with forced gym closures saw many adopt less healthy habits, which led to people putting on weight.

At home, there’s a natural trend towards sedentary activities, like spending too much time online or watching TV. People also spent more time cooking and trying new recipes, often high in calories.

This affected many folks’ physical condition, adding an extra level of motivation now we’re back doing sport: losing weight and getting back to a healthy lifestyle.


2. Choosing personalised workouts with a PT

Gyms offering personalised workouts are now in high demand. Exercising with a PT is becoming a clear fitness trend. As well as being considered safer, it’s also viewed as more effective.

Therefore, setting up bespoke sections in your gym enabling one-on-one classes makes sense. Investing in durable, versatile sports flooring is essential to enhance athletes' experience and ensure safety and comfort.


3. Exercising outdoors

With the gyms shuttered up, outdoor workouts gained popularity during the pandemic. As well as being considered safer, training outdoors provides a more liberating and enjoyable experience for many athletes.

To cater to this trend, several gyms are offering this option by creating outdoor spaces for people to train.

Choosing equipment and flooring for such areas requires some thought. Trail artificial grass, Gymfloor and Alpha Tiles are good flooring options, facilitating both indoor and outdoor use.


4. A preference for functional training

Functional training differs from strength training by involving multiple muscle sets. Exercises are more complex and comprehensive than weight training, but are more effective as a full body workout.

Often using the athlete’s own bodyweight, such exercises don't require complex equipment beyond suitable sports flooring.

Therefore, functional training has become a top fitness trend, with fast, visible results.


5. Doing online sports classes

Several gyms that offered online classes during lockdown are continuing to provide the service. This is an excellent option for folks who've set up a small home gym or clients not yet ready to hit the gym again.

Doing online sports classes can also supplement in-person classes or replace going to the gym on days when you don’t feel like leaving home to train.

By offering real-time monitoring and greater convenience, online sports have become another top fitness trend.


We are witnessing a transitional phase in the fitness world. It’s a great time for sports addicts to unearth new activities and training options.

To best provide what your customers are looking for, invest in quality and closely monitor fitness trends. The Geometrik blog shares several tips for creating an optimal workout experience.

Trail Artificial Grass: Green spaces all year round!

Having a permanently tidy, pristine green lawn is easy to do and maintain using cutting edge artificial grass solutions.

The market now offers multiple flooring options almost perfectly imitating natural grass. The colour, thickness and density of the filaments used help to create a natural effect and provide greater comfort for users.


Natural or artificial grass?

Using natural grass to create and maintain an evergreen lawn is no simple task. It requires a suitable space, good soil conditions and adequate sun exposure. Additionally, a tidy, pristine lawn demands devoting much of your time to activities such as watering, weeding and controlling any pests.

Despite the aesthetic beauty and comfort that natural grass brings to an outdoor space, not everyone has the time or knowledge to make this a practical solution. Artificial grass alternatives are therefore becoming increasingly fashionable, affording similar benefits to natural grass but without the extra work required.

Artificial grass also results in long-term cost savings by avoiding the maintenance expenses of a traditional lawn.

If a pristine natural lawn is out of the question, artificial grass might be the answer you’re looking for.


Trail Artificial Grass: Create a lawn in any space

Having a lawn on a terrace or balcony at home no longer means watering, fertilising and gardening. With Trail artificial grass, simply install and enjoy a comfortable, natural-looking surface outdoor and indoor.

Attractive, long-lasting and simple to apply and maintain, artificial grass has become an extremely easy way to create different areas in your home and outdoors. It is also an excellent option for commercial spaces seeking original decoration more in tune with nature.


4 Benefits of Trail artificial grass

Trail artificial grass is a popular option for patios, gardens, terraces and balconies. Manufactured with high quality materials, it can also be used for sports venues or commercial areas, outdoor and indoor.

Here 4 benefits of Trail artificial grass that explain its popularity:



Trail artificial grass easily adapts to all needs and outdoor or indoor areas. Its drainage properties and UV resistance make it suitable for any outdoor space, ensuring excellent conditions all year round.

Sold in roll format, simply measure the area to be floored based on your needs.



A solution designed to withstand bad weather. Its drainage prevents water accumulation during heavy rain. UV-radiation resistant, its appearance doesn't change even if exposed to direct sunlight.

Trail artificial grass also withstands products used for swimming pool treatment, so can be used in such areas.


Easy application

If you want a permanent installation, Trail artificial grass can be used in line with the underlying flooring’s characteristics.

For temporary installations, simply lay it in the desired space or use double-sided tape to secure it. This enables the grass to be removed effortlessly at any time, and the original surface to be restored.


Easy maintenance

After installation, artificial grass doesn’t need special machinery or products for cleaning and maintenance.

When outdoor, just remove leaves or larger debris from the surface and use water, via a hose, to remove any accumulated dust or dirt.


As this type of flooring has evolved, several options have emerged on the market, some with an extremely natural appearance. Trail artificial grass is produced using high quality materials, making it more resistant and durable, perfect for creating green spaces indoors or outdoors.



Sports flooring to set up your home gym

The pandemic forced many to change their fitness regimes. Gyms, CrossFit boxes and other areas for sport shuttered their windows, leading many to set up a home gym.

During lockdown, training at home or going for runs or walks outdoors became an excellent way to ensure both physical and mental health.

Even now that traditional sports areas are up and running again, setting up a home gym is an easy way to work out when you feel like it.


4 Benefits of having a home gym


Exercise at any time

An early bird wanting to get some training in? Fancy a Sunday evening session before hitting the sack? Your home gym is open 24/7, so work out when you want!

