Martial arts studio

The best floor for your martial arts studio

Would you like to set up a fitness space but can't (or don't want to) make a big investment? Create a martial arts studio can be an excellent option for you!

On the one hand, it is much simpler than opening a full gym, with a considerably lower investment. On the other hand, martial arts are very much in vogue and there is a huge variety of modalities and styles available.

This sports segment offers a wide range of services, suitable for any age, without the need for a large space.


3 Advantages of Creating a Martial Arts Studio


1. Suitable for all ages

Not only the younger ones are looking for this kind of sports. Martial arts are suitable for all ages and can even be practiced as a family activity. As long as there are no relevant physical limitations, anyone can benefit from the advantages of these sports. This means that the audience is broad, which can be a huge business advantage.

The results of practicing martial arts for health go far beyond the physical side. These activities help reduce stress, provide more self-confidence, self-control and improve self-esteem.


2. Low investment

Unlike a gym or other large multisport space, a martial arts studio does not require complex machines or equipment. The needs in terms of space and the number of trainers will depend entirely on diversity of styles you want to provide. The main investment will thus be the studio itself and above all a high quality floor.


3. High profitability

With good instructors and a space that provides safety and comfort to athletes, you can offer various types of classes. Karaté, Judo, Taekwondo and Krav Maga are just a few examples of what you can offer in your martial arts studio. The fact that they are usually group activities makes the martial arts area highly profitable.


The importance of choosing the best floor

For sports in general, choosing the right flooring always assumes enormous importance. Matching the floor to the type of sport it is intended for is essential. But in the case of martial arts, this choice is even more relevant.

In a sport that always involves hand-to-hand fight, falls are frequent. Additionally, athletes often practice barefoot and without major body protections. For all this, when setting up a martial arts studio, safety and comfort must be a priority. Choosing a floor capable of minimizing the risk of injury is essential.


Tatami main advantages

Tatami technical floor is suitable for all types of combat and self-defense. Due to its characteristics, it can also be used in indoor children's spaces and places for relaxation and light exercise. Choosing this sports floor offers several advantages:

  • Comfortable and safe: Guarantees a high impact absorption rate, combining safety and comfort;
  • Non-Toxic: Made from EVA, this floor is completely free of toxic components;
  • Versatile and easy to install: The interlock system allows a simple and quick installation, easily adapting to any type of space;
  • Durable and easy maintenance: Thanks to its structure and composition, the tatami floor is easy to clean. It also has the advantage of being a reversible floor. This translates into high durability, which represents long-term savings.


When choosing the sports floor that best suits your needs, contact Geometrik professionals. Offering the best conditions to the users of your martial arts studio can be the key to success.



Playground flooring

6 Essential requirements of playground flooring

Playgrounds are becoming increasingly popular, especially in their indoor versions. Organizing such a space requires compliance with several requirements and safety is one of the most important. For this reason, the choice of flooring for a playground should be made with great care.


Playgrounds evolution

Play areas for the little ones have evolved considerably over the years. Today, these parks are thought out in detail, in order to provide them not only fun but also safety and comfort,

Indoor parks are increasingly popular, as they allow safe use, regardless of weather conditions. It is even possible to create temporary kids play areas at weddings, birthdays, beach areas, among many others.

From the equipment to the floor of the playground, everything must be studied to suit the needs of each case.


Playground flooring: 6 essential characteristics


1. Easy to assemble and maintain

Choosing rubber tiles flooring can be very advantageous. This type of tiles helps to facilitate the initial assembly of the space and also to simplify its maintenance. A good example is Geometrik safety tiles. They are quickly installed and can be replaced individually, in case of wear or isolated damage.

Artificial grass is also an excellent option. Thanks to its easy installation and maintenance, you can create a permanent or even temporary space that looks natural in the blink of an eye.


2. Toxic-free

Materials used in areas intended for children must be completely free of toxicity. For the flooring of indoor playgrounds, the tatami flooring, consisting of EVA tiles, is a safe option.


