Rubber tile flooring

Alpha Tiles

Rubber tiles with excellent impact absorption properties, for better protection and durability of your venue and equipment. Comfortable, easy-to-install flooring, ideal for indoors or outdoors.

Tile dimensions (LxW)



10mm | 15mm | 20mm | 25mm | 40mm


Main Benefits

Better protection of your venue and equipment

Excellent shock and vibration absorption

Easy installation

Simply lay down the tiles

Safe and comfortable for fitness facilities

Stable and non-slip flooring

Less noise transfer to the surrounding areas

Acoustic insulation

Suitable for

  • Crossfit/Cross Training areas
  • Weight lifting areas
  • Functional Training areas
  • Body building/cardio equipment
  • HomeGym

Alpha Tiles provides

1. Protect your venue and equipment

High-intensity, heavy lifting exercises lead to weights being constantly dropped onto the floor. Not only will these impacts deteriorate the training equipment, but they will also potentially damage the original flooring and structure of the building. Also, serious problems may arise with neighbours due to noise transfer and vibrations.

Rubber Alpha Tiles, have a high level of acoustic insulation and absorption of impacts and vibrations. They provide added protection for the venue and will increase the durability of the facility and the equipment.

2. Guarantee the well-being and safety of those who exercise

During sports practice, the risk of injury is something we should always be aware of. Injuries can occur suddenly, simply by slipping, or over the long term through constant impacts that gradually affect the most sensitive zones of our body, such as the knees or ankles. In order to minimise this risk, it is essential to guarantee the sport’s person’s physical integrity.

The rubber tiles are compact and have a non-slip surface and as such provide the necessary stability for safe and high-level performance. With excellent shock absorption, this flooring offers greater comfort to sport’s people from the constant impact that the body and joints are subjected to.

3. Increase intensity without compromising durability

The floor surface should cater for the needs of both the venue and the activities performed. If for example, through intensive use, the floor does not have the appropriate density and thickness, it will quickly show signs of wear and tear. This will require you to replace the flooring quickly and consequently you will have to make a greater investment.

The higher density of the rubber Alpha Tiles ensure more resistance to wear and tear and consequently greater durability. In addition, the various thicknesses available ensure that the option you choose can be adapted to the protection needs required by the sport and its environment.

Technical details

CompositionRecycled rubber granules and polyurethane binder
FormatFloor tile
Thicknesses11mm | 15mm | 20mm | 25mm | 40mm
Dimension of  the tile (width x length)1x1m
Weight of the tile11mm – 11kg  | 15mm – 15Kg | 20mm –20Kg  | 25mm – 25Kg  | 40mm – 40Kg
DensityAprox. 950kg/m3
Type of installation / placementSimple laying | Bicomponent glue (Outdoors)
Application environmentIndoors and outdoors
MaintenanceVacuum cleaner or broom. Wash with water and a neutral detergent
GuaranteeLegal guarantee for manufacturing defects ( please enquire)
PackagingPallets (large loads with maximum of 800kg per pallet)

Installation and maintenance of Alpha Tiles

Gluing is recommended only if installed outdoors. The thinner the tiles, the greater the need to be stuck down with bicomponent glue.

If necessary, elastic adhesive should be applied, such as bicomponent polyurethane glue.

The cuts should be carried out using a X-Acto knife or a jigsaw. Make sure you measure the cutting area well before proceeding. The material takes approximately 24 hours to reach room temperature. Therefore, leave the material to rest during this time, and only then measure and cut it.

Alpha Tiles can be installed on any type of base, as long as it is sturdy, level, clean and dry.

Use a vacuum cleaner to start cleaning the entire surface to remove any dust. Next, clean it with a mop or scrubber with soft brushes, using a PH neutral detergent, so as not to damage the structure of the flooring.

For outdoor application, a suitable drainage system for rainwater should be in place.

You should also take into account that the temperature will fluctuate more, which will cause the tiles to contract and expand more. To minimise this effect, we recommend gluing the entire surface.

In relation to cleaning in general, if possible, wash the tiles outdoors using lots of water to remove all the dirt, and then disinfect the flooring with a PH neutral detergent.

Projects with Alpha Tiles

Steel Gimnàs

Alpha Tiles 25mm + Gymfloor 6mm Black
“Very happy with the quality of the floor. I have a gym in Terrassa, Barcelona. I always try to give the best quality and service to my customers. A little over a month ago, we placed the 25mm rubber tiles and they are spectacular, both in functional terms, since we have dumbbells over 60kg, and on aesthetics. Close and professional support when deciding on the thickness of the tiles. Undoubtedly, 10/10.”
Santiago Rotella García

Paulo Fonseca

Alpha Tiles 20mm
“I already received the floor, all 5 stars.“
Paulo Fonseca

Square Fitness Club

Alpha Tiles 40mm + Trail15HD Red + Woodlifting
“Since the first moment, we were very lucky for contacting Geometrik. For all the attention received, as well as the advice in choosing the type of material we needed for our space and for the concern until the delivery of the order. They were very professional. I thank all the work from start to finish and, of course, I strongly recommend Geometrik as a supplier of sports flooring.”
Juan Barquero

Entrena Tu Salud

Alpha Tiles 20mm
“For us, a 10. Unbeatable quality and price. I highly value the attention from the beginning to the end of our project, advising us with great involvement. Thank you.“
Eva Lozano

Fitness Factory Barcelos

Alpha Tiles 15mm + CurledTrail
“Good service, sympathy and responsiveness.”
Elvis Rocha

Crossfit Hiringa - Talange

Alpha Tiles 15mm + Trail15HD Green
“Sales team available and responsive, on-time delivery, resistant and good quality grass, we recommend!”
Vincent Grosmangin

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