Most gyms have a set timetable. Training at home enables greater flexibility. Do exercise whenever you feel like it. This will probably increase how regularly you train.


Get the whole family involved

Swap Netflix evenings and video games for more entertaining, dynamic family-based activities. Encouraging children to do sport regularly is a great way to instil healthy habits.

Training as a team is also a fantastic way to motivate each other. Working out with others boosts enthusiasm and is more stimulating. A wider range of physical activities are also available, e.g. team games.


Optimise your time

Got some free time and want to let off some steam? Arrived home from work and want to unwind before picking up the kids? Having a home gym allows short training sessions, several times a day.

Instead of having to drive to the gym, put your kit on, work out, shower and go home again, just hit your home gym. This optimises time and means you can do exercise for longer.


Workout without others watching you

Some folks don’t like hitting the gym because they aren’t happy training with a lot of people watching them. Home gym workouts can be an extremely liberating experience for more reserved types.

Setting up a home gym means 100% freedom on multiple levels. Don’t worry about your clothes or footwear. Just use what’s comfortable. Listen to your favourite tunes and hit your home gym hard, without worrying what anyone else thinks about you.


Easy to install flooring for your home gym

Setting up a home gym only requires a small area and doesn’t need to be complicated. Set up a temporary space to exercise using easy-to-install sports flooring that can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

Whether you invest in a professional set up or train with equipment you have at home, sports flooring is essential. Going for the right flooring protects against falls and injuries while preserving joint health.

Proper sports flooring helps keep your home's floor in excellent condition, preventing damage and scratches from falling weights or other equipment.

Geometrik’s best home gym flooring options are:


Alpha Tiles

This type of sports flooring is made of compact high-density rubber and sold in 1 x 1 m tiles. A thickness of 15 mm is recommended for home gyms.

Due to their density and composition, Alpha Tiles offer excellent shock and vibration absorption, and are easy to install.



Gymfloor is another excellent home gym option. This sports flooring, sold in 1.25 m wide rolls, is made of high-density, compact rubber. Black 6 mm thick rolls are the most popular options when setting up a comfortable, safe exercise space. For more stable flooring, use double-sided tape.



This is the perfect solution for exercises involving body contact with the ground, e.g. martial arts or similar. Tatami flooring is made of EVA tiles. The most popular option is 25 mm, in black or grey.

It has a puzzle lock assembly system and doesn’t require adhesives. This product is a versatile and easy to install/uninstall solution.


If you’re after top quality home gym materials, Geometrik has the answer! We have extensive sports flooring experience, offering the best options for setting up a safe home gym.



Tips for keeping your gym safe during the pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has forced any gym and their users to deal with numerous challenges and restrictions. Hygiene and safety for sports centres is a priority to protect health and trust among athletes.

If we all chip in and exercise due care, going to the gym during the pandemic can remain safe.


How to ensure gyms meet pandemic hygiene and safety standards?

Since the pandemic hit, gym attendance has dropped, either because users no longer want to go or due to health authority mandates.

To reopen, cleaning and disinfecting all spaces is essential. Machines, equipment and the sports flooring: everything should undergo regular, rigorous sanitation.

Athletes will feel more at ease if they sense your gym is 100% safe to train in. Therefore, certain precautions should be considered when cleaning a gym at this stage of the pandemic.


7 Cleaning and disinfection tips for maintaining gym hygiene


1. Use appropriate materials

Cleaning detergents and utensils should be suitable and in good condition for the task at hand, without damaging the equipment. Cloths, mops and other materials should be washed and sanitised regularly. If damaged through use, replace them to ensure effectiveness.

As well as carefully selecting the products to be used, don’t use too much disinfectant and don’t directly apply the liquid on surfaces. Transfer it to a proper utensil and then use it on the equipment or flooring.


2. Pay attention to detail

Without due care, gyms can be risky during a pandemic. Door knobs, switches and any surfaces that large numbers of people touch can be infection hotspots. Therefore, disinfect them several times a day.


3. Make hand sanitiser available in various locations

In addition to gym entrances/exits, provide hand sanitiser dispensers in other spaces. This will remind users of the importance of regular hand hygiene and encourage use, thus reducing the risk of infection.


4. Encourage users to clean equipment after use

Create a culture of responsibility and awareness regarding hygiene and safety at your gym. After using training equipment, users should be responsible for cleaning it and the safety of others.


5. Perform regular, thorough cleaning in all spaces

When the gym is closed to the public, thoroughly clean the facilities. Remember that studies have shown that the virus can survive on certain surfaces for several hours. Regular cleaning helps to eliminate this risk.


6. Pay attention to critical areas

In a gym, certain areas are more at risk of contamination. We’re specifically referring to areas like:

  • Changing rooms and showers;
  • Locker areas;
  • Machine rooms;
  • Common areas;
  • Gym entrances/exits.

Cleaning should be even more thorough in these critical areas. Surfaces that people touch the most should be disinfected using effective products.


7. Create an outdoor space for exercise

Outdoor sports are often considered to be more enjoyable and safer. Conditions permitting, invest in an outdoor sports area. Take sports to the street simply by installing artificial grass flooring!


In a gym, it’s impossible to monitor all areas simultaneously to ensure hygiene measures are being complied with. Therefore, raise awareness among the whole team and gym goers themselves to follow the rules. Only through concerted action can the safety of all be ensured during the pandemic.


Follow our blog and stay up to date with other recommendations and tips for optimal gym safety.