3. Safe

The floor of the children's play area must guarantee the safety of all users. Given the frequency of falls in these enclosures, the thickness and the capacity to absorb impacts are extremely important. Even in indoor spaces, a non-slip floor is always safer.

In addition, it is important that the floor thickness is suitable for different space needs. For example, it is in the areas of maximum altitude of use of the equipment that the floor thickness must be greater.


4. Hygienic

To avoid the development of fungi and bacteria, a floor that is easily washable should be chosen. The structure of the safety tiles makes them permeable, which greatly facilitates their cleaning and hygiene.


5. Resistant

The intensive use of these spaces can lead to a rapid deterioration of the floors and compromise the safety of children. Choosing resistant floorings means that the playground will remain in good condition for longer.

You can apply a highly resistant coating from scratch or add a protective layer to the existing floor. SBR or EPDM rubber granules are two possible alternatives for this purpose. Always consult the best professionals and make the right choice.


6. Comfortable

The use of rubber-based materials adds elasticity to the floor, which contributes to a more comfortable use. On one hand, it minimizes the impact, preventing injuries in the event of falls. On the other hand, it reduces fatigue when running or jumping.


In short, the area of amusement parks for children has undergone enormous diversification. Currently, there are several types of solutions, indoor or outdoor, fixed or even removable, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The main concern that all these spaces must have in common is: safety.

At Geometrik, we are available to provide expert advice in this area. Find out about our floors and receive a free sample.



opening a gym

Are you opening a gym? Start thinking about the space!

Opening a gym can be an extremely lucrative business option nowadays. Concerns about maintaining a healthy lifestyle have triggered the demand for gyms and fitness centers. The possibility to practice exercise in a comfortable and safe space, without being dependent on the weather, easily captive customers.

Still, to ensure a successful business, opening a gym must be very well planned. From the site to the equipment and floors, everything must be decided, chosen and planned with the utmost rigor and quality.


Opening a gym: Where to start?

Although it might seem a simple business, open a gym involves a good deal of paperwork. These spaces have very specific licensing and certification requirements. First, find out about the current legislation regarding the space, personnel and insurance. Knowing everything that is legally required is essential and should be your first step.

If you have not defined the type of gym you want to open, there are some questions to be answered.

  • Who’s the target audience of your fitness space?
  • What kind of services do you want to offer your athletes?
  • Do you prefer to open a gym for a specific sport or a multifunctional space?
  • What are the existing requirements in the geographical area where you want to open?

It is important to define what and for whom. Then you should plan the services you want to offer and make sure they are appropriate to the area you are in. In fact, the location and type of fitness services are inextricably linked.

If you have any idea where you plan to open your gym, take a closer look at the surrounding area. Look into the competition, if any, and the type of people who circulate and reside there. Remember that careful planning can make all the difference in the success of this type of business.


Today's gyms

The gym concept has evolved considerably over the last few years. The growing demand for healthier lifestyle choices has led to the emergence of very diverse fitness solutions.

There are now spaces dedicated exclusively to women, children or even concrete modalities, some of them totally innovative. The old gyms with wall bars and few machines have evolved into true fitness centers, boxes and health clubs.

This huge range of supply has triggered competition and the quality standards of spaces. The current gym is a comfortable and safe place where sports, recreation and relaxation combine. Music, temperature, machines and materials are carefully chosen to provide a pleasant user experience.


Equip the space: A fundamental step!

Opening a high standards fitness space will, therefore, far beyond having the most modern machines and equipment. The choice of floors must be made according to the needs of each area and meet high quality criteria.

It should be borne in mind that each sport has very different needs. The ideal floor for martial arts practice is not suitable for weightlifting areas, for example.

It’s essential to choose a suitable floor that is easy to clean, no toxic and safe. In addition to providing a better user experience, also contributes to increase the lifespan of the equipment.

Comfort, hygiene and safety should be permanent concerns of anyone who wants to open a gym today. This way, choosing the best flooring solutions can make all the difference.


Looking for help in this area? Want to apply the best sports flooring in your gym, but don't know where to start? Get to know Geometrik solutions and talk with our experts. We will be happy to advise you!



fitness flooring

Fitness flooring: The best choice for every activity!

