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What our customers say

“After more than a month of use and cleaning every night, the floor remains spotless, even with dirt from outside. Quality tiles. Thanks Geometrik for your prompt response, service and availability.”
“We chose Geometrik’s flooring for our group class area. It is very simple to install and the result is what we were hoping for: pleasant for the classes, beautiful, and technical all at the same time.”
“We are very pleased to have found Geometrik. We were guided and advised throughout the entire buying process. The company was prompt with every email. The flooring is of excellent quality. We thank the whole team for their support.”
“We were looking for a superior quality floor, we really wanted something that would match us and the quality we wanted to offer our customers. Only with a good flooring can we reduce the risk of injury and avoid major impacts to the joints when exercising on the ground. It was with great satisfaction that we worked with Geometrik. For future projects, we already chose our brand and floor.”
“Tatami 100% approved! Besides being a soft floor, another positive point is the good balance in terms of grip. It doesn’t slip too much and, at the same time, it doesn’t make the athlete fatigued.”
“Good service, sympathy and responsiveness.”
“It has been 3 years since we bought the tiles for our CrossFit box and they are still in perfect condition. Now we bought tatami and the appearance is very good. Great material quality at very competitive prices. We appreciate and value personal attention, recommending and responding to requests very quickly, efficiently and sincerely.”
“I recommend 200% this company and its services! Excellent attention, comprehension and professionalism. Very high quality product.“
“5 Star service and material. After the purchase, there was a small problem and the after sales service quickly and effectively replaced the parts. I recommend them.”
“We purchased our Tatami from Geometriktarget. I was very well attended throughout the process, during the purchase and after sales. I want to recommend to all my friends from martial arts that are looking for quality materials.“

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