Privacy Policy

General Information

A. Data processing

Geometriktarget – Lda, henceforth referred to as “Geometrik” is the processor of your personal data.
For any matter related to your personal data and its processing, please contact us by the following means:

Address: Rua Família Malaquias, Lote 2, 3880-327 Ovar
Telephone: (+44) 203 468 1225

GEOMETRIKTARGET guarantees the privacy of the Website visitors (“User” or “Users”). A visit to this Website does not in itself imply the automatic registration of any personal data that identifies the User. However, the use of certain functionalities may involve Users supplying their personal data. This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Website Terms of Use and regulates the collection and processing of the personal data supplied by the Users for the Website, as well as exercising their rights relative to these data under the terms of the Personal Data Protection Law in force.

B. How is your data protected?

Geometrik uses several measures to protect your personal data, safeguarding its security, integrity and availability. However, whenever you transmit your data via email, the internet or the website, it is not possible to guarantee total security against intrusions.

Nevertheless, ourselves and our suppliers, customers and service providers shall make every effort to implement, maintain and update the physical security, electronic security and procedural measures to protect your data.

Among other measures, we shall: restrict access to your data; use encryption, encoding or equivalent tools; implement a firewall, anti-virus and IT assistance; implement monitoring.

C. How to contact us, your rights and the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body

Whenever an issue arises concerning your data, you may contact us using the indicated channels.

Within certain conditions, you may be entitled to request from us:

  1. additional information about how we use your personal data;
  2. a copy of  the personal data your supplied us with;
  3. that we supply the personal data to another party upon your request;
  4. that we update any inaccuracies in the personal data we store;
  5. that we delete the personal data that is no longer legitimate, including the withdrawal of consent;
  6. refusal to make decisions that affect you based on the automatic processing of your personal data;
  7. restrictions on how we use your personal data until the complaint you lodged has been investigated.

Exercising these rights is subject to certain exceptions to safeguard public interest (prevention or detection of crimes) or our interests (maintenance of professional confidentiality).

These rights should be used in a reasonable manner. If the exercising of these rights, whether because of repetition or for any other reason, proves to be unreasonable for Geometrik, administrative fees may be charged or your request may be refused on this basis.

If you exercise any of these rights, we will proceed with their analysis and respond within 1 (one) month.

If you are unsatisfied with how we use your personal data or our response after exercising some of these rights, you are entitled to lodge a complaint to the National Data Protection Committee | Av. D. Carlos I, 134 – 1.º 1200-651 Lisbon | Tel: 351 213928400 | Fax: +351 213976832 | Email:

D. Changes to the privacy policy

GEOMETRIKTARGET reserves the right at any time, without advance warning and with immediate effect, to change, add to or revoke this Privacy Policy, partially or completely. Any changes shall be immediately disclosed on this online page. We therefore recommend the regular consultation of this page to stay up to date.

Specific Information

A. Customers and Suppliers

What data do we process and why do we collect it?

Whenever we sign contracts, we request quotes or quotes are requested from us, or in any way we begin procedures with a view to signing a contract, we may process the following data:

I. Identification Data
We may process the following data: Name; NIF (Taxpayer Identification Number); Physical Space; VAT Regime; Taxpayer number of the Country of Origin; Address. These data are collected to comply with legal requirements, among which responsibilities of a fiscal nature, the issue of the respective invoices and receipts, as well as formalising and fulfilling each of the contracts and/or quotes.

II. Contacts
We can process the following data: telephone number, mobile phone and email address. These data are needed to send quotes, confirm orders and/or send goods, to contact you whenever the goods are available to be collected, to contact you for payment and to communicate with you. As such, we collect these data to fulfil each of the contracts, or to send pre-contractual information and in the interest of both parties.

III. Delivery Data
These data may coincide, or not, with the identification data, depending on the customer’s option. The following data, among others, may be collected: Delivery Address; Data of the person to whom the order is addressed. These data are necessary for the fulfilment of the contract.

IV. Customer/Supplier Records
Your requests, the contracts you make with us, the goods we have acquired or sold, the respective costs, your invoices and receipts and your complaints are important for us. These data are necessary to comply with legal requirements and to fulfil the contracts and manage and assess the contractual relationship.

V. Payment data
Whenever we sign a contract, we may process your personal data relative to the payment method. This data may include data about the accounts used to make payments, such as IBAN numbers, Bank names, SWIFT codes, or equivalent information linked to Credit/Debit Cards or other payment and identification data. These data are necessary for the fulfilment of the contract.

What are the grounds for the data processing?

The processing of your data is grounded on the preparation, formalisation and fulfilment of contracts, and compliance with legal requirements. It may also be grounded on legitimate interests.

How long do we store your data for?

The data will be stored for the time necessary to fulfil their purpose, or while their processing is admissible, whichever occurs first.

This shall be decided case by case and depends on factors such as the nature of the data, the reason they are collected and processed and the operational storage or relevant legal requirements.

To give examples:

  • to prove compliance with fiscal requirements, the data may be stored for 12 years;
  • to prove compliance or non-compliance of contractual duties, the data may be stored for up to 21 (twenty-one) years;
  • the storage periods mentioned above may be extended through judicial action up to six months after the transfer of the data to the judicial authorities or the court ruling has been proffered.