There are several factors that matters when choosing the fitness flooring to be installed in a sports venue. Making a choice that fits your needs is essential!

In one hand, we must naturally ensure the safety and comfort of the athlete. In the other hand, the optimization of the installation and maintenance costs of the selected floor is important.


How to choose the best fitness floor?

Making the most appropriate decision about the best fitness floor has direct consequences on the longevity of the sports space. But given the huge variety of materials on the market, how should you choose your flooring? First, you must look for the answers to these 3 important questions:

What is the expected investment for floor installation?

What sports activity will the floor be subjected to?

What are the characteristics of the place where you want to install the floor?

By answering these questions, you can truly plan an appropriate answer to your needs. Only then will you be able to find the fitness floor that suits you best.


Most common floors for sports practice


fitness flooring


Synthetic grass

The most common use is in sledging exercises and all kinds of functional workouts. Thanks to its characteristics (high strength and low coefficient of friction), it’s a suitable solution for indoor and outdoor. This product combines low maintenance cost with high durability.


fitness flooring


Rubber solutions

In the category of synthetic floors, we also have rubber flooring. This type of fitness floor provides a safe and comfortable practice and can be applied in various spaces.

  • Rubber rolls – They are ideal for fitness, cardio and weight training workouts. There is also the possibility of installing fully colored rolls, creating an indoor running track;
  • High Density Rubber Tiles – This material has a high capacity to absorb impacts and restore controlled energy. It is the most suitable for crosstraining and all kinds of activities that require good impact absorption.


fitness flooring



These tiles are the best solution for the practice of combat sports. Its properties offer athletes high comfort and safety. They are durable and made from non-toxic materials. Its simple installation and maintenance also allow an easier cleaning of the space.


fitness flooring



Its use is recommended only in indoor spaces. One of the most important uses of wood flooring is the practice of weightlifting exercises. For this type of activity, it is important to have a stable base that does not compress or slip, preventing serious injuries.


We can then see that the existence of various types of fitness flooring does not have to make the choice more difficult. Quite the contrary, as the variety of options allows you to find solutions that fit your needs.

As we have seen, it is essential to have the purpose of the floor well defined, as well as the conditions to which it will be subjected. Thus, the selection can be made by a process of elimination, which certainly will lead to the optimal solution.


Sport flooring

Sports flooring: Make the right choice for your box!

Sometimes, the demand for the best equipment throws the choice of the sports flooring into the background. However, contrary to what it may seem, this is not the best way to act.

Planning the opening of a box can be as exciting as challenging. The focus is on the desire to create a comfortable space with all the characteristics and conditions for sports practice. But providing optimal conditions for athletes to spend the best time of their day depends on some key decisions.


Sports floors are not all the same!

Have you thought about that heavy “shoulder to overhead” you're so proud of? In the amazing feeling of dropping the bar and feel the vibrations go up the body? That adrenaline rush in the moment the bar hits the ground? Yeah… The other classmates may not appreciate this situation that much. This is because, without the proper sports floor, their training ends up being affected by your moment of glory. Thus, selecting the right floor is of central importance to the quality of the training the box offers to its members.


Advantages of adapting the sports floor to the athlete’s needs:

  • Stability in every jump to the Plyo Box;
  • Safety when you are trying that PR you wanted for so long;
  • Enjoy the comfort of doing a power cleans  touch and go sequence. With the right floor, you won't feel the impact on your body each time the bar hits the floor.


CrossFit Rollon


Good choices bring big savings!

The advantages of using proper flooring go beyond the comfort of the users. Your wallet also thanks it!

The constant impact of large loads on a floor without vibration reduction and dissipation properties will deteriorate the space. In fact, the entire surrounding environment (walls and ceiling) suffers from recurring vibrations. Over time, cracking can occur, which can lead to irreversible damage to the box structure.

In addition, your training equipment also benefits from a proper flooring solution. A floor without impact attenuation properties will have negative effects on the material. When the impact occurs, all that force will hit the base, bumpers and bar. The result is a reduction in the lifetime of all equipment subject to intensive use.


