Why include crossfit among your gym’s classes?

Creating a crossfit area in your gym is a great way to expand the range of sports activities offered. Put simply, this move might help attract new customers and retain existing members.

Investing in a sport as popular as crossfit can offer superb ROI and brings multiple advantages, not only for your training space but for your athletes too.


Crossfit: A full body workout!

Crossfit is a discipline that emerged from the USA in the 90s. Given its differentiating characteristics and excellent results, it soon caught on and became an extremely popular sport. Nowadays, crossfit boxes can be found all around the world.

Physical activities tend to be highly compartmentalised. People seeking greater flexibility gravitate towards yoga, pilates or gymnastics. Swimming is recommended to enhance respiratory capacity, whereas weight training is common for improving muscle strength.

Crossfit revolutionised these trends, because all these areas are combined in high intensity training. Group classes generate a competitive spirit, but also a feeling of shared physical resilience and achievement.


Crossfit benefits for athletes

  • Enhanced cardiorespiratory function;
  • Improved flexibility;
  • Extra muscle strength;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety;
  • Leads to fat loss;
  • Increases muscle mass.

In addition to the physical benefits, crossfit plays a major role in other areas. The group class format helps to motivate each athlete further, to push their own limits, comparing results daily to record their progress together, alongside their classmates.


Benefits of offering crossfit classes at your gym


Expands the range of sports offered

Monotony is a constant foe when running a gym. Offering formats to appeal to different types of athletes is key for attracting and retaining customers.


Little investment required

Unlike other activities, crossfit doesn’t involve buying complex, expensive machines. Crossfit box equipment can consist of just a few elements.


Keep athletes engaged and motivated

Crossfit training is always different and stimulating. Groups tend to work together and motivate each other to better their times and push their physical boundaries.


Fast results

Given the high intensity of the training, regular practice produces fast results. This encourages athletes to keep going and push themselves further.


Where to start?

To offer crossfit classes in your gym, you’ll need:

  • A qualified crossfit trainer: A must to ensure each class is tailored to the group in question and things run smoothly and safely;
  • A space specifically for the discipline: Perhaps its own room or a common space. Only the right sizes and flooring are required;
  • Basic crossfit equipment: Ropes, frames, Olympic bars and discs, kettlebells, medballs and plyo boxes are some of the things to use when beginning;
  • Appropriate sports flooring: The sports flooring must match each exercise’s needs and be safe.


Geometrik offers multiple sports flooring solutions for your gym. Over the years, we have fitted several sports spaces, including crossfit boxes in multiple countries. For each project, we aim to provide the best solution for the space’s requirements.

Given the intense, demanding nature of the discipline, there is a higher risk of injuries during crossfit. Therefore, safety must come first. If you’re after resistance, quality and endurance for sports flooring, we’re the people to talk to!