At the end the period, your data shall be either anonymized or securely destroyed.

Who do we share your data with?

Your data may be processed by a subcontractor and may have to be transmitted to third parties, strictly restricted to their purposes and for compliance with the legal requirements of the processor.

Therefore, the personal data may be shared, among others, with the following entities:

  1. legal assistants/lawyers;
  2. transport companies that transport and deliver the goods/orders;
  3. accountants/auditors;
  4. IT assistants;
  5. financial institutions and banks that manage the accounts used for our outgoing or incoming payments;
  6. The Taxation Authority;
  7. enforcement agents;
  8. entities to whom the data must be communicated by legal requirement or upon request of the data subject.

Geometrik shall demand that its subcontractors are in compliance with the confidentiality requirements of this Data Policy and the agreements established with them.

B. Contact forms, Newsletter, Advertising and Direct Marketing

What data do we process?

In this case, we may process the following data: name; telephone and mobile phone contacts; email address; employer; customer records and preferences; any additional information inserted into the “Subject” and “Message” fields.

Information about free and optional consent

On the contact forms of the website and the Newsletter subscription form, by ticking the box granting consent to process personal data, the user agrees to and authorises the use, for collective or personalised advertising purposes, market studies, organisation of our business processes and customisation of our website, the processing of the personal usage data (such as the number of times the website was visited during a given period), and other personal data that we have collected or we come to collect about the user, within the scope or our business relationship, for the implementation, fulfilment or termination of business relations.

If you grant us the above-mentioned consent, we shall use the data (including personal data) for direct marketing purposes to send you, for example, information about services or marketing campaigns that may be of interest to you.

What are the grounds and purposes?

The processing of the data which is authorised through this declaration is based on you granting your consent, which you may withdraw at any time. To do so, you must send us a written declaration asking for as much, using the contacts provided.

The data processing authorised through this declaration is for the purpose of: responding to your contacts and messages, incorporating them into our database, creating your individual customer file and to prepare the dispatch of messages about our products, services and events. We strive to provide a service that maintains close contact with you and is tailored to your interests, as well as improving our products and services.

However, if quotes are requested or a contract is signed, the purpose of the data processing will not be your consent, but will be linked to the purposes intrinsically linked to the pre-contractual activities, formalisation, implementation, management and assessment of the contract. To access our Privacy Policy applicable to these cases, please see the “Customers and Suppliers” option.

How long do we store your data for?

Your data will be stored for a period of 5 (five) years, or until you withdraw your consent, whichever occurs first.

However, if we are requested to provide quotes or contracts are signed, your data shall be stored for the time needed for fulfilment of the said contract, or while the processing is admissible, whichever occurs first. This shall be decided case by case and depends on factors such as the nature of the data, the reason they are collected and processed and the operational storage or relevant legal requirements.

The storage periods mentioned may be extended through judicial action up to six months after the transfer of the data to the judicial institutions or the court ruling is proffered.

At the end the period, your data shall be either anonymized or securely destroyed.

Who do we share your data with?

Your personal data which is authorised herein shall not be shared, as a general rule, with third parties.

However, if we are requested to provide quotes or we sign contracts with you, your data may be shared with third parties and/or subcontractors. For detailed information about this aspect, please see the applicable Privacy Policy, selecting the “Customers and Suppliers” option.

Exceptionally, we may also share information with the authorities or respond to legal requests, in strict compliance with the law.

If we sign a contract with you or we are requested for quotes

If we sign an employment contract with you, we may need to process other personal data. In this case, you must consult our applicable privacy policy, selecting the “Customers and Suppliers” option.

C. Cookies

What are cookies and what are they for?

Geometrik uses automatic data collection systems like cookies. A “cookie” is a device transmitted to the hard disk of an Internet user. Although cookies do not contain intelligible information, they allow us to link the Internet user to their personal information.  

Cookies are disclosed by our servers and nobody can have access to the information contained in them. Only Geometrik has access to the information collected by the cookies, in a collective and anonymous form, to optimise its services and the services of this website to the user’s needs and preferences and to prepare the customised Web pages.

Acceptance of our automatic data collection procedures and the use of cookies is necessary to take maximum advantage of the resources and services provided by this website. If you configure your browser to block or delete cookies, we cannot guarantee you access to all the resources and services provided through this website.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Essential Cookies:

These cookies are related to the technical functioning of the website.

In the case of Geometrik, the website will store the following information: language selected by the user; IP address; internet browser used (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.); and internet access devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

Analysis Cookies:

These cookies allow us to collect data (through Google Analytics) related to the navigation and behaviour of the user.

In the case of Geometrik, the website will store the following information: user’s region; total navigation time and time on each page; most visited pages; date and time of the day that the user visited the website.

How can the use of cookies be deactivated?

Despite the use of cookies significantly improving the user experience and being recommended, the user can opt to deactivate them. To do so, follow the instructions provided by your internet browser, which are usually located in “Definitions” or “Preferences”.

Below is a list of the support links provided by some of the most popular internet browsers:

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Apple Safari