CrossFit Des Monts


How to choose the best sports flooring?

Do you know which key features should be considered when purchasing the flooring solution for your box? Geometrik, which specializes in sports flooring, gives you the answer!

Rubber flooring has excellent vibration dissipation and energy restitution properties. This greatly increases the protection ratio of training equipment as well as the entire structure of the space. Rubber offers high density, good traction / slip ratio and high impact attenuation index. Therefore, these floors offer the stability and safety required to perform various movements.

High density rubber tiles, for example, offer several advantages. Measuring 1x1m, they are easy to install. On the other hand, they allow regular and individual replacement in the busiest areas. Thus, it is possible to maintain a quality floor without the need to make a large investment.


In short, making a proper choice of sports flooring is far from a matter of luxury. Rather, it is a responsible choice that will ensure the satisfaction of all those using the space. Feedback is unanimous: proper flooring greatly enhances the athletes' experience!


Safety flooring

What is the best safety flooring for playgrounds?

Playground areas require an appropriate safety flooring, which meets all standards. Ensuring safe use, comfort and good hygiene are basic requirements of any modern park. To meet all these requirements involves the choice for the best flooring and proper installation of the material.

Accidents and falls are very common in these, mostly in children and sometimes even in adults. The type of playground flooring thus assumes an increased importance in the prevention of injuries.


Compact rubber flooring

Geometrik safety tiles provide a reliable and safe solution for playgrounds flooring. Its versatility and strength make this type of floor suitable for indoor or outdoor parks.

The safety flooring is composed of rubber tiles, certified in accordance with European standards (EN1177). In addition, their fine surface makes them more comfortable and effective in damping potential falls.

The rubber gives elasticity, which minimizes the impact and makes the use of this flooring more comfortable and enjoyable, even simple activities such as running or jumping are facilitated by the elastic properties of rubber, which helps to reduce fatigue.


5 Advantages of Geometrik Safety tiles


1. Quick and easy installation

The shape, in individual rubber tiles, greatly facilitates the application of this type of safety flooring. It also allows you to adjust the size and shape of the floor to the available space and complete the installation quickly.


2. Easy cleaning and maintenance

The internal structure of this material makes it permeable, which greatly facilitates its cleaning. Using only water and conventional cleaning solutions it is simple to sanitize the floor, preventing the spread of fungi and bacteria.


3. Strength and durability

Geometrik safety tiles are extremely durable even under intensive use. They can withstand adverse weather conditions and UV radiation while maintaining their characteristics for a long time. Thanks to these properties, they represent an optimal solution for outdoor application.


4. Safety and comfort

Geometrik safety flooring consists of high density rubber tiles. These offer a high impact attenuation index, preventing and minimizing potential injuries to users.

In another aspect, its rough surface makes the floor non-slip even when wet, ensuring greater safety. It should also be noted the permeability of the material, This feature is useful to help drain rainwater, thus  preventing puddles from forming.


5. Acoustic Insulation

This type of safety floor offers the added advantage of good sound insulation. The type of raw materials used in its composition helps to reduce noise levels in children's spaces. This noise attenuation, both of equipment and children themselves, brings greater comfort, especially in indoor parks.


Caring for playground safety floors

To make the playground even safer, there are precautions that must be taken into account when assembling the floor. The safety tiles must be placed according to the critical fall height of the equipment. What does it mean? That the thickness of the floor should keep up with the needs throughout the playground space. That is, in areas of maximum altitude of use of the equipment, the thickness of the floor should be higher.

An additional EPDM layer may also be applied. This extra surface contributes to the durability of safety tiles, especially in outdoor playgrounds. These materials have good resistance to weather changes and UV radiation. Its application can help to keep the floor in good condition for longer.



Rubber Flooring

7 Advantages of Gymfloor Roll Rubber Flooring

Choosing the best type of flooring for sports areas, rubber flooring can be a great choice. Each space has different needs, so it is extremely important to select the appropriate floor for each necessity.

Amid so many possibilities available in the market, the most important thing is knowing how to choose. For a good choice, knowing the characteristics, advantages and applications of each floor type is essential.


