Politica sulla Qualità

With the purpose to fulfill our customer’s needs, we present covering solutions for sports, commercial and home areas.

We undertake the following commitments:

  • Reassure a Quality Management System in accordance with NP EN ISO 9001, optimizing work methods, ensuring continuous improvement of the implemented processes;
  • Provide covering solutions for sports, commercial and home areas, within the time period established, guaranteeing stability, safety, comfort and durability;
  • Investigate and develop new covering solutions, ensuring the success and sustainability of the organization, seeking to increase the customer satisfaction;
  • Promote the continuous development of employees by providing them with the means to fulfill their functions according to the defined performance standard, ensuring a satisfied and cohesive team;
  • Ensure the compliance with legal requirements and other applicable requirements.

Our management commits to create the favorable conditions within the organization so that this Policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all employees.

Ovar, January 9th 2024