Gymfloor Roll – Recycled Rubber Flooring

Gymfloor Roll is a rubber roll flooring, composed of recycled rubber granules and colored EPDM dots. Aesthetically, it can come in a completely black and uniform version or with color dots.

In gyms, it is perfect to cover the floor of bodybuilding spaces, functional training, cardiofitness and group classes. It can even be used in high traffic areas, such as commercial spaces and common areas. Being extremely tough, versatile, comfortable, and safe, the Gymfloor Roll offers several advantages.


Advantages of Gymfloor Roll Flooring


1. Easy to install

Thanks to its roll format, the application of this rubber floor can be done simply and quickly. Available in different sizes and thicknesses, the Gymfloor Roll adapts to every space, regardless of its configuration or size.


2. Environmentally friendly

The rubber granulate that makes up the Gymfloor Roll comes mostly from recycling used tires. The recycle of end-of-life materials avoids waste thus helping to protect the environment. At the same time, offering the customer a cost-effective, high-quality solution.


3. Versatile

This is a floor that fully fits your needs. The inclusion of the colored EPDM dots enables customization to the customer's taste and fits aesthetically anywhere. On the other hand, it comes in different thicknesses, which can vary between 4 and 12 mm. The versatility of this product makes it suitable for paving areas with very different sporting purposes.


4. Resistant

Gymfloor Roll is produced by the cold pressing of clean rubber granules with a PU binder (polyurethane). This process allows to obtain a compact and highly resistant material, with a flat and smooth finish. The resistance of this coating makes it very durable even in areas with intensive use.


5. Confortable

The fact that it is made of rubber gives this floor a unique elasticity and density. Its properties of sound insulation and shock absorption makes it perfect for fitness areas as an example. These characteristics, combined with its soft texture, guarantee excellent conditions of comfort to athletes, in various modalities.


6. Safe

Safety is a major concern in any sports venue. Thanks to its characteristics, this rubber floor is non-slip and shock absorbent, making it very safe. Its shock absorption properties protect the base floor when heavy object fall to the ground.


7. Economic

Using recycled materials in the production of the rubber floor, makes it a solution with an excellent quality-price relation. Its high strength gives it durability, another factor that represents savings in the medium/long term. On the other hand, the ease of application also avoids excessive expenses during the installation phase.


You should always look for the best solution for your sports space, depending on the intended use. Your decisions should be aimed for good management, but also for the best conditions to the users. In the case of Gymfloor Roll rubber flooring, its versatility and multiple advantages will surely make the choice easier!



gym flooring

How to keep the gym machines and floor of the gym always clean?

Gym flooring is a favorable surface for the spread of bacteria and disease. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are simple precautions that can avoid this situation.

The gym sector and other bodybuilding and fitness spaces are more competitive than ever. As such, any disparity factor (positive or negative) can make a difference over the competition.

When it comes to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones, cleanliness and neatness are vital.  To that end, we leave you 5 tips to keep your training space clean and free of impurities.


1. Introduce internal rules

Much of the dirt on the gym flooring can be avoided at the outset. Establishing a list of rules of conduct for athletes to follow may be the first step. In addition, implementing hygiene behaviors will greatly facilitate the daily cleaning of spaces and equipment.

If some impurities, such as dust and hair, are almost inevitable, others are not. Among the possible rules to be implemented, we highlight the following:

  • Prohibition of eating in the training areas;
  • Obligation of each client to have a personal towel to use when using the equipment;
  • Placing mats at all access doors to the premises. In this simple way, you will prevent the spread of debris across the gym flooring.


2. Sanitize the equipment

In many fitness centers, it has become customary for clients to wipe the machines with a towel after use. Although it dries out sweat, it does not kill bacteria or prevent it from spreading from one machine to another.

While customers can help you keep equipment clean, it is obviously not their responsibility. Therefore, make sure that your cleaning team takes care of sanitizing each machine regularly and effectively.


gym flooring


3. Choose a suitable gym flooring

The choice of sports flooring can also make a difference when cleaning the space. An appropriate flooring that is free of toxic components and has an easy-to-clean surface will make the task much easier. Cleaning with steam or with a cloth or mop will remove sweat, grease and odors very quickly. Just have a proper gym flooring.


4. Sanitize the floor

The floor of the sports facilities is one that suffers most from daily dirt, for example, through waste from outside, the use of magnesium in activities such as cross training and the spill of liquids brought by users. Therefore, we recommend daily cleaning.

You should start cleaning by vacuuming your sports floor and then washing with a mop (preferably microfiber). Use a neutral pH detergent to avoid damaging the floor and, if possible, hot water, so some dirt is easier to remove.

Cleaning process may change depending on the flooring solution. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.


5. Define and comply with cleaning routines

Once you have defined a cleaning routine, you must stick to it. Identify and define the needs of your space, per hour, per day and per week. For example, a mid-day cleaning will allow night costumers to train in a sanitized space also. Otherwise, those attending evening classes will notice the spaces already dirty by the morning athletes.

Also make sure that you vacuum the gym flooring regularly to remove any debris.


In short, cleanliness is critical to ensure that your gym is attractive for current and future customers. Keeping it spotlessly clean is essential for the health and satisfaction of athletes. On the other hand, it contributes to the company's reputation and should be its top priority.

Management should regularly check that cleaning procedures are being followed and products are used correctly. This approach will help increase the number of members and extend the lifespan of the equipment. It is also a way of ensuring the continue satisfaction of members who attend the space.


Soundproofing: Advantages of recycled materials!

Soundproofing is one of the main challenges that sports venues must face. In gyms and other training areas, applying solutions that solve noise issues is essential. In this article, be aware of some causes for this problem. Also find out how recycled materials can be part of the solution.


What is the origin of acoustic problems?

In order to understand what causes acoustic problems, it is necessary to understand its context. There are two main causes that can arise these difficulties in terms of sound insulation at sports venues:


The location of the spaces

The biggest population density is focused in large cities. Like other business areas, gyms tend to emerge near their target audience, that is, in urban centers. Thus, these spaces are forced to exist in residential areas and have the need to keep their noise levels low.


Physical activity is noisy

Music playing loudly is necessary to motivate athletes. People traffic, throughout the day, is constant in any major gym or training space. The very use of sports equipment causes noisy impacts, especially in high-intensity activities such as crosstraining. All these situations result in high levels of noise, both percussion and aerial.


What are the advantages of recycled materials?


1. Acoustic improvements

Recycled materials are ideal for improving soundproofing in sports areas. Thanks to their robustness, variety and elasticity, they are highly effective in this function. With only 8 mm of thickness, its high absorption capacity translates into a clear acoustic improvement of the spaces.


2. Price

The low price makes recycled materials increasingly sought-after solutions. Rubber rolls, for example, are made from end-of-life tires. This affordable, high-density material is an excellent solution to equip areas of bodybuilding, group classes and functional training.


3. Benefits for the environment

The recycled materials are made from used products, avoiding their waste. Recycling results in significant added value for the environment.


Practical use of recycled materials in soundproofing




Rubber roll flooring presents itself as a top solution at various levels. It is suitable for areas of traffic and intense movement of people, but also as a base floor for static equipment. Besides being extremely comfortable and safe, it contributes notoriously to the soundproofing of the spaces. Testing data indicates an improvement around 30% in the transmission of percussion and aerial noises.




Recycled rubber tiles are an optimized solution for more intense and high-load activities. The high density and elasticity, combined with a greater thickness, provides a significant attenuation of the impact vibrations. Its use translates into an improvement of about 56% in the transmission of aerial and percussion sounds. Compared with the rubber roll flooring, a superior acoustic improvement of 26% is obtained.

These improvements can lead to the elimination of noise (aerial and percussion) in the sports facilities and at the neighborhood. This translates, of course, into satisfied customers and neighbors! What more can you ask for in terms of soundproofing?


The alternatives we address in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Geometrik is a company specialized in sports flooring solutions, including recycled materials. Because two equal spaces doesn’t exist, they apply all their efforts in the search for the best solutions, customized for each client. Find yours too!